Pastafarian Council Member Wins Re-Election

Published November 10th, 2017 by Bobby Henderson

Congratulations to Pastafarian Christopher Schaeffer for winning re-election to the Pomfret New York Town Council.

Mr. Schaeffer enjoyed (perhaps suffered) internet fame when he wore a Colander during his first swearing-in ceremony in 2014.

To my knowledge no elected Pastafarian has yet worn Full Pirate Regalia in an official photo.

By the election results, it is clear the voters approve of Mr. Schaeffer, despite (perhaps because of) his public religious views.

Congrats, and keep up the good work, sir.

66 Responses to “Pastafarian Council Member Wins Re-Election”

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  1. Captain ramen says:

    So the FSM can get his people in office and get them re-elected

    • Jonathan the pastafarian says:

      our noodliness has outdone himself this time.

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  3. potatoe man says:

    You guys are fucking strange

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Potatoe Man, note that Mr. Schaeffer was being re-elected. It seems the voters disagree with you.

      • potatoe man says:

        Mate he has a siv on his head git gud

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Yes, I know, Potatoe Man. It reflects what voters think of Creationists using Public Services to promote their agenda.

  4. Random Kid Online says:

    This is beautiful. 10/10 IGN, thank you for sharing. To Mr. Schaeffer: keep those memies creamy.

    • John cena says:

      This is good meme content

    • Mr potato man says:

      yes sir you’re very correct and that captain ramen guy is annoying as fuck. im going to eat some spaghetti now so later bro. btw hitler did nothing wrong

  5. Patroller says:

    Disabled toilet. Where is kekka?

  6. Mr potato man says:

    The mememememememememes

  7. Mr potato man says:


  8. Reverend Fettuccine says:

    We need more pastafarians in office.

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