Earth’s Magnetosphere Clearly Shows the Work of the FSM

Published February 10th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson



More incontrovertible evidence of the FSM at work:  Space physicists find interactions between Earth and sun look a lot like Him.

A new computer simulation is showing Earth’s magnetosphere in amazing detail – and it looks a lot like a huge pile of tangled spaghetti (with the Earth as a meatball). Or perhaps a cosmic version of modern art.

The magnetosphere is formed by the Sun’s magnetic field interacting with Earth’s own magnetic field. When charged particles from a solar storm, also known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), impact our magnetic field, the results can be spectacular, from powerful electrical currents in the atmosphere to beautiful aurorae at high altitudes. Space physicists are using the new simulations to better understand the nature of our magnetosphere and what happens when it becomes extremely tangled.

Read further evidence of the FSM at work at Universe Today

Thanks to Kostas for sending the link.

21 Responses to “Earth’s Magnetosphere Clearly Shows the Work of the FSM”

  1. Son of Flying Noodle Monster says:

    I am the son of the Flying Noodle Monster. I have been sent to earth to save your sorry asses. I shall perform miracles which you will not question. My first prediction of the future: The Chicago White Sox WILL win a World Series. And there will be a great war with fire and brimstone. And your cable TV will get more expensive. Pray to me my children.

    • Keith says:

      Well, two of those predictions will not affect me in the slightest, as I do not have cable TV and I don’t give a toss about baseball. As for fire and brimstone I can understand the fire but I think modern weaponry has gone beyond using sulphur in its explosives.

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      Son of FSM (and Keith): Maybe the fire and brimstone is metaphorical; I see that a huge solar flare (sent by Big Dad?) is on its way to our magnetosphere right now, pretty advanced! I allus figgered it would be *deliverance* if our cable TV were blown to molten droplets by electromagnetic disturbances. But maybe we’ll just have to pay for repairs….

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      White Sox? Sounds like the distant future.

    • Tony says:

      If you say that you are the son of the FSM that’s good enough for me.
      Can someone prove that your not? We’re is their faith!?

  2. CTZippy says:

    Is Mother Earth herself the Monster? YAAARRRRGGGHHH, Praise be!

    • Keith says:

      The word “monster” is derived from the Latin monstrere meaning to demonstrate or show. In older (and some people would say less enlightned) times, the word arose to illustrate that some god or other was demonstrating its power by frightening people. Given that, some would say that Mother Earth was a monster.

      • Falco says:

        Addendum to the above: In Afrikaans, ( for those who don’t know: South African language derived from mainly Dutch), monster translates as sample as well. Thanks Keith for update on latin origin.

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