happy Holidays everybody

Published December 14th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson

The Holiday[1] season is here again. How to Spread the Word of the FSM? Here are a few ideas:

• The Holiday e-Card machine is up and running again this year.

You can send a festive Holiday e-Card to your friends and family with a personalized message here. Below are a few of the designs:



FSM Ministry Nominations

Also — this season, if you know someone with impeccable character, ready to serve as a spiritual leader, you can nominate them to the FSM Ministry.

FSM Ministers will receive Lithograph Paper Certificates and PVC Minister’s ID cards, and will be added to the official registry. You can order here.



Or how about a festive FSM tree (this one courtesy of Trevor)



Here’s Tarun’s tree:



Amy spotted this amazing display on her neighbor’s house in Everett, WA:




[1] A note on Holiday: years ago, we noticed there was a shift in the way people expressed winter greetings — fewer “Merry Christmas’s” and more “happy holidays”. We concluded that these people were most likely Pastafarians (albeit many of them in secret) wishing people a happy Holiday – referring to our winter celebration Holiday, also known as ChriFSMas.

186 Responses to “happy Holidays everybody”

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  1. Excelsior says:

    Capt. B.,
    The standard answer is: “Right at the same place you left it.” However, I think your answer is even better!

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Excelsior, if it was a strictly coarse, political questionnaire, I would have answered: ‘In Trumps bedroom’.

  2. Excelsior says:

    Capt. B.,
    It seems that no question can stump you. You have more answers than I could find on the internet. The next time I have a problem I won’t Google it, I’ll “Birdseye” it! Now you get a dozen Noble (sic.) Prizes!

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  5. Excelsior says:

    Merry Christmas again everybody!
    The Christians took many of the Pagan festivals at winter solstice and lumped them up into one holiday for us. We have for Christmas the Yule, Holly, Tannenbaum, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, etc. etc. which are all fine. However, there is one disgusting element that should be eliminated, that is an ancient alien raping a very young human virgin girl! They call it “Nativity”! I find it very nauseating! You won’t find me celebrating Nativity!
    The squeamish can call it “Happy Holiday”. Pastafarians can call it “Happy ChriFSMas”. etc.

    • Keith says:

      Merry ChriFSMas to you and all who sail in you! That goes to everyone else who follows the true pasta.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Excelsior, not even Mr. Bean had an alien raping Mary at his Nativity scene. Nice twist but it may be nine months too late.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      The Three Wise Men used astrology to predict and locate Jesus. That would be a death sentence for Jews or Christians, yet, they still used the tainted information.
      Either way, they managed to locate Bethlehem several decades before it existed.
      The Dead Sea Scrolls were contemporaneous, local and make no mention of any Jesus, miracles or zombies.

  6. Patroller says:

    Mr Hanky, you can rightly fuck the fuck off you cunt.

    The rest of you can too.

    Disabled toilet.

    • Mr. Hankey says:

      And a Merry Christmas to you too, Patroller. There wll be a special gift just for you in the Disabled Toilet. Hi de ho!

  7. Optimus says:

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