Florida Capital approves Pastafarian Holiday display

Published December 22nd, 2013 by Bobby Henderson


Great news! The Florida Capitol building has endorsed our religion by allowing an FSM Holiday display on its grounds.

The Florida Capitol building just made a move that Sarah Palin is likely to interpret as a hostile affront in the so-called “war on Christmas,” approving a religious statue from the Pastafarian group of their deity the Flying Spaghetti Monster to be included in the Capitol’s holiday displays.

You can read more at Death and Taxes magazine.

43 Responses to “Florida Capital approves Pastafarian Holiday display”

  1. Papa John says:

    I’m very confused. Can we still eat pasta if we join this religion? How does the FSM fly exactly? and why do you all dress like pirates, I like pirates and all I just don’t understand

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Pope John, how does the Christian god get around?

    • Keith says:

      The FSM flies as much as Flying Saucers do. It is only flight in the colloquial sense of the word as He/She/It doesn’t have wings. Not all of us dress like pirates. Some of us dress in furry animal costumes or Sailor Scout uniforms (I wear a Lucario costume once a year) so we are a diverse group. Wearing a pirate costume is a sign of intense devotion but the FSM accepts the more relaxed members of our group as much as the more devout members.

      • Rasputin says:

        Hey Keith, I bought myself a gorilla suit back in the 1980s. I’m never short of a fancy dress costume. It can be adapted for many purposes. I was once invited to a fancy dress party which required all participants to dress as something beginning with the letter “V”. I went as a dyslectic gorilla.

        • Keith says:

          I once put on a girl’s mouse suit because they had a “Mouse Party” ala “Monty Python” and she wondered if I could fit into it. I still have my “Sailor Moon” costume and my “Megaman” costume so, yes: We are proof of a diverse community who enjoy a number of experiences. I personally like my “Team Rocket Grunt” costume as it enables me to incorporate various Pokemon into my impression. i am considering an Ekans or Cerviper as my Koffing is nearly beyond repair, which is a shame. My Mukrow and Jigglypuff are in good order which is good as “AVCON”is coming up……

    • Look up Boku no pico says:

      You have to look up boku no pico

  2. Excelsior says:

    Dear Papa John,
    If you join our religion, not only are you allowed to eat pasta, you are encouraged to. Didn’t you know that Catholics eat Jesus’s flesh and blood every time they take communion? It’s not symbolical, it isn’t bread and wine, it actually is Jesus’s flesh and blood! It’s called “transubstantiation”. Go and ask a Catholic priest, he will tell you! (Don’t ask one of those pedophile priests, they tell lies!)

  3. Rasputin says:

    Hey Papa John, being a Pastafarian allows us to get naked and expose our genitals at will. Either that or it’s just my wishful thinking. The Police never seem to accept that I’m doing so as a mark of religious devotion.

  4. wolfie says:

    I don’t think police are allowed to have a sense of humor, they don’t think its funny when I hit golfballs out into they bay, they tell me to go back to my boat, and they don’t respect my religious freedoms, such as wearing my colander and sailing to the san juans, the police did not find that funny at all, I also middle finger blessed them, but I think they didn’t like that at all, had I waved a cross at them, would they have felt better about that? perhaps I am giving that blessing improperly

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