Noodle Mass discrimination in Germany

Published August 7th, 2017 by Bobby Henderson

German courts have ruled that Pastafarians are not allowed to post announcements of services alongside those of other churches.

One of the signs that was ordered to be removed:

The German Pastafarians put these signs up years ago in Templin after other churches were allowed to post signs. There were complaints by locals who felt mocked, and it’s been in the Brandenburg state court system ever since.

It’s disappointing that the courts would discriminate against the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

From the New York Post,

Brandenburg state court ruled Wednesday the group can’t claim the rights of a religious or philosophical community. Judges said its criticism of others’ beliefs doesn’t constitute a philosophy.

I find the reasoning dishonest. They could have made a fair point to say Pastafarians do not share an unquestioning faith of our own Dogma in the way that happens in many religions – that we do not necessarily Truly Believe our outlandish stories in the way that others might – but it is an absurd idea that the majority of Pastafarians have joined the Church in order to criticize others’ beliefs. What a cynical view.

Is it hard to believe that people who are wired to reject faith could be drawn to a religion that respects Reason, one that is OK with Believers not fully swallowing Dogma? Perhaps there are people who enjoy the community of a church, without the necessity of denying Reality?

Aside from that, I do not feel that Pastafarians are inherently judgmental people — I haven’t yet experienced this “criticism of others’ beliefs” that the courts have projected onto our members. In fact that sort of judgmental criticism sounds like what I’ve seen in mainstream churches.

No matter. I’m confident that we’ll win in the end. And I think there is value when government institutions are forced to show their biases. They have ruled against us, but in doing so have exposed their own discriminatory attitude. It may be that the growth of the Church of the FSM is in part due to the reaction of fair-minded people, after these setbacks happen. In other words, a few small-minded people with power have asserted their Authority and “won”, but many more people will hear of what took place and form their own opinions, and that is a win for us.

I would like to thank the German Pastafarians for keeping up the fight. You are an inspiration to us all.

The best article about this court case is here. At the top right you can translate into English.

100 Responses to “Noodle Mass discrimination in Germany”

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    • basicdesign says:

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  2. Captain Jake Scar says:

    It is still hard to believe that the german justice system is that narrow minded. As a german pastafarian and a former worker in said system i am really disappointed with my home country.

    May all people come to their minds and recognize that we do no no harm to anyone and just want to be a group of people who want to make people realize that not everything is written and stone and should be believed as served.

    This discrimination and ignorance is just beyond me.


  3. Captain Birdseye says:

    Cap’n, it’s a clear indication that in Germany, like in many countries, most government institutions have been penetrated by coordinated, evangelical moles, who, as in the Dark Ages, promote their agendas on committees and cling to the rationalised pleasure they get from ‘saving people’.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      I listened recently to a radio interview of a Christian lobbyist. Asked why he felt entitled to tell people how they should live their lives, he answered: “Only a religion that is worth its salt can do so.”
      My dictionary (OED) makes no mention of ‘worthwhile religions’. The dictionary must be wrong because it should have listed Pastafarianism as the superior religion.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        I suggest that the lobbyist be bound in chains and tossed into a pond. If his religion is true, he should bob up to the surface, and be freed.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          tFtPtM, brilliant idea. Does Congress have a pond nearby? It would be ideal for affirming religious lobbyists before they are allowed to testify.

        • basicdesign says:

          tFtPtM : Fair enough but we do take a risk there : what if the fucker does bob up? 1) As underbred sub-breed they are used to under- and sub-everything. 2) Said breed doesn’t half fart, thru the arse when not thru the mouth coz so much crap’s got to get out ‘some’ way; he may be propelled up by the underwater explosions and that would be cheating, another of their inner components. Suggestion : add a stake thru the place where the heart wld be if they had one and make sure the stake is long enough to be hammered in to the bottoms. Simple precaution.

          Mate’s asking which bottoms. Both obviously: the pond’s and his.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Basicdesign, I do believe that the Malleus Malefactorium describes precisely that method of preventing cheating whilst revealing the truth. Evangelists should abide by their own rules.

        • basicdesign says:

          @C’tain : can I sue them for time-loop copycat?

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Probably, basicdesign; but how will we know that you’re telling the truth and not cheating?

        • basicdesign says:

          well, I ain’t done it yet but they have, and religion typically integrates, er wazzit called again, circle-reasoning is it? Therefore.
          What, “therefore what”? Therefore nothing, you atheist!

      • Keith says:

        Salt isn’t worth very much these days, so i would agree that Christianity is worth its salt…

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Keith, that would have been a great comment by the interviewer, but, the Christian lobbyist’s meaning was sinister. The subject was Australia’s ‘religious rights’, which translates to the desire of Christians to abuse minority groups and children with impunity.
          The same mob have coordinated several employment law challenges, with people taking jobs they know includes tasks they will later refuse to perform on ‘religious grounds’.

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  6. Harry J says:

    Very interesting. Thanks.

  7. NoodlesthePoodle says:

    it’s unfortunate recent court cases have ruled against the Church of FSM, especially on the basis that people join only to criticize other beliefs. Choosing to not to believe a particular dogma is not necessarily a criticism of others, but an affirmation of our right NOT to believe.

    For what it’s worth, in the US there is a recognized religion that celebrates free-thinking (no dogma). I think the Unitarian-Universalists probably fit the description of folks “who enjoy the community of a church, without the necessity of denying Reality” pretty well.

    • basicdesign says:

      That’s complete and utter bloody rubbish. We don’t join to criticize others’ beliefs but to criticize their criticism of reality.

  8. basicdesign says:

    And btw, I didn’t know of that UUA & such, thanks for the info. It sure beats all other religions I’ve heard of (quite a lot) bar the FSM.

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