Hydrolycus Pyrates

Published January 8th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


I’m a tattoo artist in Minnesota and had a client come and wanted the skeleton fish with the eye patch logo.  I decided to draw him something similar but different and with my style, when he decided to go with the original image symbolizing the church I kept the new drawing for a future painting. 

This gentleman also turned me on the Pastafarian way and I received my credentials from the church.   Recently I had the time to finish up the painting and would not only like to share it with the church.

– Carl

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  1. jesushater says:

    i hate christians. fsm is only one true god. i reckon mary got laid with roman sodier and jesus is a effect of her unresponsiblity. Jesus i’m so glad you were crucified and i wish you gonna rot in hell raped by devils and your stupid mother

    • maleberto says:

      This really looks like Brian of Nazareth, and I don’t hate this movie, I love it.

      So please, my Pastafarian friend, don’t do the error to hate Jesus ad their confused followers, this is not the way to help them to find our True Path.

    • Dionaea says:

      Actually when you watch tv programs (discovery channel type I mean) about the guy he seems pretty cool, it’s just that the church fucked up a large part of his message. Actually to me he seems like the original hippy (without the free sex though). Chill dude.

    • Matt says:

      Calm down brother! It’s talk like that which gives us FSM a bad name.
      There’s no reason to hate their views just because they differ from the true path, as I see it that is what the FSM stands against in the first place!

  2. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Calm down now. The Church of the FSM is not about hate. It’s about love. And beer. And pirates and strippers.

    • Zappa says:

      especially beer and strippers

  3. nun s equator says:

    a very talented artist

  4. Sky says:

    I love this! I would want this on my wall, or put it in a display case <3

  5. nun s equator says:

    carl, have u considered doing giclee prints? other artists tell me this type of print is prevalent with reproducing ltd prints of originals…
    (& also that giclee = french 4 th word ‘spit’)…or, posters, etc? u should consider it.

  6. Bryan Grossman says:

    That… is fantastic looking!!! I want a poster!!!!! My two great loves combined!!!!

  7. Bryan Grossman says:

    To Carl the tattoo artist in Minnesota email me!! [email protected] I want a copy of this!!!!

  8. Carl Kerssen says:

    thanks for all the kudos guys…im glad everyone likes it…it was really fun to send the gentleman that i originally drew this for(and also introduced me to FSM) and tell him to come to the site and see whats on home page…he is really wanting this version tattooed now…there may be some t shirts made by the church in the future using this design and as far as prints go i am looking into it…there is a few of you that have wanted to contact me via email, you can try but the server in which my site is on is being switched up and i have bee having some conflicts with my email…i do hope to have that resolved soon or i will probably finish setting up my gmail account…thanks again for all the praise

    • David says:


      Yes, this is a must have purchase when you make it available. Both frame quality prints and shirts would be great.

      You have real artistic talent!

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