What should we do with our own currency?

Published April 20th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


Jerry from VectorGeek made us some FSM money.  Beautiful work!  What should we do with it?  

My first thought is something like those propaganda tracts that when folded  appear to be folded money but then you open it and see instead it’s a message how you can be saved.  Like these:

WWJD-- evidently he would leave fake money as a tip some things are better than fake money -- money is one of those things

Obnoxious, yes, but we’ll be doing it in the spirit of polite mockery, so it feels ok to me.  Let’s, please, not leave them as pretend-tips at restaurants.

Good idea or no?  Any other ideas?

89 Responses to “What should we do with our own currency?”

  1. His Noodliness says:

    That sounds like an great idea. I’d definitely keep some on hand to hand out.

  2. Alex says:

    I do have to say this because as our own religion, we must chose a form of government for ourselves, and as i believe HE would want, i feel that we should correct the idea of communism in the name of him, and ask others to join the idea of ending ruthless corporate climbing and fighting over things or supplies and create a system where everyone works and money isnt needed. Therefore saying that this money may not be needed because as i feel he would want, we shouldnt need it and should be kind to everyone

    • Alex says:

      in my mind, communism should be like everyone shares and is given x amount of y product and that using out technology we should be able to produce enough to help the whole of America

  3. GodOfPasta says:

    I LOVE the idea of tracts! Let’s make tracts for our groups. Would you design one for mine? Go to my page and see what you can incorporate from it or this is another group I am in charge of http://www.triadcor.org

  4. Keith says:

    What i do not understood is what you are talking about.

    • Vectorgeek says:

      Sounds like Forex is not a real person or he’s been touched by a different noodle.

      • Brian Fritzen says:

        He touches us all.

        Praise be to FSM.


        Sauce be with you

      • Nude L E, Uh, Pendage says:

        “touched by a different noodle.”

        I have a new Favorite Turn Of Phrase Ever.

        You have my undying thanks. Well, not so much undying as lasting until some new thing amuse–Hey, look! Shiny thing!!

  5. eggman says:

    FSM and His Holy Mother (The esperanza de Triana, in case you are unaware of) bless our currency

  6. FrankoATL says:

    I love the currency design and like the comments that referred to them as ‘FSM Fun Bucks’ and the denomination as the ‘Noodle.’

    If the tracts idea were to be followed up on, I’d like to see it done in that spirit. Instead of a ‘Join Up and Be Saved (or Else Go to Hell)’ message, it should in essence say ‘Please: Try to Relax.’

  7. Ziggy says:

    I would like to see our money as party passes. When we arrive at a venue for an event we present our currency/credentials and we prove our enthusiasiam for the EVENT and our sincere promise to have FUN.

  8. Christopher Bitchin's says:

    I hear the Greeks could use a new currency why not do some good for the world and help them out. We could print “dont panic” in large friendly letters to calm the world down. The we would be the first religion to actually help the world because we have the only god with the balls (and sause) to do it!!!

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