May He watch over us all this new year

Published January 1st, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


Yea, verily; He watches over us both night and day.

We are truly blessed by his Noodly Appendages.

– Lynette   (Bend, Oregon)

32 Responses to “May He watch over us all this new year”

  1. nun s equator says:

    if cannot b nice, @ least dont point out the obvious…

    clutter in, clutter, out…

  2. Mpress says:

    As a Rastafarian I would like to ask why use the name “Pastafarian” knowing it would offend and reflect on us, not here to judge, would just like to know whether you considered Rastafarians. The Pasta part I can OVERstand but the Fari part? Selassie I (Ras Tafari) has nothing to do with your religion.

    Fiya Bun Free Radical!
    Mpress Zioness

    • bruceo says:

      Pastafarians existed thousands of years before Rastafarians ever did. You stole OUR name!
      Why did you want to offend and reflect on us?!
      We don’t put poop in our hair!

  3. nun s equator says:

    abuse, illness, pain, utility, then wasted space & time, brief love, suffering, pain, more pointlessness, head games enacted against me & blamed, on me, more of same, subordination, survival, lies told of me while having me made out 2 b the liar; cycles repeat, now, death. finally. THAT the summary of me. I still really do not care about ‘meaning of life’ & never did; I thought it might matter if i tried 2 have the conversations which have been attempted 4 many years many times over, with me, by now, including by persons violating HIPPA & beginning conversations in & away from health care delivery facilities; but it is as pointless as it ever would have been had i bothered b4 & even when unprovoked 4 the 1st time i can recall, the dialogue i never had any interest in having b4… still pointless. not 4 u, perhaps. but i knew it was, 4 me just hoped i was wrong.

    • nun s equator says:

      O.& injury injury injury (x multiple more). & the love never really left, it just got overshadowed by the rest.

  4. Pal O mine says:

    nun; Take some responsibility. Sounds like you got a raw deal, if it’s all true. I’ve dealt with the medical ramifications of interrupting a robbery for four years. Assault, broken bone, DVT, PE, blood thinners, heart surgery. I chose to keep the robbery from happening, I deal with the aftermath. Whatever happened to you, take control. You sound whiny and like you’re not taking responsibility. “Woe is me” never gained any sympathy. Man up or shut up.

  5. Pal O mine says:

    Great picture. Had to have taken some effort. Yay overexposure!!!!

  6. Mario says:

    Thank you, in concordance with your beliefs I just downloaded the gospel from the pirate bay. Ramen.
    Long live the FSM and the pirate bay.

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