Struggle for Religious Expression in Illinois

Published July 25th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson


The struggle for Pastafarian acceptance continues, in Illinois. From the Chicago Tribue:

College student Rachel Hoover, of Arlington Heights, went to get her license renewed at the Illinois Secretary of State facility in Schaumburg. She told employees that she wanted to wear a metal colander on her head for the photo in honor of her religious beliefs. Employees balked, but Hoover insisted.

But when the central office discovered that employees had relented and allowed Hoover to be photographed with the strainer on her head, administrators drew the line, even though her face was clearly visible.

They told Hoover her license will be revoked July 29 unless she gets a new, strainer-free photo taken.

State officials are “just trying to use a little common sense,” secretary of state spokesman Dave Druker told Tribune freelance reporter Lee V. Gaines. “It almost looks like Pastafarians are a mockery of religion.”

During a time when people are doing reprehensible things in the Name of Religion, I wonder why officials are hassling us, out of all religious groups. Do these officials prevent people from wearing Yamulkes or Hijabs or Turbans — and if not, is it because they appear to have such earnest beliefs, and Pastafarians do not take themselves so seriously?

If Pastafarians had more scary dogmatic True-Believers, would we encounter less resistance to the privileges other religious groups are granted?

While I don’t agree with the Chicago Tribune’s stance that FSM is a “broad spoof”, I found the article well written and clever — it’s worth the read and can be found here.

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  1. Gnocchi St.Pudding says:

    Dear Pasta-farian, I think we should at least wear the colanders during stormy weather to protect our brains. Fat Bastard got struck by lightning whilst wearing his Pirate hat and his “brains” are now permanently out of order. I always plug up all my colander’s holes with chewing gum so lightning won’t zap through and short-circuit my brilliant mind.

    • Fat Bastard says:

      G.St.P, I suspect the chewing gum has merged with your brain. In contrast, lightning is what animates me: I intentionally attract it and enjoy terawatts.

  2. Gnocchi St.Pudding says:

    Brother Apprentice Frederic has attached an umbrella to his colander. It not only keeps the rain out, but serves as a lightning conductor. Pastas are highly intelligent and always make a plan.

    • Apprentice Fredericb says:

      Thanks, G. St. P. (Squints gamely into the wind….)

  3. Gnocchi St.Pudding says:

    Dear Saucerer, A while ago now, you mentioned that you had been to the Drakensburg, enjoyed it and asked me to “send it my regards.” Well, I’m off again on a four month stint. As I tramp along on the lookout for as-yet undescovered rock paintings, I will think of you, and drink to you an Old Brown Sherry toast, some campfire evening. BTW: Where ARE you, Sauce? Did your galleon slip over the edge of the earth? I sorely miss your posts.

  4. Gnocchi St.Pudding says:

    Oops, spelling: Drakensberg.

  5. Patroller says:

    Kekka, your master approaches. Are you ready?

  6. fsmguy38 says:

    That’s the only place we struggle correct this article

    • Keith says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that Muslims are offended by the image of the FSM. It keeps reminding them that their miserable religion prevents them from enjoying themselves.
      “The Puritan hated bear baiting not so much that it gave pain to the bear but because it gave pleasure to the people.”
      (I, like the vast majority of Pastafarians, despise cruelty to animals by the way.)

      • Excelsior says:

        Not so, Shariah Law allows the Muslim men to have more fun with girls than you do. This pedophile law lets Muslims take a 6 year old girl for a wife because that’s the age of Mohammeds wife Aisha! You are allowed to have 6 wives and no limit to concubines. You are required to hang a whip near the bed so you can give them a beating if they don’t satisfy your sexual demands. That is very difficult for them because their clitoris and all the other sex-sensative organs have been cut out (FGM) and they don’t get any enjoyment out of sex. Even after you die you get 72 sex slaves in heaven if you are a devout Muslim. If a girl is raped she should be punished by stoning. That’s why rapes are never reported in Islamia. Just thank God (sic) that you aren’t a Muslim girl!

        • Fat Bastard says:

          I read an analysis by an Arabic scholar who insisted that ’72 virgins’ is a mis-translation that should read ’72 raisins’, which was the standard symbolic reward for a devout deed. Bit like, when ancient Greeks rewarded someone with a couple of chicks, it did not mean two young women.

  7. Malku says:

    Is this a fucking joke

    • Keith says:

      Jokes do not reproduce by means of sexual congress, so no it isn’t.

      • Rasputin says:

        Ha ha, Keith!

  8. Mr. Pasta says:

    Of course not you idiot get off this site you uncultured swine

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