I spotted the FSM at the Olympics

Published August 8th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


And He has the best seat in the house.


Nate, I think you might be right, but can we be sure this is the FSM, and not a Pastafarian evangelizing with athletic tape? I will watch more beach volleyball to investigate. For science.

[Spotted on Boston’s The Big Picture]

28 Responses to “I spotted the FSM at the Olympics”

  1. Aaron Lynch says:

    Where’s the sighting? All I see are some nice little boobs and a nice little muffin-top.

    • Keith says:

      You must be gearing your mind up for the afterlife.

  2. Patrixia says:

    Breasts as meatballs. That works!

  3. Rev. Frederick J. Smith says:

    nicest eyeballs I have seen on a “likness” of the “all seeing and omnipresent, F.S.M.'” Pasta For I

  4. Nescio says:

    How can you have missed another appearance of the FMS on the same page? Check out Photo No. 11. It is truly flying.

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  6. Steve says:

    She has been touched by his noodly appendage!

  7. Robert says:

    Further proof that the FSM exists everywhere. This is a photo of HIM under the waters off the coast of the Caribbean island of Bonaire.


  8. María says:

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