Kiva Team FSM has reached $2 Million in Loans

Published March 24th, 2014 by Bobby Henderson


Team FSM has reached $2 Million in loans on the micro-lending site Kiva. We’re now the top-lending religious congregation on Kiva, above the Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims, and — especially pleasing to me – above the Mormons, who we’ve been in a friendly competition with for years. Congratulations everyone!

suck it, mormons

What is Kiva? Kiva is a platform where you can make small loans to people in poor areas that need help starting small business. We make small, interest-free loans towards the projects we support, and Kiva combines them to fund the loan to the person who wants to build a small workshop, farm, restaurant, fruit stand, etc. These are interest-fee loans in places like Cambodia, Peru, Uganda — places where traditional bank lending to the poor is unavailable (or predatory). Kiva ensures that the loans are paid out and that the money is paid back. A lot of us feel this is the best way of bringing economic growth to the poorest areas.

I’ve had a good experience with Kiva and I encourage anyone interested to check it out. And please join our amazing team and help us continue to trounce the mainstream religion teams.

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  1. bruce and susan says:


  2. Daniel says:

    Wow we flew past the everyone.

  3. Randy says:

    FSM is surely pleased!

  4. cherry says:

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  5. Paul says:

    Atheists sit at $14,936,325, Christians at $10,461,475 as of today. I don’t know why your data is so far off.
    I can’t upload the screencap, but I got it here: http://www.kiva.org/teams

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Paul, without checking your data, I think the figure of $2 million is for Pastafarians only, which, I think, is remarkable for a disorganised bunch of scurvy pirates. Also, we are not a-theists, but, True Believers.
      Obviously, pirates are caring people. Aaaaarghhhh….

    • Zach says:

      Paul, you have to click on categories, and then click “Religious Congregations.” You will actually find that the Bahai have surpassed the Mormons now. But we are still in first. Praise his noodliness and happy Pastover!!

  6. Rod says:

    Congrats fellow Pastafarians. Ive got a question about my search for information on his noodley-ness, would Allah Denti be a proper way to end a prayer or just R’amen?



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      Dear Dr. Williams Martin Loan Firm, Please loan me $20 million for 30 years. I urgently need this money to open a whorehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

      • Williams Martin Loan Firm says:

        Dear IMP: We must regretfully decline your request. There are already too many whorehouses in SLC and we doubt that you will recoup much on your investment. It is well-known that the Archangel Moroni blows his horn whenever a virgin walks past the Temple; he has been silent for many decades now.

      • Williams loans says:

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    • ConservativePastafarian says:

      I need a grant to take stripper lessons. That skill will be very useful to me after I have finished with this life.

  8. marco says:

    Today it’s a special day, the day when our Lord The Flying Spaghetti Monster resurrected, after being overcooked. Rejoice with us and exchange colored meatballs with your friends.

    Buona Pasta a tutti. Happy Paster to everybody,


    • Rod says:

      I plan to celebrate Paster with some pasta carbonara.

      May all your treasure hunts be filled with lots of booty fellow pirate.

      Al’lah denti, R’amen.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      He rolled aside a meatball, and saw his shadow, so we have 6 more weeks of Ad Lente.

      • Keith says:

        And a temporal recursion.

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