Kiva team FSM hit $1.5 Million

Published March 24th, 2013 by Bobby Henderson


Nice work everybody – Kiva Team FSM just reached $1.5 Million in loans.

Kiva is a non-profit micro-lending organization whose mission is to end poverty. We believe making small interest-free loans to 3rd-world entrepreneurs can be a big help. Please consider joining us if you haven’t already. Check it out.

Note —

We are currently 2nd place in the Religious Congregations category, just behind Team Baha’is. We are still ahead of the Mormons.

9 Responses to “Kiva team FSM hit $1.5 Million”

  1. John Heylin says:

    We are now number 1!

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  4. merchant advance me says:

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  5. Uncle Ernie says:

    83 of those loans are mine, woo hoo! Oops, sorry, only 82, the 83rd was credited to the Atheist team. I’m such a bad Pastafarian… :(

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    We love, cause I came across exactly what I was looking for. You’ve wrapped up the some morning extensive seek out! The almighty Many thanks guy. Use a great evening. Cya

  7. bird of paradise says:

    how often do you have meetings and where do I start a local chapter

  8. Guilherme says:

    Did my first loan due to the pafastarian fellows and I’m hoping to see it grow even further.

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