Touched By An Angelhair

Published December 18th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Here is a display on the Loudoun County Virginia Court House lawn.

– Rick, Wingrove Leesburg, VA

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  1. strange daze says:

    Non Sequiter (def): An abrupt, illogical, unexpected or absurd turn of dialogue not associated with or appropriate to that preceding it. Hmmm… seems appropriate.

    Awesome display, by the way… James Monroe, the Fifth President of the United States, and a resident of Loudon County, Virgina for many years, would have been proud. As one of the “Founding Fathers” of our country, he helped establish a country whose constitution includes these words: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…” It’s cool to see fellow pastafarians expressing these freedoms of religion and speech, and publicly proclaiming the awesomeness of The FSM.

    • nun sequitur says:


      • nun sequitur says:

        unexpected, perhaps. illogical, not so.

  2. nun sequitur says:

    strange definition= go look it up.

    freedom of speech, u say?
    speech concerning GLUTEN & dairy (promoting enteropathy) on a site promoting ingestion of gluten full pasta & cows milk cheese…topped with ground cow & nightshade family vegetable (tomato)- so how is this NOT related?

    • nun sequitur says:

      & the comments dispelling all aspects of religion as hokey, while it’s really only fractions & portions…ive responded 2 that as well.

      • nun sequitur says:

        INCIDENTALLY: Posts as posted on this end, often do NOT properly DISPLAY for that matter. I post reply to a comment, it shows up in SEPARATE area once posted…i post independently & it shows up as part of a reply thread. NOT my doing.

  3. Phillip says:

    Nuns marry god

    And yes I can explain ghosts and such without god but no time at the moment.

    • nun sequitur says:

      I m not a nun, phillip…even tho my mother in laws name by definition, means ‘mother of god’ in some books (no kidding) & altho i worship the ground my spouse walks upon, that would not definitively prove him as one in same as a god…

      the moniker i chose originally was as follows: nunya biz & was later altered to read as currently shown…i never pretended to b a nun, it is merely a derivative of first incarnation & phoenetical, not literal…altho because of the remainder of the board adopting punny pseudonyms associated with the cloth (table?) i left it alone after starting to get nunnery replies.

      as to your thoughts on ghosts, i m all ears & eyes. if u find any time 2 elaborate i would b MOST grateful. spelling massacres aside..

      • nun sequitur says:

        my spelling..i massacre rules of grammar & typos proliferate. people can continue 2 make fun, but i already am harder on myself than u can ever b. I also stated somewhere here that i live in chronic physical pain & lack the energy & inclination to EDIT. if the people criticizing me- & im not referring 2 phillip- want 2 come over & type for me as i dictate, that is the only way my posts will become more decipherable..aside, based upon experiences ive alluded to, i m not about 2 reveal my precise location…as i m as likely 2 receive an envelope full of anthrax as a kindly visitor @ my door.


        • nun sequitur says:

          N No telling where this will physically, actually post, but AM pressing reply button…which means like other posts, this may well end up NOT in intended area…

          IN reply to phil posting on the warrens, prior & this statement..1st off, calling some1 ‘crazy’ is a nebulous statement & does not prove out that referred to party is…then, there is the fact that MOST if not all of these movies elaborate on the facts for entertainments sake. ..thus, r BASED on eyewitness accounts, & ADAPTED for the screen…& i would have 2 hear these statements from the warrens mouths themselves before u can convince me they uttered anything of the sort. ..finally, r u telling me that the institutes for paranormal research in place @ such places as stanford u operate under the premises u put forth by referrencing this interview; do u mean to tell me u support every1 reporting psychic episodes or, experiences involving all subjective & objective experiences fitting into category of paranormal INCLUDING hauntings…u propose all subjects r either hallucinating, delusional or putting on? I disagree with u if u r proposing such.

  4. nun sequitur says:

    Par 4 course, there was NO area to press for reply, beneath revs post…

    ULTERIOR motives?
    Because I have come full circle in my ponderances on whether or not there is a god? I have just survived another suicide attempt & stated that i was MOCKED literally, by a so called THERAPIST whom proposed he could hypnotize me for physical pain (relief was the promise)& then tried to initiate a q&a on my afterlife expectations…ive told u, elsewhere on board im in INTOLERABLE physical pain & typing thru, that & LACK energy 2 edit. ..& that i am very nearly OVERWHELMED by head games played with me, so u do what, i instigate FURTHER head games? i try to deflect with humor & get accused of attacking, i share VALID scientifically supported RECOMNENDATIONS regarding things we came to know about our diets, lack of which knowledge NEARLY KILLED my husband & the health system here took their heads out of rear ends just long enough to COVER same a*ses & to contribute 2 DISCREDITING me so they can eliminate me esprcially as a LIABILITY i was told i otherwise am…are u ignoring what i m sharing, Or r u just incredibly insensitive? WHAT freaking motives do u propose i have, SURVIVAL maybe? Wanting to PREVENT suffering for others, REGARDLESS of background, backing or status, maybe? I said gluten free VERSION of pasta, incidentally, i never said to eliminate it. READ what it is ive actually SAID versus what u THINK u r receiving. thanks 4 pointing out how u r holding back a lynch mob from attacking my posts by the way…u demonstrate what ive been attempting & failing 2 say. Ever hear the expression, dont make a federal case, out of it…well, we were INVOLVED in one- thru association. A federal case. Here is a hint: that expression, it does not arise from nowhere. We did really know a couple that were involved in a murder suicide, i did really babysit the child of a guy whom had his wife executed, i really did just try to end my life a few months ago, again, i really am having access to care BLOCKED & having it blamed on pre existing issues-i really have been assaulted & abused, i really was asked to bring a woman to a clinic for a termination & did so, she really did marry a missionary & they both pursued me & mocked me, i really was raised jewish & have been mocked & have questioned this & aspects of my own & other cultures & end up having everything twisted around, & i m really not meant to prove any of it…but apparently to b accused of having motives i do not have, while those whom have motives AGAINST me are the pillars of society.i have an unidentified cyst in my right lung, it showed up several years before i DISCOVERED mention of it on a test result YEARS AFTER the fact…after i had lumps YEARS ago, indicating an early mammogram need.. which the drs office had told me to IGNORE reccomendation for catscan..saying they dont think its needed…AFTER which my family member was dxd & treated for cancer in SAME region…all the backtracking & lying about me INTENTIONAL-the head games are ENDLESS & immense & MEANT to b. I am probably f-g terminal by now , so thats the good news…i probably will not need 2 off myself, because an imaginary sky jockey is taking care of that…not really, its PEOPLE. HONESTLY ask yourself what real ‘help’ is available before pretending u have selflessly offered any assistance. I may not write methodically (& yes, i really was harassed & stalked by spouses soon to b ex during their proceedings…probably under the guidance of th persons attorney…i really was lied about by police, i continue 2 b & was assaulted in front of my husband & yes, we were really contacted to make a donation by police…& DID) but i have no ‘ulterior motives’ regarding ur site. BEST 2 u. I suggest u go verify the things i mentioned concerning enteropathy…related to gluten…there really is a gluten free alternative communion wafer…but no replacement for matzoh im aware of…& most DEFINITELY a gf pasta option.

    tell me, if u tripped over a bump in the sidewalk & got hurt, would u say OH well so much 4 th next sucker, or would u attempt to WARN people coming by, (hey watch out…bumps can trip u)?

    i fg give up.

  5. nun sequitur says:

    & REV, u r wrong if u think telling someone their posts r giving them a headach is ‘kind’ .
    the content of th posts entirely ignored. I have referred 2 lack of humanity in my posts. Is that entirely lost on u?

  6. nun sequitur says:

    & reverend, if u had any meatballs, u would just say u do not care for me instead of creating imagined questions about my motives concerning the site…the very FIRST post i ever left brought up a gf version of spaghetti…i wondered if any1 else was gf.. It was u to start with whom questioned my ‘argument’ style. ..i posted exactly the type of head game being played with me & get more of same…in response.. & that is not nice. I almost laughed when u said something about bringing down the boards?. I cannot even bring down my own mail…i have some1 carry it down for me. U may not appreciate my posting style & manner, u may b in good company (congratulations), but that doesnt make what u say true. U say i m ‘lucky’ more persons r not attacking my posts.well i dont c all that many responding, either, so what difference does that make 2 u 1 way or another? Bring down a site, what does that even mean? I will leave if u r asking me to, but u neednt publically humiliate me further 2 have me do it. That is my definition of not nice.

  7. nun sequitur says:

    As long as i continue 2 exist, anyway, i will check back 2 c any progress… how philip intends 2 explain the experience of ghosts; my inlaws claim their homestead is haunted, according 2 my husband whom has relayed the sightings & whatnot, 2 me…ive not seen anything there personally but do not doubt that it is so. I hav my reasons ..& other considerations aside i wont get into, we have never seen a clearly defined explanation for such phenom & where it seems 2 support th religious leanings of many, as opposed to there being sufficient scientific support for alternate explanations…i do not understand how objects flying off a surface seemingly on their own (by 1 account) has s-t to do with god…& wonder y some1 with answers 2 mysteries of universe would not just post; instead, in fact, it seems there is a clear intent to paint those experiencing such as mentally deficient, ill or in need, soley; the equivalent elsewhere is 2 imply things about those reporting rapes or abuses…questioning a persons sanity to discount reports, to discount th person & y people often do NOT report experiences- do u not comprehend anything i m saying?

    i almost think rev is just playing another massive head game with me. .,& instigating others 2 do same. so r u fed, state, local, an atty or dr? b truthful.

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Madam, I have no intention nor desire to play head games with you as you suggest, I have nothing to gain from such an exercise, I am posting on a public forum about issues that directly affect me; how can you possibly justify that accusation? You can’t of course because it’s total nonsense. In my previous post I was defending a poster called wat, he or she did not say you ‘made their eyes hurt’ only that you are frequently incoherent. I mentioned the name wat specifically in that post so I can’t see how you made that connection unless it was a deliberate attempt to pervert my words. If you display that tendency, you have done it before, you weaken your narrative when you describe what others have said and done to you in the past, how do you expect others to take you seriously when you readily misinterpret and exaggerate.

      If I tripped on a broken pavement I would complain to the relevant authority to have it fixed in order to prevent others suffering the same fate, what I would NOT do is whinge and whine about it on an web site that was totally unrelated to the subject of broken pavements and therefore ill equipped to deal with the problem. You have suggested from time to time that people look up words or phrases, I ask that you look up the word ‘irrelevant’ then hopefully you will see the source of my frustration. I’m sorry you are in pain, but we are not in a position to do anything about that, see a doctor, if your doctor won’t treat you see another; I’m truly, truly sorry that your life is such that you want it to end but we are not qualified to offer you psychological counselling; if you have suffered abuse seek legal redress or go to the police, if the police abuse you seek the support of the police complaints department; I don’t care if there is a gluten free version of the Eucharist, I don’t eat it. I could go on picking out individual items from your reams of posts but I fear it is pointless and will only serve to fuel your persecution complex. Tell me, what part of ‘irrelevant’ do you not understand?

      You state correctly that people are not responding to you, this should tell you much, but you choose to ignore it and continue despite the best efforts of some to help you be more effective and thereby encouraging responses. Can you see why this might be seen as a deliberate attempt to disrupt the smooth running of this site? I am not trying to humiliate you, I am trying to bring some sanity back to our much loved forum; I’m sorry to say nun, that it is you who are making yourself look foolish, nobody else. You offer me your definition of not nice, well let me offer you one of mine, that is ‘putting your own agenda ahead of the rest of society’ and that is exactly what you are doing here. I have nothing against you personally, that would be impossible as I don’t know you, but I do object to you using this site in a wholly inappropriate way to your own ends and to the detriment of the rest of the ‘society’ here, in short, it’s ‘not nice’.

      Can you explain what you mean when you ask me if I am ‘fed, state, local, an atty or dr ’ and I will be honest with you with an answer if indeed the question is answerable. I have always been honest with you but I guess that’s what you don’t like and why you attempt to twist my words as I suspect you will with the contents of this post.

      If you truly want an answer to the cryptic question you posed I will answer it, otherwise I will not respond to your posts again as I have no desire to spend the next who knows how long defending my position when you again misinterpret and misrepresent my words as you almost certainly will.

      Finally, you say that if I ask you to go you will; the fact is I am just a frustrated user of this site and have no right nor authority to request that you leave, however, now that you are maybe becoming aware of the problems you present here, perhaps your good grace and the humanity you hold in such high esteem will guide you to make that decision for yourself.

      May the FSM bless you with peace and an easy mind.

      The Reverend

      • nun sequitur says:

        after i was done coughing up a lung for the nth time 2day, i was intending on reading ur post…then noticed it started out with this term:


        almost always a sign of false propriety.
        I doubt it will get any more respectful from there considering u
        have more than once encouraged me 2 leave th boards & with, as u
        so kindly pointed out, alotta backing.

        I m not saying i blame u, id have prob tried 2 give me the boot, 2…

        i will attempt 2 read thru it l8r when i m more physically & there4 emotionally stable, which may mean i never get 2 finish it.

        Sorry 2 say that, sir…it is just that my constitution is lacking currently & i have no business posting anywhere, let alone here…
        Have enough headgames twds me enacted & set into motion offline, so if u will excuse me i m going 2 carry on elsewhere in the universe
        & am not ur problem…u r absolved of any further dealings with the likes of me…ur minions should b pleased.

        • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

          I know I said that I wouldn’t post again but the frustration I felt before is rapidly giving way to anger. Prior to the last post I never encouraged you to leave the site and you damn well know it, in fact I have tried to help you fit in here with suggestions that you have chosen to ignore. What’s more you say I have lots of support – for something that I haven’t done? How so? I have stated quite clearly that I speak only for myself, what the hell is wrong with you? You claim to be in too much pain to read my post but you can manage to type a response… not only that, you say you are going elsewhere and then continue your maniacal posting with no let up, and tell me, what sort of pain makes it more difficult to read than to type?. Up until now I have been as polite as the content of my posts would allow, but I am rapidly running out of patience. If you insist on refusing to understand what I am trying to convey to you despite explaining it as clearly as is possible, and continue to misquote and misrepresent me with the intention of making me out to be the baddie when I have only had your best interest at heart, then you leave me no alternative than to assume you are purposely trying to be as disruptive as possible and I have had my fill of it! You asked me to be honest and so I will be, I will also try to put this in the simplest terms I can so that it can’t be misconstrued: I think you are a troll, as far as I am concerned you have outstayed your welcome, now please go away and stay away!

        • Rose: Mother of god, daughter of god says:

          so…this reply is basically your excuse as to why you won’t read a post that explains why you’re wrong?

          Okay. I’m done.

  8. nun sequitur says:

    I strongly suspect phil is bluffing. I’ll tell u what tho. I wouldnt bother haunting any1 here once i go, even if id have the choice 2..it was never my question 2 start with. It was the a-hole abusing his position as a so called therapist. It really does not matter 2 me @ this point.

    • St. Arrrrgyle says:

      N.S. – WTF? As far as I can see, your flow of consciousness ramblings are adding little to the threads you post on, other than wasting space. I, for one, have little tolerance for bitching and whining solipsists who have nothing better to do with their time than trying to dominate a website with their life story and off the wall observations. YOU’RE NOT THAT INTERESTING. Your “contributions”, as numerous as they are, have disrupted this site, whether you agree or not. I would much prefer the FSM to extend a noodley appendage in your direction to choke off this spate of inanity and return this site to its normal functioning. FSM bless you, Rev.; you’re much more patient than I.
      St. Arrrrgyle of A Sissy
      Pirate Saint of Gay Apparel

      • Keith says:

        I don’t know how you sort through the new posts Arrrrgyle but I scan them first. If they contain any hint that they are not written in English, I ignore them as I only know English. I do not speak or write text speak so I’d be wasting my time trying to decipher anything containing it.

        • nun sequitur says:

          K: define textspeak. u r speaking about human beings posting thoughts on line, persons with varying levels of experienc online & skillsets. Maybe dont b prejudiced because some people present in an unaccustomed manner.

      • nun sequitur says:

        I dont propose 2 b particularly ‘interesting’ & that u would even state this says more about u.

        • nun sequitur says:

          The reply about interesting was intended, as pressed to post beneath st argyle, whom was picking on my posts, posting style, content & appears to b in good company. Insensitivity it is valuable to learn is not limited to people proposing 2 b religious. Thanks for clearing up any misperception i otherwise had.

          Generally if i press reply, the response does not post where it should. I cannot say if this is by intelligent design, or by chance, but it has happened more than a few times.

          Thank u for being hurtful.

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