FSM Pirate Adventure Game: Quest For Enlightenment

Published April 1st, 2016 by Bobby Henderson



Our friend Jakob from the Danish FSM Church has created a Pirate-Adventure game: Quest For Enlightenment (and Pasta).

In the game,you survive on Rum, look for FSM relics and pieces of parchment with the “8 I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts”.

The holiest of events is, of course, if you’re lucky enough to be touched by His Flying Noodliness who floats above the world in a Godly fashion ;-)

I played it and it’s great (and challenging). Check it out here: www.fsmgame.com

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  1. kesiha says:

    What a game! hats off creator of this game

  2. Thomas Richter says:

    Best Game ever!
    Got All the achievements and became a Master pirate! So proud!

  3. Master Bates says:

    Congratulations, Master Thomas.

    • Fat Bastard says:

      #How steam stopped me from over-cooking my pasta.

  4. Pastadamus says:

    YES! i pillaged and plundered for a total of 41 years!

  5. Pastadamus says:

    i found Him without the compass… i must be truly blessed…

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