Clearly the young one has been noodled

Published February 20th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


My boyfriend’s granddaughter drew the attached, of her own volition, when she was only 4 years old.  Clearly the young one has been noodled.  We are not surprised – the innocent see the absolute truth….  Nevertheless, we are encouraged to see His Noodliness reaching out to the youth.  


Fantastic! I’m encouraged as well.

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  1. waynegrim says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this is a real site. I don’t know much at this point. I assume that you don’t really believe in a spaghetti and meatball monster? More like a no religion religion? Anyway I own an Italian Restaurant and just stumbled on this site. very interesting indeed. I’ll keep looking around. I like your daughters spaghetti monster :)

    • Randy says:

      How can you say we don’t “believe”? The FSM’s Noodly Word is written in book-form. According to the standards of religion, that makes our religion not only real, but a FACT! As such, we must believe if we want an eternity of unlimited beer and strippers in the afterlife.

    • Brennana says:

      As a Pastafarian at heart, I will not take this to offense, but most people take this as a strong offense to there faith. I think you lack of His touch.

  2. SillyKiwiMan says:

    Blessed are the young, for they are empty vessels, just waiting to be filled with truth.

    Gotta get to ’em before the others, those false religions try to hook ’em for life!



  3. CaptainDrasher says:

    Indeed, one could note that ALL children’s drawings are of the great pasta. Afterall, what do children draw the most? Wavy lines, of course! And wavy lines represent noodles, quite obviously. This is perhaps the most definate of proof, as children don’t draw men setting in a pool of clouds unless they’ve been cursed by lies.

  4. benjdm says:

    Another sighting detailed!


  5. Anne says:

    I don`t get it but when’s supper

  6. nun s equator says:

    hmmm…. but how… lies…why…

  7. nun s equator says:

    i love this religion

  8. Abazur says:

    I have found irrefutable, falsifiable proof of His existance. Stay awhile, and listen!

    Simply do this: Take with you some children (age 4-9) outside when it is sunny <–(this is very important), and simply tell them to paint what they see. At this point you should see a very interesting pattern; they all makes depictions of the FSM (may sauce be upon him), spontaneously and indepent of each other. I tried this on my cousins with great sucess.

    This, my fellow pastafarians, also revealed something to me: All humans are born pastafarians, but most of them are lured away from the embrace of His noodly apendages by all those false religions.

    May The Great Pasta be with you

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