What should we do with our own currency?

Published April 20th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


Jerry from VectorGeek made us some FSM money.  Beautiful work!  What should we do with it?  

My first thought is something like those propaganda tracts that when folded  appear to be folded money but then you open it and see instead it’s a message how you can be saved.  Like these:

WWJD-- evidently he would leave fake money as a tip some things are better than fake money -- money is one of those things

Obnoxious, yes, but we’ll be doing it in the spirit of polite mockery, so it feels ok to me.  Let’s, please, not leave them as pretend-tips at restaurants.

Good idea or no?  Any other ideas?

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  1. Frosty Burns says:

    I really like this and just about all the other graphics work I have seen Pastafarians do. I was just wanting something like this this morning and logged on to see what materials were available. Jehova’s witnesses came to my porch again. I feel like I need a handout of the truth to straighten THEM out when they come around to straighten me out.
    Me: What can I do for you?
    J Dubs: My friend and I wanted to talk to you about the bible!
    Me: How would I have gotten this old and NOT heard of it?!
    See? I could have done better with the true guidance of His Noodly Appendage.

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Answer the door naked.

      Seriously, it works wonders, even better if you have someone behind you to photograph their faces. If they come back again, then you really have to question their uptight stance on sexuality…

    • Keith says:

      My simple solution to the problem is to keep the gate locked. I imagine that in most so-called democratic countries people who enter your premises by climbing over the gate or fence are trespassing. I have to confess that I miss shifting into Victor Meldrew mode when a cold caller knocks at my door.

    • Olio says:

      Now I trust you have reading material, which is never bad. Literacy is a valuable asset. Are there no Jehovahs witnesses here? To be honest I would prefer these persons coming to my door over some other people whom have in the past. Because know their intentions are pure. It is however assuming quite a bit. How do they know you are not already a Jehovahs witness? Do they maintain lists? I do not want to be on anyones list of heathens in need of conversion. Moreover when if you do not convert, do you go on another list? If they combined these efforts with girl scout cookie sales, they would be alot more effective. Please do not open your door naked as someone suggested here. I am fairly certain some of the visitors are underage. Aside from scarring them for life potentially, it might be a felony.

      • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

        They know you’re not a JW because there are those two, and six others – and they know them!

        • Olio says:

          If you flash people and mock their efforts you might merely make them more determined in conversion efforts among other things.

      • Brandon says:

        Actually, i dont think being naked in your own home in a felony, although when i opened the door naked i got a few horrafied looks and people asking how old i am. Im 14, they didnt find it as funny as i did, but they havent come back yet so, im good

  2. MonkeyBot 5000 says:

    Be careful where you do this, some countries have laws about producing anything that looks too much like real money.

    I heard of a club night in England called Counterfeit that got in trouble for flyers that looked like a £10 note on one side.

  3. CoinedPasta says:

    Bank of FXPasta should bear in mind the difficulty’s of controlling an FXPasta empire and try not to make the same the same mistakes as those outlined in this video at youtube from a station called goingconstitutional. A really eye opening offering of possible pastaly wickedness.


  4. zippy says:

    atheist don’t care enough about their worldview/position that they will never buy something meaningless like a fake bill with a silly message on the back. atheist love themselves and their money too much to have these made and pass them out for free. survival of the fittest…remember?

    • SillyKiwiMan says:


      Get knotted.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      With the poor grammar shown here, it MUST be Zippy the Pinhead! How ya been, Zippy?
      Think the religious don’t like money? Tune into a televangelist and see how often you get hit up for a donation.

    • bruceo says:

      Zippy the Pinhead lives in DULUTH.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Zippity Doo-Duh sez: “survival of the fittest”

      Ah yes, that phrase which some people, who shall remain irreconcilably stupid, like to apply in ways incompatible with the original meaning. It’s a phrase pertaining to evolution theory, not a “world view” contrary to what some irreconcilably stupid people think.

  5. 12 says:

    PIRATE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!! With creepy wax models of PIRATES!!! Pastas be with you.

  6. robert says:

    Email me at [email protected] if anyone is interested in printing out some of those bills but not for use just for fun. I will be willing to send some out for you guys with artists permission of course so if he sees this may I have permission? Thanks and RAmen.

  7. BruceBruceBruce says:

    Has the a unit of currency been discussed? Historically paper currency has represented a weight of metal. A plate of prepared Pasta contains many Holy Ingredients, each with its own value. The Transubstantiation results from their holy Preparation and Consumption, does it not? In this way our worship nourishes our lives, and we are made strong.
    The Sauce, The Meatball and The Cheese are all Tasty. Yet each in its own way will perish. A familiar measure comes to mind, The Pound.
    One pound of Pasta made of #1 durum wheat(the superior grade) would be an ideal measure of trade. The quality can be judged by sight and the “Piece of Eight”[1/8th lb. or two oz.] is a familiar unit and a nice side size serving.
    The shape need be of no concern. Nor is the Spaghettini less than the Penne, nor the Macaroni greater than the Alphabet Soup noodle.
    A modest proposal.. I am always however Open To Suggestions

  8. economist says:

    Can’t you, we, anyone who are interested, just start using it as a bill? Under a mutual agreement that it represents a value to exchange in trades of services and goods? Isn’t it all it needs for a “money” to be functional? It is too good to be just a joke.

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