Greetings from Colombia

Published January 5th, 2012 by Bobby Henderson


This is a picture about the celebration for the new year with my daughter, teaching her about the great miracles and love monesvol is willing to give to whoever wants to believe in him.


-Esteban.  Bogota, Colombia

I’m happy to see that our religion continues to spread around the world.  Welcome to our friends in Colombia.

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  1. buržujus says:

    Oh yes, it spreads!
    Ramen from Lithuania!

  2. Keith says:

    Happy New Year, Esteban! May your plate always be filled with noodles.

  3. Andrew Hall says:

    I suspect heresy. What exactly is that orange stuff on their plates?

    • Mal says:

      Since images of the FSM are typically presented without any sauce, I assumed that meant Pastafarians were free to use any sauce of their choosing. Although I cannot identify the sauce on those plates, I would strongly caution against labeling it “heresy”. Surely any sauce that adds to our most holy communion is divinely inspired.

  4. Brian Fritzen says:

    It spreads like butter on a slice of bread paired with spaghetti and marinara.

  5. Brian Fritzen says:

    An FSM Blessing:

    May your ship always be seaworthy.
    May the wind always fill your sails.
    May your flagon ne’er go empty,
    and your plate always be filled with noodles.
    And until we meet again,
    May FSM touch you with His Appendage.

  6. Ema says:

    No te das una idea de como le entro a tu hija, Esteban.


  7. Klaas Klinkert says:

    Hi and a happy New Year Esteban! May His Noodly Appearance be upon you and your daughter. Ramen!

  8. jonas eggen says:

    This is the first time I’m attending this church but seeing this picture and reading the text made me smile and curiously I think, since this is funny, I was moved by the spirit of it all. family love, making lols when celebrating, and sort of heroic, since these people are good looking, apparently intelligent on the right side, and coming from a poor country. Put these people in the congress og, and ship those geriatrics who are there now, and their friends to Guantanamo.

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