Where is the evidence?

Published April 7th, 2013 by Bobby Henderson

Here’s a video that has been making the rounds.   Richard Dawkins shows great patience in interviewing Creationist Wendy Wright.  I find it painful to watch but also fascinating.

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  1. Reality>Religion says:

    I’m sorry, but this was an extremely hard video for me to observe. I felt so frustrated for Richard Dawkins having to endure such stupidity, and the lack of an intellectual conversation being bestowed unto him. I must say though that he really did impress me with his admirable patience that he demonstrated during this onslaught of ignorance that she portrayed about herself, and the lack of her own personal research proved that. Hence, she presented no testable evidence to back up her statements. She must think having traits like these are okay since she is obviously a believer of a faith. To be completely honest she might just be the “weakest link” or in other words most ignorant person we have on this planet currently to-date. The only reason why people like Wendy Wright get verbally attacked or smacked down like this is because of their obviously stupid remarks that they make towards people like Richard Dawkins, who have studied these types of things their whole life and dedicated their careers to. Only a person like Wendy Wright, that has obviously not done enough proper research of their own to combat an intellectual debate about something they know nothing about can say such idiotic things and make such heinous claims of such that she did. My final statement is that it is apparent that she definitely needs further education and probably a little counseling on how to be a better listener. Laughing over every credible statement Dawkins made is not listening to any of his answers to her questions, it’s purely an ignorant way to try and look smarter than you actually are.

    • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      “Ignorance is Strength”. See George Orwell’s 1984. Wendy is heeding this advice from (Sirach 3:22): “Seek not the things that are too high for thee, and search not into things above thy ability . . . and in many of His works be not curious.”

      Good advice. Leave the thinking to others, Wendy. Then again, you already have.

      • Reality>Religion says:

        LoL Yeah, I suppose ignorance is bliss, especially when all you need to do is get backpacked by scientists your whole life so you can easily live it with inventions I’m sure people like her use everyday. I’m sure right after that interview she hopped in her “AUTOMOBILE” drove to a “TRAFFIC LIGHT” had to stop and pulled out her “CELL PHONE” and probably proceeded to call her minister to tell him she thinks she just won a debate against Richard Dawkins. LMAO you know what, there should be a law passed around the world stating that if you are a theist of any kind you should have all scientific inventions removed from your life permanently. That might sober them up a bit and get them thinking. Without their electricity and housing, water, agriculture, cars,
        trucks, SUV’s, cell phones, TV’s, Blue-Ray players, and so on… they might start to realize that hey… I’m back in the prehistoric time, where’s my Jesus at? Huh? I guess they were right! No one is saving me, guess I have to save myself. Only then they might realize if you take everything away that science has done for them, that they might come around and say. I’m sorry.

        • Reality>Religion says:

          You could actually attribute science to us even having a society and civilization at all. Without critical thinking coming out of the roots of the scientific mind made by the evolutionary process we’d all be in a lot of trouble. We’d still be living in caves and dragging our women around by the hair, only living to about 30 years old at best! Dying from unknown diseases, and killing each other over a banana, or something trivial like that. Really, its a good thing our brains evolved enough to be able to produce something so amazing as critical thinking. Don’t appreciate a false being for any of this, it’s demeaning to your ancestors for having to go through such a struggle to get this far. Oh, and one more thing to any theist out there reading this… why on earth do you keep calling “GOD” him or he? It makes no sense what-so-ever. If “GOD” is all mighty, all knowing, and has the power to create everything in the universe, why on earth would he need a gender type? It’s not like he needs to reproduce to stay alive or keep his lineage going. Labeling “GOD” as a certain gender just further proves us atheists of his non-existence. If anything “GOD” would have to be not of a physical thing but more of a energy source. After all it takes energy to create something doesn’t it?

      • Apprentice Frederic says:

        tFtPtM, you may remember / have heard of a great radio show that ran in the 40’s called “It Pays to be Ignorant”. Dawkins should have added their theme song to his video….

        • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Hey, I’m not THAT old, Frederic! If I was around to hear it, I wouldn’t be remembering it.
          Funny how the religious are encouraged to have faith permeate every aspect of their life, but they should only think about it up to a point. They shouldn’t let any subversive facts sway them from their pseudo-reality!

        • Apprentice Frederic says:

          @tFtPtM, Sorry, my bad. You had me fooled: you seemed too well-read and too wise to be a youngster. Maybe Atsap remembers, LOL. You’re right about permeation of faith, surely: when you hear “God PUT those fossils there to test our faith”, you know you’ve hit a winner – er – wiener.

        • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Well, I’m no kid, but I heard that When Atsap was young, the Dead Sea wasn’t even sick yet.

        • Atsap Revol says:

          You whippersnappers, of course I remember the radio program “It Pays To Be Ignorant. A radio, by the way, was a box that only produced audio with no picture display. Let’s show a little respect for your elders!

          The gender of God, as questioned above, is no doubt masculine. As George Carlin eloquently stated: “God has to be a man because no woman would or could ever fuck things up this bad.”

          With regard to the comment about The Dead Sea, it died after I pissed in it as General George Patton pissed in the Rhine River on his way to Berlin. Of course you youngsters probably don’t know who Patton was, or for that matter, know that there was a conflict we called WWII.

          Atsap Revol, COF (Cranky Old Fart)

        • Keith says:

          We used to call it a wireless. You couldn’t beat the double vacuum tube!

        • Atsap Revol says:

          We had “wirelesses” before the vaccum tube was invented. They were called crystal sets and consisted of a mineral crystal, a “Cat’s Whisker,” and a loop of fine wire. One listened to the feeble signal with earphones. Before that, we communicated with tom-toms and smoke signals. Now, following the invention of the transistor, you young folks must have a damned cell phone so you can text every fellow jackass on earth. Fortunately, at my advanced age, I won’t have to hang around to witness the next stupid step in human communications.

          Keith, you stated that one couldn’t beat the double vacuum tube, but I maintain that you could beat the tom-tom.

          Atsap Revol, COF (Cranky Old Fart)

        • Keith says:

          Well, ATSAP, I may not be as old as you but I do remember crystal sets. It was possible to buy them as kits. A friend of mine had one. Everything sounded tinny. Of course, that was when TV was in black & white. When we (Australia) introduced colour in the late 60’s everyone had to go around and paint everything. Of course, try and tell that to kids today and they laugh in your face.

          Keith GMAF (Grumpy Middle Aged Fart)

    • The Textbook Queen says:

      Ms. Wright’s visible hatred of all of us who use critical thinking skills to determine the truth is more than obvious.
      The hidden agenda behind Ms. Wright’s brand of “Intelligent Design” is much more malicious than it appears. There is lots of money to be made in the textbook industry, and if these creationists can control legislation to require that their beliefs are taught in schools, then I guarantee that some religious zealot will use that opportunity to create wealth for their ilk.

      After all, keeping the rest of us ignorant would allow their pulpit to squelch scientific progress. It would give their churches the power they so crave, and we would be in the Dark Ages again.

      • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        Being a preacher is a hell of a career. You need far less skills than a run-of-the-mill con man; just the gift of gab. You never have to deliver a tangible thing.

  2. Reality>Religion says:

    I know I labelled “GOD” as a he, him or his after I just got done ranting about that subject, but I was trying to be sarcastic and I forgot to add the quotes to show that.

  3. Douglas says:

    Actually, I would not mind questioning evolution (since that is science), if they dont mind the questioning of their beliefs. What is the scientific evidence for god? What is the scientific evidence for a soul or spirit? What about all the other creation stories, such as hinduism, or norse mythology, or greek mythology, etc? Where is the evidence for that? I would love for her to review the science of genetics… I think if she learned just a little bit about it she wouldnt be thinking it as evidence against evolution.

    • Keith says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that. In Australia (and I daresay similarly in America and other countries) there is a magazine called “Creation”. It is published, not surprisingly, in Queensland by Creation Ministries International. In it they cherry pick and misinterpret various scientific articles to “prove” their point. One of their favourite tactics is to pounce on articles in biology that mention the word “design” when describing the features of an organism. If Wendy Wrong read up on genetics she would probably pick out bits and pieces to string together something that suits her purposes.

      • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        Ah, yes! The “God of the gaps” methodology, where if any tiny facet of evolution can be questioned, the Creationists proclaim victory by default. They have no scientific evidence for god, Douglas, so they are relegated to trying to disprove his main competitor.

  4. Dovahpie says:

    I loled when Dawkins said “Oh really?” after she said that their was no evidence for “macro” evolution.

  5. Dovahpie says:

    If she says one more thing about their not being any evidence I might have to bash in her face with a Tiktaalik’s skull.

    • Jose. says:


  6. SillyKiwiMan says:

    I just live by the motto: premature for whom? I often wonder how I ever ended up married…

  7. TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Vince has a clitoris? I KNEW the defeat of DOMA would doom American society!

  8. Pastapharian says:


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    • Keith says:

      An advert for umbrellas and lighters?

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