Quebec City sighting

Published September 26th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


At The Citadel in Quebec City. His noodley appendages spread pasta goodness to the Québécois.



19 Responses to “Quebec City sighting”

  1. Silvertongue7 says:

    I absolutely and totally LOVE the Great FSM, but if His Picture is drawn upon walls like that, people will try to link the badness of graffiti to Pastafarianism, and the Unenlightened will consider our religion bad (which it is totally not) because a Believer imposed an Image of the Great One on this (very lucky) Wall. Also, they missed out the Meatballs and Bolognese Sauce.

    • Keith says:

      Perhaps it wasn’t drawn on the wall. Perhaps it miraculously appeared. First it was a moisture stain and then it took shape and colour.

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