Cashed Wednesday

Published February 11th, 2016 by Bobby Henderson


Hello Bobby,
My name is Paul. I’m a practicing minister and proud of it. Recently a few of my disciples and I received a revelation for a new holiday, and we just finished celebrating it successfully. The holiday happens to coincide with the traditional catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday, however the FSM revealed to me through my friend Harprett the true name of the day: Cashed Wednesday. My followers and I proceeded to indeed Cash a few packs of bud, being “of age in an area of the world where it is legal to do so.” I found it prudent to inform you of this revelation.
May you be Touched,
Paul Redling

Maybe he’s on to something?

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  1. Cap'n Grey Beard says:

    Bobby, minecraft? Really?

    Didn’t the word assasin come from cannabis also? I think it was something like hashish hine meaning cannabis eaters.

    However when stoned i have never felt like hurting anyone. I would be much more likely to stealthily sneak into their bedchamber and give them a hug.

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