Melbourne counter-demonstration: Muslims and Pastafarians Vs. Atheists

Published June 11th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson

During lunch break on Sunday April 15th  at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, a group of 20 or so courageous Muslim extremists gathered in front of the convention center filled with 4000 Atheist unbelievers. They were quickly joined by two Pastafarians and shoulder to shoulder they demonstrated against those ignorant Atheists who do not understand Creation nor fear God. Islam and Flying Spaghetti Monsterism have the same core beliefs in common; we believe (and truly know) that the universe and all living beings were created by a deity and a Prophet spoke in His name. We just have different opinions about  the name of that god and Prophet and also treat our wenches slightly differently. Apart from that, Islam and Pastafarianism: Same struggle!

In the attached pictures you will see the Muslims demonstrating in full Islamic regalia together with Pastafarians in colander head gear holding up the Gospel and a fresh pack of Spaghetti. On the windows in the background you might see the reflection of a Pirate Ship. Coincidence??

Pesto be upon all Believers,








Pasta Brothers

Pastafarian Preaching along Muslim brothas

149 Responses to “Melbourne counter-demonstration: Muslims and Pastafarians Vs. Atheists”

  1. Olio says:

    At least the sign reads ‘burn in hell’, rather than ‘death to’ that human rights activist. As that person has apparently received death threats, suggesting this is not so far a stretch however.

    Why do protests not ever seem to reflect sentiment such as, ‘reconsider your stance’? Are there robots for peace, or just the robot activists listed on the home page?

  2. FrankoATL says:

    I gotta get a new colander to wear on my head, the old one is getting kind of ratty. Anyway, I’m glad I’m the RIGHT KIND of unbeliever. Pesto be Upon Ramen!

    • Brian Fingerton says:

      Ramen! Die, you heretic dog!

  3. NP says:

    Poor deluded brain washed fools!

  4. cammo says:

    i must renounce my atheism before i boil in the great pasta pot for eternity

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      The FSM isn’t that vengeful, cammo. About 8 minutes is all you’d be in for, then you’d get a cool rinse in the Great Colander.

  5. Linguini Hoodini says:

    Lol, makes me laugh. I wonder if it would ‘acceptable’ to go and do a similar anti-Islam protest outside a mosque?

    • St. Marinara says:

      only of you don’t mind having your head in a seperate location from your body ! they seem to be untouched by the humor of our FSM… they reject the truth

      Ramen unto you

    • Keith says:

      You’d end up with plenty of stones for your rock garden.

  6. Andy Stout says:

    This hilarious anti-religion religion, with its spaghetti monster god, makes it all too easy to lose sight of its serious side. As a strong atheist I have for many years argued – in vain – with stupefied Christians without any success. What this satirical “religion”, with its wholey-noodle bible, represents is a whole new approach to penetrating the skulls of religious numbskulls. Pastafarianism uses fire to fight fire. It neatly sidesteps the need for (futile) debate using logical arguments and empirical facts to expose the fallacies of religious beliefs, Pastafariansm simply joins in on the fun and mimics its adversary by postulating its own religious beliefs – all of which are equally indefensible but intentionally more silly. Laugh at Pastafarianism, and you are compelled (logically) to laugh at Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the like.
    I only wish I had thought of it myself!

    • Robert Stroe says:

      You my friend should be a prophet of FSM

      • PlagueChicken says:

        He is now!

        • Brian says:

          Andy the stout prophet! I like it!

  7. Brian Fingerton says:

    Imagine the psychic power if FSM believers put a DEV-O energy dome on their heads, over the top of the colander!

  8. juan says:

    The mighty spaghetti is an absolute hauler of hate in the history of stomach disorder, I would like to emphasize the necessity to embrace a post or any hard object that can give consolation and relief to the great suffering as a result of over devouring of these mass of wormy filler. may the great power of the almighty spaghetti monster be as monstrous as ever in the continued patronage of all assholes.

    • Keith says:

      Or you could pace yourself when you are eating.

    • Omnipotent Zombie says:

      Gastrointestinal problems are no laughing matter. Go see your doctor.

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