Migrant family separation is wrong

Published June 18th, 2018 by Bobby Henderson

The Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents is wrong and immoral.

Migrants arriving to the US with nothing, looking for a better life, deserve our respect and empathy. Families applying for asylum should not be treated as criminals. Of course.

It is good that some religious groups have been speaking out about this. I was impressed that the Methodists called it wrong. I agree that Jesus would be appalled.

But shame on you, the 75% of white evangelicals who continue to support this regime. You’ve shown who you are – please do not try to claim the moral high-ground again.

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  2. StupidLiberals says:

    Good thing that it being Trump administration policy IS A COMPLETE LIE AND COMPLETELY WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL.

    Stop spreading propaganda.

    – A lot of these people are human smugglers and criminals who are using kids as an access card, they’re not fucking parents!

    – There would be no separation if there was a wall.

    – Criminals are separated from children all the time

    – Obama separated them just the same, EVEN WORSE the way they were treated


    I expected better from FSM, I thought the whole point was to point out the hypocrisy within religion, instead you’re now just as hypocritical and deluded!

    Do some basic research before posting bullshit like this again.

    • Noodly says:

      Yeah sure and you’re not a Russian bot. I totally believe you.

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        Noodly, to spell ‘they’re and ‘you’re correctly, both in the same post, rules out an American fundie. It must be a Russian bot.

        Trump’s parents were Scottish and German immigrants; maybe Trump should now turn the Statue of Liberty to face inwards.

        Britain had quite a few Viking, Roman and Norman ‘illegal immigrants’. Of course, they deported the lot of them.

        • Keith says:

          Considering the history of humanity as it is currently known, the only people who aren’t immigrants live somewhere in Africa. Even then, populations have probably rotated around quite a bit in the past 100,000 years or so.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Keith, even those people who think they aren’t immigrants, such as Aboriginals and American First Nations, are immigrants. If I was forced to live in the USA, it would have to be in Brooklyn.
          I seem to remember that Africans are the only people with no Neanderthal genes, which upsets some White Supremacists.

          ‘Romans, go home. What did they ever do for us?’

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      No, Obama did NOT routinely separate families from children. The misleading statistic that 90,000 children were detained at the border comes from the fact they were UNACCOMPANIED. Hard to separate those who aren’t together. Do some basic research yourself.

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        tFtPtP, I’m wondering what percentage of the prospective immigrants are from countries that the USA has screwed, through missionaries, DEA, CIA and unfair trade policies. People smuggling for cheap labour is as lucrative as the drug trade, which are demands from within the USA.

        Insisting that ‘The American way of life is not negotiable’ is the problem.

  3. Mr. Hankey says:

    Ahhh…. the deeply ironic joys of American evangelism.
    Competent researchers simply present data: numbers, percentages, ratios and sources.
    Civilised countries do not use children as leverage.
    Curiously, most of the rest of the World think that Trump’s Wall should face inwards.

  4. Xiao says:

    Trump is stupid. I’m a Chinese pastafarianism. Few days ago, trade war between china and USA began. Trump is a crazy and fool old goat.

    • bruceo says:

      You are spelling his name wrong. It’s tRump.

  5. Captain Birdseye says:

    bruceo, would that stand for Tyrannosaurus Rump, an extinct, mean, fat-arsed dinosaur?

    • bruceo says:

      with tiny, tiny little hands

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        …. don’t forget the pink feather toupee.

        • Keith says:

          And, as is so common with theropods, heel spurs.

  6. Terence Milbourn says:

    Dear Bobby,

    I’d like to congratulate you on your outstanding vision, determination and good fortune in starting a religion which takes over where all the others leave off, and introduces fun, beer, pizza, wenches, strippers, pirates etc. Excellent! Well done.

    I also want to thank you for ordaining me a Minister of the Church, and assure you of my total, lifelong wit and good humour, as I play my part in bringing the teachings of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to the great unwashed of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and some other foreign countries too.

    Sad to note; as Europe is soon to be out of the UK, it will be a tad harder for me to minister to those poor souls, but I will do my best to extend my ministry to everyone, including midgets, or “Lilliputanas” as they call them in Germany.

    Anyway, I had a dream the other night about my personal legacy, in which it was revealed what my life’s work is going to be. Since I am a born-again marketing guru, part-time web developer and online marketer (retired), my mission, from now on, it will be to build the world’s first Internet Cathedral.

    In this virtual cathedral, all the world’s faiths, large or small, will be represented, as long as they can get on with each other, and the rest of us, that is. Any slaughtering of first borne, Crusades, fatwas, jihads, holy wars, Revolutions (glorious, or otherwise), and their out!

    Perhaps the CFSM might be one of the first religions to take its seat in the synod? You’ll have to take a vow of “Elongated Truth and Apoplectic Order”, of course, but I don’t imagine that will be a problem, would it?

    In any case, I wonder what you would think about the idea of, and how you might advise me to go about, inviting the Dalai Lama and his friends to take up residence in the Cathedral? I mean, he’s done so much to lighten-up the world, and bring good sense and humour to all those who take the time to listen to what he’s saying, even though he had such a helluva rough deal from those awful Chinese. It seems like the least the Church could do to help them out.

    All that creationist nonsense seems not to be so much of a problem here, which you will be glad to hear. But we do have that old issue of all the Religions trying to get at the young ones in school, to get them to join their gangs, and confusing the bejeebers out of them. And that shit has got to stop.

    Anyway, I must go now as I have to start work on the foundations for the Cathedral. Gotta dig ’em deep you know, if you want them to still be standing in a couple of hundred years from now.

    Yours, in pasta


    P.S. As the deans of dioceses in the Scottish Episcopal Church do not head a cathedral chapter with this title, I shall be styling myself “The Very Reverend Terence Milbourn” in future.

    P.P.S. Did you know they have [Midget Throwing Contests](http://www.twistededge.org/Funny_As_Hell/World_According/Midget_Throwing/) or “schweiger werfen wettbewerb” as the Germans call them. And do you think it would be inappropriate to hold one at the Church Fete I am planning for the Cathedral’s Grand Opening?

  7. Captain Birdseye says:

    The Exceedingly Reverend Terence, could the Cathedral/Temple/Mosque be anything like Second Life? If so, His Holiness the Dalai Lama may agree to His avatar being permanently present, as may The FSM.
    After a lifetime of marketeering, however, you may need extensive penance and exorcising. May I suggest that your own avatar rests in the crypt, to be repeatedly resurrected by visiting children.

  8. Yellow says:

    Migrant seperation is not wrong. Build that wall nice and tall with no holes for illegals to pass.

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