FSM on Australia TV

Published May 20th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia got on national TV the other day. Looks like it went pretty well. You can view the segment here


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  1. Sara Carbonero says:

    Muy buen articulo, de lo mejorcito que he visto hoy en google. Besos

  2. caleb says:

    Dear great over lord church. I would like to know how to enter your organization. But I have a quick question. Are the gays excepted in your religion? Or am I doomed to be eaten my the great flying spaghetti monster. Please respond as soon as possible. my number is 330-419-crazy homosexual.

    • Nate says:

      Gays are 100% welcome! The twelve condiments make that very clear.
      Just read the 8 condiments:

      2. I’d Really Rather You Didn’t Use My Existence As A Means To Kill, Oppress, Subjugate, Punish, Eviscerate, And/Or, You Know, Be Mean To Others. I don’t require sacrifices, and purity is for drinking water; not people.
      In the beginning

      3. I’d Really Rather You Didn’t Judge People For The Way They Look, Or How They Dress, Or The Way They Talk, Or, Well, Just Play Nice, Okay? Oh, and get this in your thick heads: Woman = Person. Man = Person. Samey-Samey. One is not better than the other, unless we’re talking about fashion. Then, I’m sorry, but I gave that to women and some guys who know the difference between teal and fuchsia.

      4. I’d Really Rather You Didn’t Indulge In Conduct That Offends Yourself, Or Your Willing, Consenting Partner Of Legal Age AND Mental Maturity. As for anyone who might object, I think the expression is, ” Go f*** yourself good on you,” Unless they find that offensive in which case they can turn off the TV for once and go for a walk for a change.

      5. I’d Really Rather You Didn’t Challenge The Bigoted, Misogynist, Hateful Ideas Of Others On An Empty Stomach. Eat, Then, go after the B******

      8. I’d Really Rather You Didn’t Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You If You Are Into, Um, Stuff That Uses A Lot Of Leather/Lubricant/Las Vegas. If the other person is into it, however (Pursuant To #4), then have at it. Take Pictures. But for the love of Mike, wear A CONDOM! Honestly, it’s a piece of rubber. If I didn’t want it to feel good when you did it, I would have added spikes or something.

      He is very welcoming to others.

      As for how to join the Church; Do you consider yourself a Pastafarian? Congratulations, you’re a Pastafarian!

      • Nate says:

        8 Condiments.* sorry, I don’t know why I said 12. We all know that there were 10 until Captain Mosey dropped 2 walking down the Beer Volcano.

        • Nate says:


    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Welcome, Caleb, you are now a Pastafarian. No one can be sure, but, it’s quite possible that The FSM is gay; it’s irrelevant; who cares?

  3. Rasputin says:

    Hey Caleb, The FSM doesn’t bother whether anybody’s gay or straight. Confine your activities to consenting adults and shout “Yaarrgghhh!” as you spray your sauce.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Let’s hope that Caleb isn’t a chef.

  4. Patroller says:

    Kekka, your master approaches.

    Disabled toilet.

  5. xno grati says:

    Ve y disfruta con todo el mejor contenido erótico y senxual de internet, thanks.

  6. John says:

    Wow, I’m not religions at all but you people seem to mock and assume so much of what other people believe. I mean to the point that you all sound like self righteous individuals and if you believe “self righteous” to be a biblical term you may be right but that doesn’t mean you cant learn from it and nor does it actually change its meaning. i don’t believe much in the institution of churches or religion but looking at your organization, it seems more childish. The other people may believe “silly” things but they actually do real work for real people. I’m an atheist but also a realist, this site and everything you tend to believe in is more a mockery, hateful banter and mean bully like behavior. I truly am not a fan of the church system especially the evangelical side but I must say that they actually do more good than your silly speeches that just simply offend.
    Atheist’s such as yourself place many other Atheists in a position of defense and you make us look like a bunch of bullies such as your selves.
    Oh and as for the Gay guy, many churches are accepting of gays; so long as you have the money, but that seems to go with any person or group at church these days. You have gay churches, lesbian churches; shit you can carpet munch of suck the sausage and still go to heaven in these churches.
    Times a changed my gay child. Its money that allows you into heaven; as per some churches eyes ;-0

    BTW, what is the Gods name of Pastafarianism do you do with the money you get?

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      John, it’s important that periodically the major religions be challenged, otherwise they will impose their will on the thinking population. If you want to talk about bullying, perhaps you should research the way these institutions have dealt with non-believers or even slightly-different believers amongst themselves over the centuries. Satire can’t hold a candle to a good old burning at the stake!

  7. Rasputin says:

    Hey John, an atheist won’t understand our religion unless he/she has a sense of humour. You’re welcome to return when you’ve got one.

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