Melbourne counter-demonstration: Muslims and Pastafarians Vs. Atheists

Published June 11th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson

During lunch break on Sunday April 15th  at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, a group of 20 or so courageous Muslim extremists gathered in front of the convention center filled with 4000 Atheist unbelievers. They were quickly joined by two Pastafarians and shoulder to shoulder they demonstrated against those ignorant Atheists who do not understand Creation nor fear God. Islam and Flying Spaghetti Monsterism have the same core beliefs in common; we believe (and truly know) that the universe and all living beings were created by a deity and a Prophet spoke in His name. We just have different opinions about  the name of that god and Prophet and also treat our wenches slightly differently. Apart from that, Islam and Pastafarianism: Same struggle!

In the attached pictures you will see the Muslims demonstrating in full Islamic regalia together with Pastafarians in colander head gear holding up the Gospel and a fresh pack of Spaghetti. On the windows in the background you might see the reflection of a Pirate Ship. Coincidence??

Pesto be upon all Believers,








Pasta Brothers

Pastafarian Preaching along Muslim brothas

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  1. Brian Fritzen says:

    According to the sign… the infidel should (will?) Burn in Hell for Eternity. I am curious though: Since all animals are atheist will they burn in hell for all eternity? Even on (say a police dog) that gave its life in the line of duty to save a human (say his partner?)?

    What kind of sicko creator would do such a thing?

    • Thomas L. Nielsen says:

      Pretty much any creator you care to name, the FSM being the notable exception to the rule.

      And since, as you hint at, no self-respecting creator would act this way, I consider it good evidence that the FSM is the one, true creator, since he doesn’t (that sort of reasoning is called theo-logic).

      Regards & all, and Aaarrr,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

    • Olio says:

      Pugs, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, German Shephards, Beagles, Dachshunds (aka Weiner Dogs), Huskies, English Bulldogs & Joe Cocker Spaniels are all exempt from eternal damnation. This is part of the lost texts mistakenly omitted from holy scriptures. Doberman Pinschers were thought to be on the list, but that part was chewed and thus, not completely legible so, there is some debate (may have read Miniature Pinscher).

  2. Olio says:

    I do not see that Cancer must be brought into the mix. On that sign. Stating that Atheism is equal to Cancer. Then how that particular religion is the answer. Must not have had anything else to rhyme with Answer. This must not have been on a Friday. There is no pirate regalia.

  3. Keith says:

    My first reaction on seeing these Muslim extremists was “What an infantile bunch of twats!”. I considered my reaction, however and changed my opinion to “What a bunch of infantile twats!”

  4. Noodle Theory says:

    How on earth is Islam the only monotheistic religion? What about Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, and Pastafarianism?

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      It’s not a statement of fact, it is a mindset, as in all other religion is wrong, therefore there is only one choice; theirs.

    • Olio says:

      ‘ What about Christianity’

      Is it really mono theistic? There is god and only one god, but then a manifestation of god called also god, that being Jesus. Probably is just me, but this has been a source of confusion.

      • Mal says:

        It is NOT just you. In the early days of Christianity (even before it was called Christianity), there was a massive argument about that exact question that caused a schism in the church that still exists today. Take a good look at the key differences between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Chief among them is an argument about the divine nature of Jesus.

        • Olio says:

          ‘a schism in the church that still exists today. Take a good look at the key differences between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Chief among them is an argument about the divine nature of Jesus.’

          Has anyone contacted the involved churches to inform them of the aforementioned ice, water, vapor idea? Everyone can hug and make up.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        I have always had issues with this one as well, especially regarding faiths which subscribe to the idea of the trinity; god , jc, and the holy spirit. The best explanation I have ever heard came from an actor playing JC at a creationist theme park in the documentary “Religulous”. He said the trinity is God in different forms, just like water, ice and vapor all being from the same entity. It is still BS but I least he put some thought into it.

        • Atsap Revol says:

          Pastafarianism is a true montheistic religion, Christianity not so much. Many Christians worship “God in three persons:” The Father, The Son. and The Holy Spirit. Then there is Satan, another seemingly near-equal of God. For Catholics, the Virgin Mary also is a Holy Spirit that responds to prayers along with a multitude of Saints. Let’s not forget angels, cherubim, and demons, all supernatural entities authorized as supporting actors by God. Should we include Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Anti-Christ among the sacred mythological characters of Christianity? If you reject Pastafarianism, another nice monotheistic religion is Sun Worshipping. As George Carlin said “gives me everything I need: light, food, warmth, and I can see the sun, unlike some other gods I could mention.”


        • Olio says:

          AR said ”George Carlin said the sun ‘gives me everything I need’ ,”

          Could also have included electricity, if solar power was considered. He also counted himself as an Acrostic. Not atheist nor agnostic, saying the whole thing just confused him. Acrostic.

          As to the sun being seen he is so right. Another car driver whom I met one sunny day said the sun was in her eyes, so she failed to see me until she stopped her car using the rear of mine. God maybe was angry that day. I can’t be sure which of us really …may have been aiming rays at someone else, we just got in the way.

        • Olio says:

          …granted, I did not see the sun getting into that persons eyes. It was a subjective experience. I take her word for it. If you can’t see , best to pull off.

        • The Farting Chocolate Dude says:

          Looking for a wonderful monotheistic religion? Check out the perks of “Farting Chocolate Dudeism,” the most fragrant of religions. Bask in the fellowship of the Theobromo Cacao Society at Hershey, PA. Immerse yourself in the Dude’s loving flatulence. Hurry now while this offer lingers. Imagine spending a blissful eternity sheltered in those Holy Brown Vapors!


      • Olio says:

        ‘At least he put some thought into it ‘

        What the documentary did not cover, that idea actually belonged originally to the Jesus portrayer on the prior shift, whom got the premise from the Noah portrayer on the other end of the park, whom originally heard the idea from a Camel. A really advanced Camel. But one with his beliefs still immovably fixed.

    • Drunken Hobo says:

      Pastafarianism is not monotheistic, it’s pantheistic… saucepantheistic.

  5. jackson noodle says:

    Trust it to people to let human emotion speak before they acctualy think on both sides

  6. Olio says:

    Also, Shelties & Collies.

    • Heart Of Oak says:

      Bloody hell,i hate collies.

  7. Larry Rhoades says:

    A demonstration of the Divine Protection given by the Holy Collander and The Gospel.
    These Pastafarians are trully touched by His Noodleness.
    They are true Saints of Spaghetti.

  8. Olio says:

    Muslim Soldier from Prince William Tried to Improve Relations in Iraq

    By Michele Clock , WA Post staff writer
    June 16 2004

    Para phrased :

    Army Captain Humayun Khan tried to reassure his parents in Prince Wm County that he was safe–even though attacks on his base in Baquba, Iraq, were almost constant.

    “Whenever I talked to him, I started to cry” said his mother Ghazala Khan, 52. “He always said to me, ‘Dont worry, I’m safe ‘.”

    The last time she spoke to her 27 year-old son was Mother’s Day, May 9. Yesterday, under the hot midday sun, she and her husband, Khizr M. Khan, 53, watched as their middle son was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

    Khan’s was the 66th casualty of the Iraq war to be buried on the cemetery’s lush, manicured hills. His flag-draped wood coffin was placed at the end of a row of marble headstones.

    On June 8, Khan died in a suicide car bombing at the main gates of his base. Khan, an ordinance officer with the Germany- based 201st Forward Support Batallion, 1st Infantry Div, had watched as several of his soldiers prepared to do a routine vehicle inspection. His unit was charged with the day – to – day security and maintenance of the camp. ..

    “He was always a peacemaker, ” Khizr Khan said, “always seeing an opportunity to give. He always said to the Iraqis, ‘We’re here not to hurt you but to help you.’ “…

    Khan had hoped one day to go to the University of VA Law School, his father said…

    Khan, who was born in the United Arab Emirates, moved to Silver Spring at age 2. He graduated from Kennedy High School in 1996 and the University of Virginia in 2000.

    Khan’s commanding officer, Lt. Col. Dan Mitchell:

    “He died selflessly and courageously , tackling the enemy head on, ” Mitchell wrote.” We will not forget him and the noble ideas he stood for.”

    • Reverend Captain Mal says:


      • Olio says:


        In part to counter the potential stereotype encouraged however inadvertently by both the demonstration and the reaction to the demonstration depicted here. Also that I came across the article and felt he was worth mentioning. You may disagree about the value of placing it here. It was not intended to be disrespectful nor to confuse anyone. Besides, you pointed out recently that I contribute non essential material to discussions. I am in this sense fulfilling your impression of me.

        • Reverend Captain Mal says:

          Good answer. I actually agree with you in the thought that the potential stereotype needed to be addressed. There is nothing about the Muslims in the pictures that would suggest they are “extremists” as the article states. They appear to be peacefully demonstrating their disagreement.

          I do apologize for my post. I see how it can be seen as rude, and that is not my intention. I guess I’m just part of that old-fashioned crowd that thinks posts such as yours above are better suited for the forums while discussions here should remain relevant to the article or at least be tied into it somehow. Of course, with as prone as we all are to get off topic, maybe my point is moot.

        • Olio says:

          ‘peacefully demonstrating’

          Well, ‘Burn In Hell Forever’ (as opposed to merely burning an indefinite period of time?) may be a peaceably held sign but not precisely peaceful sentiment. But still felt the protest as pictured here implied a bit of ominous overtones and wished to alter the tone.

          Considering that the person targeted on that particular sign has reportedly received threats to her person as it stands (suggesting a hell burning will not likely help matters, for her, depending upon who the audience is), even if the protesters intend no actual harm and pose no threat directly, (hopefully) realize they were picking someone to make an example out of but, still unsure what to make of this.

          As for the article, I literally came across it here while I was on this page of the site and maybe used not best judgement by placing here in fact now considering what you have pointed out. But sure commemorating the person is valid.

          Constructive criticism noted. I promise never to hold up any signs against you.

        • Reverend Captain Mal says:

          I’m not even sure what just happened there, so I’m just going to say cheers and leave it at that.

        • Olio says:

          Okay, but let’s keep the discussion to the forums shall we? ; )

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