Success (and trouble) for Arizona Pastafarian’s ID Photo

Published June 2nd, 2017 by Bobby Henderson

Congratulations to Mr. Corbett — Arizona finally allowed him to wear a colander in his ID photo, after many attempts.

“I tried a couple different locations and was met with a lot of pushback and resistance,” he said. “I was scorned at every location I went to, and they put out a memo about me, so by the time I got to (the) fourth and fifth MVD, they stopped me at the door.

“They got angry at me and treated me with such disrespect.”

He recently tried again and, after talking with the location’s manager, was able to take the photo. He received his official ID in the mail Tuesday.

“I was really excited,” Corbett said. “I felt, in that moment, that I won my battle. It was a huge victory for me.”

However, it seems that Arizona bureaucrats heard about this and will try to take the license back:

A spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation, which oversees the Motor Vehicle Division, released a statement on the matter.

“MVD license and ID photos are meant to show a person’s typical daily appearance and allow for religious expression or medical needs. Photos are filtered through facial recognition technology and if an error occurs, the photo can be recalled,” the statement said.

Spokesman Doug Nick later added that “we will go through the process to pull this credential.”

So we’ll see what happens.

Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to see people like Mr. Corbett fighting for their rights. The struggle itself is so important.

Our view is that it’s inappropriate for a government organization to make a judgment based on a person’s religion. If the head covering meets the visibility requirements, it should be allowed no matter what religion that hat is associated with.

Sometimes the DMV workers don’t know the rules fully, and that is understandable. Perhaps some of the workers are letting their personal views color their behavior, which is unfortunate but human. What is more interesting is in cases like Mr. Corbett’s, where management gets involved — the actions they take will be very important to watch.

For now let’s give the Arizona officials the benefit of the doubt and hope that Mr. Corbett will be afforded the same rights as members of other religions.

Again, congratulations on the win, Mr. Corbett, and thank you for your effort. And thank you to Pastafarians everywhere, who are fighting for their rights.

There’s a nice article about this at USA Today here.

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  1. wolfie says:

    i received my ordination certificate yesterday, very solemn moment for me, I believed I was bathed in noodle glory, but my Mormon neighbor said bad things to me, so whilst sipping on my beer and hearing him bad mouth FSM heaven, I gave him a blessing using my holy middle finger blessing, how dare he attack the clergy like that

  2. Rasputin says:

    Welcome, Reverand!

  3. wolfie says:

    ty Rasputin, I only hope my blessing of the middle finger was done properly, is there a know proper way to deliver that blessing? keep in mind I knew enough not to spill my beer

  4. Robert Jansen says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, in another similar matter. See Fellowship of Humanity vs. County of Alameda (1957) in 157 Cal. App 2d. It is the leading case on the matter of government intrusion into religious belief. In a nutshell, the state may not inquire into the degree in which a religious belief is held. The case has been cited with approval by the United States Supreme Court, and may be considered to be the leading case. The State of Arizona is overstepping its authority, but it will take litigation (or at least the threat thereof) on 1st Amendment grounds to convince it.

    • Rasputin says:

      Hey Robert, nice to have knowledgeable people like you in the community.

  5. Bee says:

    That driver’s license photo wouldn’t be acceptable in Colorado – not because of the religious headgear, but because his teeth are showing! (no biting allowed in Colorado I suppose??).

  6. Patroller says:

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