Japanese manhole cover looks familiar

Published August 31st, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


Jinnger spotted this Japanese manhole cover.  Could this be the FSM?  What’s the significance?  

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  1. David says:

    It’s a sign!

  2. シャネル マドモアゼル バッグ says:

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  3. the-dude says:

    It is an obvious sign that his holiness in his great wisdom has deamed it fit to protect us of from the mole people and evil spirits of the underworld by leaving his image on portals, and pathways to the surface let us realize how blessed we are


  4. Mr. Goodbar says:

    You signed in simply as “the-dude.” Are you by any chance that well-known deity The Farting Chocolate Dude?Dudist Missionaries come to this site from time-to-time to proclaim the salivation offered by the FCD. Loyal followers make the pilgimage to the sacred city of Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they bask in the Holy Vapors of His everlasting flatulence. If you are, indeed, the FCD, we now humbly kneel facing the sacred city and flatulate in harmonic unison in reverence to your All-Powerful, Eye-Burning Glory.

    Mr. Goodbar

  5. John says:

    Or it is one of the many traditional Japanese decorations. I imagine they have many of those things hanging around during their festivities.

  6. ThisGuy says:

    It was pointed out previously that this is a picture of a Matoi. However what was not mentioned is that Pastafarians scholars of Japanese culture have concluded that its origins were in more olden days of Japan where the citizens would pray for His Noodliness to calm his anger whenever a fire broke, thinking that fires were caused by His Noodliness. In later days, they realized that He is a loving Flying Spaghetti Monster and would never do such a thing to hurt the people, they converted the relic to inspire the Hikeshi (firemen) crew by having Him lead their crew. There are many strong evidences suggesting that much of Japanese culture has emerged by teachings of His Noodliness. This can be found even in our holy word, “RAmen”. Some of us may not be aware that Ramen is a Japanese invention. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Catter Hu says:

      The word “ramen” in Japanese was introduced from the Chinese word “lamian”(拉面) which means hand-pulled noodles. I believe this cultural symbol indicates an ancient notion that our Holy FSM was not only boiled for us, but also pulled with hands to save us. Lamian is still a common cuisine in China today, in memorial of our creator and His sacrifice(boiled after pulled). Those non-believers are blind to the fact that 1/5 of the world population is worshipping FSM by making lamian almost everyday!!!

  7. Paul R says:

    I find it funny, though, how the creature on this manhole cover is shown as though he is driving a Jeep.

  8. OGN says:

    Oh,it was used in Edo period. When caused fire,the fire fighters that came first use this to appeal 「We came first」 because fire fighter was most cool and stylish job also means 「We will break the buildings to this place」
    Breaking the buildings to stop spreading fire is popular way to fire fighting in Edo period.
    Sorry about my poor English. In Japan,people say like that about this sign but I think it is FSM…

    • Rasputin says:

      Dear OGN, thankyou for your explanation. Are you Japanese?

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