God particle found

Published July 4th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson

god particle 

Physicists at CERN say they’ve found the Higgs Boson.  Not surprising – illustrations of the “God Particle” closely resemble the FSM.

Below are two good articles about the discovery.  Scientists seem to keeping a lid on the FSM connection, for now. Smart.

Engadget — CERN confirms existence of new particle consistent with Higgs boson/

NYTimes — A new particle could be Physicist’s holy graile

[Illustration is from Engadget’s article]

65 Responses to “God particle found”

  1. Larry says:

    I really like this cartoon concerning the god particle:

  2. Robin says:

    A Pastafarian Hymn. To be sung to the tune of The Wild Rover (Old Irish Folk-Song)

    ‘Well I’ve been a Past’farian for many a year,
    And spent all my money on strippers and beer,
    But now I’m returning with a ‘Yo Ho Ho Ho’
    A parrot on my shoulder, so c’mon guys, let’s go.
    Car, car bo diem. Carbo Diem to All,
    Join our Church brothers,
    And we’ll all have a ball.’

    More verses to follow but feel free to make up your own.

  3. Robin says:

    Here’s the second verse, I’m on a roll.

    ‘We began life as midgets, pirates and all,
    ’till the Flying Spaghetti Monster,
    He gave us the call.
    So spread the word brothers
    From Spring until Fall
    Our Church marches onwards
    And we’re all walking tall.
    And it’s
    Car, Car bo Diem etc

  4. Robin says:

    Third verse.

    ‘On the day of creation our lord came to earth,
    Created mountains and a midget,
    To trees he gave birth.
    Later came strippers, pirates and beer
    So trust in our Pasta
    And go forth with no fear.
    And it’s
    Car car bo Diem etc.’

    • Omnipotent Zombie says:

      Put it all to music, Robin. If not, find a group of musicians who have been touched by His noodly appendage to do so.

      • Robin says:

        The tune is The Wild Rover. A well known song here in Britland and of course Ireland where it originated. Should be out there on i-tunes. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster favors me with his noodly inspiration I’ll work on a few more songs and try and get a Pastafarian Songbook off the ground.
        ‘Rrrmen brother.

      • Robin says:

        This verse is for you OmiZomb.

        The day will come soon
        When the truth will be known
        Our Great FSM
        Enthroned on his throne
        The meek will rise up
        The mighty will fall
        Pasta for one and pasta for all
        and its
        Car car bo diem……

    • Amy Pirate says:

      Really like the “trust in our pasta”-part! brilliant! and nice song, it fits quite nicely to Wild Rover, which is the best drinking song ever! :)

      • Robin says:

        Thank you Amy, May His Noodles Forever Embrace You.

      • Robin says:

        Here’s the fourth verse hot off the press – this one’s for you Amy
        (the next one to my good friend Omnipotent Zombie)

        Great Men of the past
        Darwin and more
        Thought long and thought hard
        but it was all just a chore
        Their eyes were closed shut
        To the truth that we see
        The truth is here with us
        and its Spa – Ghet – Teeeeee
        and its
        Car car bo diem

        • Amy Pirate says:

          beautiful! :D I gonna eat some pasta just because that was so good :)

  5. Juan says:

    My theory goes like this:

    The Higgs Boson is an incredibly small meatball. The FSM has put a little bit of himself in all matter! The diagrams clearly show His Noodly Appendages. It’s a clear mark that The FSM is telling us that his presence is all arround us and within us!

  6. Ben W says:

    I believe that another piece of evidence is string theory. He is invisible and can pass through anything because His Noodly Appendages are one dimensional. Just an idea.

    • Amy Pirate says:

      You’re right. It just makes sense!

    • Paul says:

      That works, very much.

  7. Dakey says:

    Dear Church of FSM
    I copy below a letter I have written to the National Trust in Northern Ireland. I have been dismayed to see many people comparing our Noodley lord to these silly ‘creationists’. There is no respect these days….

    I would urge all believers to write to the National Trust of Northern Ireland ([email protected] ) and request that they give the real alternative view as to the origin of the Giant’s Causeway.

    PS Grog is on Grog when it is Rum and a little water!

    Dear National Trust
    I am very disappointed to read that in your exhibition at the Giant’s Causeway you have chosen to represent some very narrow religious views regarding the origins of the Giant’s Causeway and have neglected other equally valid views which differ from so call ‘main stream science’.

    As a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster I am affronted that you have refused to recognise the clear evidence and deeply held beliefs of the many many pastafarians in the UK and around the world. Any objective rational examination of the evidence shows that the rock formations were formed in the late 12th century by his noodley tendrils and if there are any doubts, analysis of the rock colouring will show that they originate from tomato and basil sauce.

    I would ask that you include this alternative view if you are to have any claim at being reasonable and balanced.

    Junior Deacon, Townside Community Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (reformed).

  8. Phil Linehan says:

    An Ignoramus’s View of the Higgs Boson

    The news is out for which the world waited
    with what can only be described as breath that was bated.
    Smart physicists claim to have discovered something named after a Mr. Higgs,
    although skeptics say what they might have seen were flying pigs.

    Some, when they heard what the geniuses thought they saw
    were astonished that it had caused such awe.
    They could not understand why a ship’s bosun named Higgs
    should be better than others at climbing rigs.

    Wiser heads said that was not the case
    and their boson (with two “o’s”) had a different face.
    We are warned confusing it with a Fermion might lead to consequences dire
    so on this point it is best not to inquire.

    There are those who find it very hard to believe
    that in claiming ignorance of how particles acquire mass they are not trying to deceive.
    There is no mystery about how I acquired the mass that is mine
    when I’ve never been known to refuse any invitation to dine.

    But Higgs is described as a particle subatomic
    in no way connected with anything gastronomic.
    Would not the billions spent on looking for it be more effective
    if used to determine why the human race is so defective?

    • Keith says:

      Wow! That would not have been out of place in Punch. The style has a very Victorian feel about it.

      • Apprentice Frederic says:

        I would have picked Phil’s style as vintage Ogden Nash; maybe Phil would settle it – but that’s a quibble, the verse needs to be read at the opening of the next international fundie (mental particle) meeting.

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