Climate Change is a Touchy Subject

Published March 30th, 2017 by Bobby Henderson

Trump’s Whitehouse is pushing its science officials to shut up about Climate Change, reports Politico:

A supervisor at the Energy Department’s international climate office told staff this week not to use the phrases “climate change,” “emissions reduction” or “Paris Agreement” in written memos, briefings or other written communication, sources have told POLITICO.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this since we Pastafarians are also skeptical about accepted causes of Climate Change. Years ago you’ll remember that we found a statistically significant relationship between the rise in average global temperature and the declining Pirate population.

I’ll note that even after 10 years, this data still has not been dis-proven by the science community, which we interpret as implicit acceptance of it’s Truth.

So we’re sympathetic to Team Trump’s misgivings of Established Science based on “evidence” and “peer-review” and so on.

But, we’re also fans of not needlessly destroying the planet. And while we may not agree with the causes of Climate change, we believe it is happening.

More, we Pastafarians are pragmatic. Even if you have some skepticism about Climate Change (perhaps all that data is being altered by a Supernatural being of some sort) — let’s maybe err on the side of reigning in pollution and old wasteful technologies with their excess CO2 production — and instead let’s support emerging technologies which can provide clean, renewable power. Not to mention jobs.

For this reason, I think Team Trump and the GOP are acting like tools.

Again, I hate to mention politics on our Church site, but I felt that we Pastafarians, as fellow science-skeptics, should say something.

What do you guys think?

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  2. Captain Birdseye says:

    Will, that’s because we use the Creation Science method of adapting information to support the desired conclusion. Is there something wrong with that?

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  3. Rasputin says:

    Well spotted, Keith, about the FSM poster in the background! Demonstrates the FSM has a sense of humour.

  4. Rasputin says:

    I don’t know what happened to the venganza/FSM website a few days ago, but I’m glad it’s back as before. Well Done and Thankyou, Divine Bobby.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Hopefully, Bobby was fitting a proxy-decoding Trollope-blocker. Dozens of blogs were bothered by him, with idiotic comments, insults and disabled toilets. One blog recorded him making two hundred blocked attempts in one morning. I like the ‘Shadow’ version by WordPress, that lets the troll see their own posts, but, no one else does.

      • Rasputin says:

        Hey Captain Birdseye, that’s a good idea. I’m a 19th century Siberian peasant so I don’t understand computers or magic spells. If you really know your subject, please contact the Divine Bobby directly and provide him with links to the magic spells you’ve listed. I like the idea that f*ckwits might think their comments are being added but they’re not.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Rasputin, I though that magic spells was your strong point. I live in a Tropical rainforest and only heard it on the cannibal’s drums. I was also amused by the idea that fuckwits believe their messages are being posted and think that no one is responding. WordPress offer it as a plugin. I’m sure that Bobby is in contact with other bloggers, who happily share their knowledge of such things. It does need a Moderator, though, to identify a first unwanted post and I think that ours is comatose. Boterators exist, triggered by key words, but, they make mistakes.

  5. Rasputin says:

    Hey, I like the way you just make up funny-sounding words like “boterator”, “wordpress” and “blogger”. All mumbo-jumbo to me.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Yeah, that’s because they’re magic words. I especially liked Boterator and also just invented Trollbot, the master-plan of someone special.

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