Poland Pastafarians Protesting

Published January 30th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


The hottest topic in Poland now is concerning the passing of the ACTA agreement. It’s something similar to the US’s SOPA act. Many people in Poland and in all of the European Union believe that it’ll acknowledge and legalize censorship in the Internet. In the last few days thousands of young people all across the country went out to peacefully protest against the passing of the ACTA act. Between them there were Pastafarians ;)

Those actions triggered a nationwide debate concerning the freedom of speech in the Web.

Best regards and RAmen!


19 Responses to “Poland Pastafarians Protesting”

  1. Pirate Johnson says:

    Spaghadeity’s chiosen deciples have a (V)endetta 2 settle. NO1 will ever B able to forgive or forget if SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, FUBAR, or WTFEver passes. They can definately expect us as pastaferrians to revolt against such opression. Piracy is a FSM given right!!! We ARGH NOT gonna set here & let this happen like some kind of 3rd reich rising. If there IS some kind of tax exemption for Omish, then should it not B fair for us, as Pirates, to B exempt from such terrany?!? It is up 2 US to form a single United Legion (UL), endowed by OUR creator with the thesis of protecting our rights. Major gratitude to Capt’n Artu, and the anonamous CREW that supported our cause through public demonstration.

  2. yuliang says:

    this is really bad, i think sopa,pita will kill the internet that is worth multi billions , while the hollywood isn’t worth that much.

  3. GAAAH! says:

    Look at the guy with the Guy Fawkes mask next to the Pastafarian.
    Anonymous, anyone?

  4. Slog says:

    The Internet should always be open, uncensured and available to all!

    Resist all efforts to censure it.

    May FSM bless it! RAman!

  5. Someone says:

    Okay, I think you all are delusional. The spaghetti monster is NOT REAL! This website is nothing but made up CRAP!

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Tony Abbott? What are you doing here?

      “Made up crap” – as opposed to…

    • Someone Else says:

      Made up CRAP? The FSM is as real as any other deity. Delusional? Not at all, we have a right to believe whatever CRAP we want to just as you do.

  6. LotsaPastaRasta says:

    I says I been knowin the spagetti monster for a long time. Sheeyat, he is good people. I axed him when i wer praying dat I would git me free dars an fiddy cents fer my king cobra. And shit hell mo fo, if I dint find da money dat day!

  7. Jim Larsen says:

    The spaghetti monster is JUST AS REAL, if not MORE REAL than any god that currently claims to exist. He also existed in secret for far longer than any other religion known to man. We have evidence. How dare you insult our religious beliefs!? It is only through his glorious noodle-mess that I am equipped to forgive your heresy against the one true god.

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