Happy Halloween 2018

Published October 31st, 2018 by Bobby Henderson

Halloween is one of the few days Pastafarians can walk around in traditional dress (pirate regalia) free from judgement and persecution. People on this blessed day also seem generally open-minded / perhaps drunk, so may be more open to hearing about the virtues of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and our religion. All in all, it is a prime evangelism opportunity — I hope that everyone makes the best of it and enjoys the day.

Special thanks to all of the Pastafarian Missionaries spreading the Word.

43 Responses to “Happy Halloween 2018”

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  8. Abigail says:

    Y’all are dummmbbbb theres only one God and he’s not a pasta

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Actually, there’s as much evidence for the Pastafarian god as any other, which is to say: none.

    • Keith says:

      And which god out of so many thousands is this?

    • Excelsior says:

      There are at least 1000 Gods worshipped on Earth alone, from Allah to Zeus. If you include alien Gods on exoplanets, the number would be almost infinite!

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