Snow evangelism spotted at Wayne State

Published February 17th, 2013 by Bobby Henderson


This FSM snow design was discovered on Wayne State’s campus today. And here on reddit.

I would love to see some more snow evangelism.

13 Responses to “Snow evangelism spotted at Wayne State”

  1. Amy Pirate says:

    Just made my Day! Love to all! May you all have a pastastic day!

  2. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    My Alma Mater! I couldn’t be more proud.

  3. Rev Murray says:

    made my day too Amy

  4. Brother of the Divine Nuclear Irradiance says:

    I remember when I was young, seeing something like this in a corn field. I didn’t know what it was, so I just harvested the corn. The corn was good. I wish I had known the meaning of the sign, I would have made corn spaghetti!

  5. David Dodge says:

    My dads alma mater!

    He graduated from there with a degree in biology back in the early 60s.
    He was religious but had no problem with evolution, genetics etc.

    We differed on intelligent design but he hadnt had the background i had in geology 25 years later (I knew it was all rehashed creationism).

    I wonder what he would make of this (he passed away about 5 years ago).

    David Dodge, BS Geology James Madison 1989

  6. TerryDarc says:

    This is just too full of awesomeness to have been created by the hand of mankind, perhaps even beyond the powers of womankind. Thus it is proof, living proof of the existence of His Noodlyness. This rooftop garage or whatever it it at Wayne State is too perfect and too impossible to believe could have been created by humans, especially college student.

    I believed before. I mean, I REALLY, REALLY believed but now? I extra really, really believe. How could anyone deny it. Crop circles were just a warmup as the FSM and now, here, she has shown her divinity. Or his divinity if you prefer, after all we’re all live and let live, yes?

  7. PastafarianBrother#1 says:

    After seeing this it goes to show how his appendages spreads through all things.

  8. champion ダウン says:

    new balance スニーカー

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