Film project needs support

Published May 10th, 2018 by Bobby Henderson

Please join me in supporting this Film project out of Spain. The premise: A family is about to celebrate a Pastafarian communion but they debate if they should invite the Christian conservative granny or not.

35 Responses to “Film project needs support”

  1. John the Sparrowist says:

    We did it!

  2. John the Sparrowist says:

    Happy Friday My Dudes and Gals!

  3. You are Still Dumb says:

    This church is gay and retarded.
    Get a life gay pieces of shit.
    KYS fedora faggots.

    • Keith says:

      Ooo! Drive by hero! Would you like to debate your statements or will we have to wait until you get out of primary school?

      • Your are Still Dumb says:

        I don’t need to debate you retards.
        I’m right and your wrong faggot.
        P.S. Your mom is far and gay.

        • John the Sparrowist says:

          First of all it’s “you’re” not “your”; and second are saying to troll us and to hide your insecurities and possibly your sexual orientation.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Oooo, so, people who claim to be right, are right. Profound!
          How then can one distinguish between the thousands of different religions, all claiming to be right, as to which one is the correct one? How are you certain that you have not made the wrong choice?

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          I don’t think that ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ even qualifies as a logical fallacy. It’s some sort of broken machine code.

  4. Your are Still Dumb says:

    I fucking give up on you faggots.
    Have fun burning in hell with other whores and cock sucking faggots, while I’m up in heaven with Jesus and the Lord.
    P.S. Ur mom gay

    • John the Sparrowist says:

      Disable toilet

      • Captain Birdseye says:

        Surely, John, you are not Patroller’s sane sock puppet?

        • Patroller says:

          John has nothing to do with me. He is a pleb like all the other cretins who inhabit this swamp.

          Disabled toilet.

    • Keith says:

      Have fun with your imaginary friends and don’t forget to take your medication you sanctimonious twat.

      • You are Still Dumb says:

        My friends say you’re Autistic

        • John the Sparrowist says:

          Then I think you and your friends are prime examples of LOLcows.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          I’ll give you a half point for spelling your name correctly. Did you ever think that you may be mixing with the wrong people?

    • Sir john says:

      I’ll wash your mouth with a bar of soap
      Come aboard my ship we have no pope
      No boys molested their will be
      Come join my crew and you will be free
      §o should you ever wake up your invited to come
      And learn the truth while drinking rum
      Aboard this ship that’ll set your soul free
      With science and technology we can friends be
      With your mouth so full of rudeness and hate
      I hope no priest taught you to masterbate

  5. John the Sparrowist says:

    Happy Friday everybody!

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  8. Joseph Adams says:

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