Dropped Spaghetti Shows Influence of the Almighty FSM

Published March 12th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


We spotted this on Reddit, and the photographer, MSB, was nice enough to share with us: 

In a drunken stupor, I accidentally dropped an open box of spaghetti and it landed in this form on my stove. 



Random accident or evidence of the FSM’s influence over all things?  

53 Responses to “Dropped Spaghetti Shows Influence of the Almighty FSM”

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  1. opiesysco says:

    There is NOTHING random about this. HE has shown himself once again.
    I sure am glad HE is not shy like that other god.

  2. Andrew Hall says:

    You should set up a shrine for those who need healing to come and pray to His image.

  3. TiltedHorizon says:

    Obviously this is a sign. Who is MSB? I need to make a pilgrimage to his kitchen and place gifts of Parmesan on the counter while worshiping FSM’s image at this most holy oven. FSM be praised! Rejoice!


  4. Mike Maliska says:

    Great post, reminds me of the mashed potato mountain from close encounters.
    BTW I found you guess through the FMM Atheism website.

    • Randy says:

      Thats strange that you would come across our totally-legit church via an Atheist website. Perhaps they were secretly Pastafarians pretending to be atheists?

      But no matter….whats important is the the FSM has “moved” you through the spirit of pasta to visit this wonderful site.

      Go in peace, have a beer and enjoy the strippers!


  5. stylusmobilus says:

    There is no question, this is absolute proof of His Noodly Existence. Well, confirmation really, the mere fact that the P-a-a (I have decided that the Holy material that makes his Noodles is too Holy to speak aloud or write in full) exists is the initial proof, but only He can make Unboiled, Undrained and Unwashed Clean P-a-a stand erect like this! Blessed are you, for you were in the presence of Noodling (as I have heard a wise Pastafarian call it) and you do not to be a sicents to work out that His Drunkenness understood your inebriated state and Touched you with a sign!

  6. Ferenst Anrtplogist says:

    I thot this fucking piont needed to be maid. You may not kneed too be a SICENTIS, but it is an advantege. Specile Sicentis and Anrtplogists are held in hi esteam by our Noodly Lord, just a notch or too below pirates. You of all peeple shoud no this, Mr. Stylemobilus.

  7. stylusmobilus says:

    Of course, I don’t know what has come over me; perhaps the Ravilation has overtaken my feeble mind. I also need to apologise to Specile Sicentis for the misuse of the word sicents, because those who study sicents are indeed Sicentises, and of course all sicentises for misspelling sicentis, including Anrtoplogist sicentises like Ferenst Anrtoplogist, for they too are true sicentises in the real meaning of the word sicents, even though they are Anrtoplogists.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      *sorry, Anrtoplogiey sicentises, not Anrtoplogist sicentises (of which ferensts is a part).

      • stylusmobilus says:

        Or is it ‘sicentists’, and not sicentises….

        • Ferenst Anrtoplogist says:

          Lions come in “prides,” wolves come in “packs,” what do sicentises or sicentists come in? Condums.

  8. Atsap Revol says:

    The “bots” have taken over our website. At least the last 100 posts have been by “bots.” Can’t something be done to shut out these bastards?

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