Touched By An Angelhair

Published December 18th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Here is a display on the Loudoun County Virginia Court House lawn.

– Rick, Wingrove Leesburg, VA

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    • Phillip says:

      Just in case you missed it

      • nun sequitur says:

        I would not say the display mocks christianity, maybe the sheer domination of it, mainly. If u happen 2 not b a christian in a society dominated by such, that could b inversely considered mockery…2 b subjected to indoctrination of this type everywhere mocks sensibilities for some people; it has to do with who is in the majority. The only thing i care about with regard to trees is with regard to deforrestation & reforrestation.

        • nun sequitur says:

          So for last minute charlie brown tree hunters, consider getting 1 with the roots still attached, which can b replanted…tho not encouragement to go rip one out of public forrest or the neighbors estate…these trees r rare 2 come by this time of year…there is always the faux tree option.

    • nun sequitur says:

      as the link displays on this end, in the article the author appears to mock the life’s work of these two, whom by all accounts have said things regarding the paranormal which a casual observer would attempt to call them what it is claimed they call their clients…& calling some1 crazy does not make it so, unless u r saying that either the author or the warrens r psychiatrists, which i did not gather. there IS a field called PARAPSYCHOLOGY & involves aspects of human psychology, moreover areas of metaphysics actually have lent credibility to accounts heretofore seemingly unexplained. millions of research dineros have been poured into government sponsored research projects in the region of remote viewing (military) & these projects picked up during the cold war,,,& there are institutes & both duke u & stanford u, which study so called para-normal phenomena, which is norm, it is just feared, doubted & marginalized…so your posting about marginalizing persons investigsting does not surprise me…altho the religious emphasis of their approach is questionable, the efforts I consider honorable. Books & movies about accounts are generally not considered eyewitness accounts, but adaptations of such, which are it is my understanding, intentionally elaborated on for entertainment value…so that for example, offerings like poltergeist film are loosely based on events. Because the events themselves often rely on subjective recounting, this arouses suspicion & doubt. While to my knowledge the laboratories mentioned do NOT have teams which send out investigators in the field, there have been non haunting related psi phenom replicated in the labs, tho it is difficult to replicate in these environs but not impossible neccessarily; & even objective accounts become subjective retellings. it bears repeating that calling some1 crazy does not make it so. for all we know, the author fell under criticism after the subjects pointed out conflicting points…because as mentioned, this is generally how these things r done. this field has always been considered contentious based on the fact it involves the human mind/psychology, because observers of recounters & those recounting are both human & subject to all manner of things & even when it does not apply, it is presumed, to- as humans studying other humans have limitations, even in circumstances where this is attempted to b minimized. adaptations for the screen do not neccessarily elaborate, but often do to hold peoples attention. even if the warrens actually said this, the parties r not neccessarily as stated, not even where there is a shared opinion does that make it so. it is in our nature 2 b skeptical.

      • nun sequitur says:

        still waiting 4 phil 2 explain ‘ ghosts’ without religion or god but not presumably without calling people crazy. More namecalling…so far.

        altho since some r still waiting 4 me 2 find success with my suicide endeavors, as evidenced by level of encouragement via ignorant responses, this seems 2 b more about WAITING than pointing fingers.

        • Rose: Mother of god, daughter of god says:

          Some scientists believe that when an event is so tragic, it gets caught in the enviroment it happened in, such as people seeing a girl getting murdered in a swamp over and over again. No real ghost, just, kind of like a recording. Where there was no evidence of this, they had a lot of scientific theories to back it up.

        • Keith says:

          If you are interested in the Stone Tape theory, you might care to read this.

  1. nun sequitur says:

    there could very well b a god. we could all b one big science experiment. that would make earth a giant petri dish with humans as lets say, bacteria…
    consider this- someone just allegedly took human genes & spliced them with a cows, to make cows produce milk more amenable to humans digestive environ…& while bovine milk enteropathy or whatever its called, is very prevalent in us- we r the only mammals i am aware of that continues to ingest milk past toddler stage, let alone the milk of another species several times our size (the molecules in that milk, larger than our human milk & in goats milk, for example)…the animals produced as a result of this are living marginalized existences, they are often not well, suffer & die sooner than non genetically altered counterparts.

    WE are conducting experiments on OTHER mammals…makes the ufo abduction encounter stories with live experiments seem tame.

    It would almost seem we r living in an environment hostile to our survival…& we r hostile, 2 the planet we live on. I forget how often it is another species goes extinct as the conditions necessary for their survival are altered so much they cannot possibly remain…and many take little to no warning in this.
    Nobody will care until there are 100 or so of US, left & by then, it will b 2 late 2 do a damned thing.

    some1 on one of the boards mentioned how apocolypse SELLS…referring 2 media materials on the subject. we r CONTRIBUTING 2 our own demise all the time, & some1 thinks it is actionable that i am suicidal…which i am, but not soon enough acted upon for some.

    after i posted about avoiding carbonated beverages, carbonated beverage giant coca cola sent an email to 1 of our accounts…we do not drink the crap (but my husband once was employed there)… it was evidently listed under ‘my coke rewards’ which showed up in system address book as follows:

    my coke

    which to a casual observer would seem to have that we have a ‘coke’ connection…in our address database. the company has done something to the nearby areas water supply which an area social activist had alerted us to. ..nobody likes a do gooder.

    we never signed up for coke rewards, but some1 sure signed us up…we r hurting their sales…

    i reccomend switching to goats milk. if not the canned or powdered but something from refrig section to start, walmart actually carries it; u will enhance ur health & discourage cow human gene splicing experiments (its taking place in china) & u can drink what u like, including coke-a- cola, but know this- carbonized beverages do encourage poor outcomes with health including something about calcium displacement or improper binding which lends to conditions like osteoporosis…its just not the best choice. ..there r many just as bad, & i didnt even mention the sugar syrup content…next ill have angry farmers sending me hate mail for discouraging consumption, of that, because hf corn syrup from corn will lose sales too if coke drops distribution…nobody is listening 2 me anyway, so what r people sending s-t for, i dont know.

    i guess keeping people silent by any means is how abusers continue to abuse.

    well, happy holy-days…

    doesnt coke promote the cheer with xmas type designs on their cans?

    o joy…

    • nun sequitur says:

      Or water…coca cola has made water available, for those not getting liquid carbon. its marketed under dasani…

      • nun sequitur says:

        do not reccomend soy milk…it behaves like estrogen in your system. A little may b ok, but more than a drop gives me headaches..& incidentally, not all allergic responses r IGE mediated, making poor responses that way impossible to adequately track…birds had soy taken out of feeds some time ago, after birds began dropping from the sky with goiters in their thyroids, found to b associated with soy consumption. It is still used in some canned primate zoo foods, however…& by the way, gluten, soy & cows milk r harmful to the mammals we call ‘pets’ in our homes, too. The same intolerances & allergies plaguing us can impact them. Cats r used in medical experiments due to their genetic similarity to humans. Our dogs fur was coming out in clumps starting in one spot, was upchucking- we took gluten containing grains & soy, out & all this stopped…
        HEALTH is wealth.

    • wat says:

      What are you trying to say? Your grammar is incoherent.

      • nun sequitur says:

        Wat, if u post your address i will send u a sixer of coca cola, my compliments.

        • nun sequitur says:

          The cans would b empty tho…i promote recycling.

      • nun sequitur says:

        Your coherency may b grammatically proper, but not entirely accurate

  2. nun sequitur says:

    If i had more faith in people as a whole, i could maybe b pried away of my belief in god…but that has not happened…theories aside. & any1 not liking my observations about the catholic church, i was forcibly sexually assaulted by some1 whom it turns out is member of…& i never knew- & now that i do, find out that people get protection thru purging stuff like this they do…which does not STOP it – & i want that stuff to stop. ..the things that encourage it continue…a sane person is considered crazy in a sick society.

    • nun sequitur says:

      Refer to wat.

      • nun sequitur says:

        Thank u for demonstrating the unkindness people r capable of.

        • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

          Nun, who are you responding to? I’m sure you are not responding to yourself as it would appear. I assume you are directing your post to wat, that being the case I would like to make a couple of points. Firstly, I don’t think wat was being unkind, it would appear to me that he was merely trying to interpret what you are saying; he is right when he says you are incoherent, you frequently are, and telling the truth is not automatically being unkind simply because you don’t like what is said, particularly as it wasn’t necessarily meant as such. Can I ask, have you read the posts to you on an earlier thread where I and others tried to give you some advice on effective posting? It would appear that you either haven’t or are choosing to ignore it. If you haven’t read it I would respectfully suggest that you do. If you have read it and are choosing to ignore it you shouldn’t be surprised by responses such as that made by wat, in fact you should be thankful that you have as few such comments as you have. The fact that you are being allowed to continue as you are is a testament to the kindness and forbearance of the regulars here, if we were unkind you would have been inundated with negative responses I’m sure. It would also beg the question; why are you continuing to post in the manner and volume that you are? Are you here to try to bring down the site? Is it your intention to continually drown threads in order to disrupt them in order to disarm us? At first I believed that you sincerely had something to say and/or needed to be reassured about issues in your life but now I’m not so sure; I am becoming increasingly convinced that this is not so and that you have ulterior motives for your actions. I know that you are going to accuse me of being unkind and I accept that, but I personally am rapidly losing my goodwill towards you, you continue to post mostly incomprehensible, multiple posts none of which are relevant to the thread or previous posts within those threads, to the detriment of every other user here. Despite there being thousands of users of this site, earlier today I did a quick audit of the last 100 posts and was unsurprised to find that 53 of them were yours, few of which made an iota of sense. I don’t in anyway propose to speak for anyone else but myself when I say; you are quickly wearing out your welcome with me. I made a difficult decision to tell you things that are personal to me in order to try to help you but you throw it back in my face; you display total disregard of my efforts and by doing so show a complete lack of respect for me and by continuing in this disruptive way, to all the other regulars here. It’s becoming increasingly clear that you either have nothing to say or you are genuinely looking for help, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that you are achieving neither here; perhaps it is time that you looked for a more appropriate forum to address your issues.
          I wish you well with your future, wherever it may take you.

          The Reverend.

        • Pesto says:

          I have to agree with The Reverend Toni Rigatoni. I have taken to just skipping over everything you post, because attempting to read the posts gives me eyestrain and migraines.

        • nun s equator says:


          skipped over?

          skip 2 my loo…
          don’t trip, while u r skipping, please!
          i wouldn’t want any1 2 b hurt…

          was that intended 2 hurt my feelings? because i haven’t any left. . .they’re all buried in a non-disclosed location. i was planning on
          retrieving them, some day, after they were safe 2 bring back out in2 the environment…i do not feel the present 1 is the proper spot. better keep them stowed. i hope the neighbors dog doesnt dig them up, but u have done sufficient work of shite-ing all over them.

          I just found out that avatar i asked about elsewhere on the site is NOT the scarlet letter A…but nobody would answer my question…i suppose this is the ‘other’ scarlett letter A…


        • nun s equator says:

          & p.s.
          for RevRigaton

          The fastest way 2 get some people 2 stay is 2 say buzz off. ..i am not typically 1 of these. in fact i have never been 1. ignoring some1, fyi is probably kinder,
          all considered- since u doubt me & call my sincerity into question. m currently working on a decent migraine headache, having quite improbably conjured up by ur pal pesto but, i doubt it, since i tend 2 get these, as is. ..& as ive enuf probs, did certainly NOT come in here trying 2 create any 4 others…& AS for my finding an appropo environ, i would b open 2 suggestions. what = appropo? if u say solitary confinement, ive been by there already & am not talking about it in a non literal sense. if u tell me what environ i ought b in, i will give it valid consideration, but i gathered u meant anywhere but here.

  3. nun sequitur says:

    ask ed & lorraine warren if they believe in the unseen.

    • Keith says:

      For the answer to that I suggest you read this. http://www.amityvillemurders.com/interviews/rgarton.html

      • nun sequitur says:

        th referrence to the warrens was not specifically just concerning them alone but how people respond to otherwise unexplained phenom.

        THIS group formed out of having dealt with the warrens & having had own experiences. One of the founders mentioned being an agnostic:


        the point was that people rely on their beliefs in such circumstances and also many reformulate beliefs or seek to discover answers…leading to an entirely NEW paradigm.

        reputable places which house paranormal research (such as different universities), cover experiences accross the globe originating from all walks of life, varied belief systems.

        some people r left with an open ended question instead of proposing to have all the answers.

        the warrens r one example of an approach to these subjective & often objective accounts.

  4. opiesysco says:

    nun sequitur: PLEASE, For the love of FSM, type like you know proper english. Your posts hurt my eyes and give me a headache.

    • nun sequitur says:

      Judging by your picture, there was a pre existing circumstance involved.

  5. Phillip says:

    I don’t understand religions that subjugate women and force them to wear clothing that cover 99% of their bodies. What is up with Nun’s?

    • nun sequitur says:

      i dont know where u live or the last time u went out in public, but pants & longsleeved shirts cover almost as much. U know as well as any1 it is partly a protest to VANITY people make certain choices & it does not impact u if some1 opts 2 do that…the same could b said of a society that ‘forces’ its young womenfolk to don tiny pieces of material called bikinis or inflict pressure to pose with 99% of clothing removed in publications…just sides of a spectrum.

      • nun sequitur says:

        ive probably seen more halloween costumes depicting nuns garb as opposed to the # of actual nuns in uniform over the years; & some of the costumes were NOT as chaste as the 1s u describe.

        ive never heard of any nun involved in a church scandal involving allegations of sexual misconduct. correct me if i m mistaken.

      • nun sequitur says:

        actually it would impact u some, if u were a bikini waxer, pornography photographer, beauty or tanning salon owner, then maybe, conceivably it would give u pause 2 reflect…on whom is not utilizing services. my spouse has mentioned member of his family whom happens to have been a nun, she left the convent ultimately. I doubt it had anything 2 do with the clothing.

  6. Phillip says:

    Marriage: One women, One deity again Nuns?

    • nun sequitur says:

      Not clear; r u speculating about god being a female? That wouldnt b the first time ive heard some1 mention the possibility.

      nobody ever answered the question..regarding the paranormal i had asked, about…if any1 here has ever witnessed unexplained activity such as apparitions..that any1 would admit to. I asked if the book ‘the god delusion’ proposed as reading elsewhere in the comments section, explores this area @ all, or is this environment totally overlooked in that text or, discarded…because it would hamper the view that people r not neccessarily delusional for exploring possibilities not otherwise explained, @ times in our past, adequately. Lack of sophistication does not equal stupidity. Metaphysics was not part of the consideration back when. one person subjected to high levels of such activity in her home was quoted as saying something along the libes of, the haunting caused her to question her beliefs, religiously…she felt none of the religions have gotten it spot on, so far. I had asked the question, because persons experiencing such things either become more deeply entrenched in their existing beliefs, or question everything & everywhere in between but rarely come out of it unchanged. If u do not live in a location meeting the standards for what is considered a haunting, there r actually places accross the landscape which advertise; which offer invitations to skeptics & enthusiasts alike, to come decide for yourselves.

      • nun sequitur says:

        (not ‘libes’); spelling correction.

        perhaps if i succed this time in ending my life, i can offer 2 show up & haunt the people whom have intentionally mocked me…stranger things have happened.

    • nun sequitur says:

      One woman, phillip,
      one women would b not plausible…
      goddess, god, potato potahto.

      & one god as a concept versus
      a group of collaborators acting AS one :
      becomes ONE, in the same…& so the question of a single timeless entity,
      OR a cartload of entities all reflecting a dominant ideology becomes the same, as well…
      one being relative to the many.

  7. Rance Moest says:

    Would Rick, Wingrove Leesburg, VA, please post the graphic that they used? It’s hard to make out the details in that photo.
    Nice work Rich et al.

    • Keith says:

      It looks great but I have to agree with Rance. I keep banging my head against the screen trying to get a closer view and I’d love to see it full on.

    • Jeff Wismer says:

      Here are some better photos…http://www.meetup.com/NOVA-Atheists/photos/4997852/

      You can also get in touch with Rick Wingrove & Matt Courtney…the designers of the display at that website.

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