Team FSM on Kiva hit $800k this week

Published November 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Nice work everyone. Current stats:

Number of Team Members:  2,608

Number of Loans:  27,208

Total Amount Loaned: $801,475 (as of 11/29/2011).


Pretty awesome.  I’ll just mention that Team FSM is above the Mormons by a hefty $80k, or about 4000 sets of magic underwear.  Not that it’s a competition. 

Please join Team FSM on Kiva if you haven’t already.  It’s a good cause and our team messages are highly entertaining.

22 Responses to “Team FSM on Kiva hit $800k this week”

  1. lolhoofd says:

    that pirateship is geting closer and closer, shud i staryt folowing sailing lesons?

    • bruceo says:

      lolhoofd, please look at what Kiva is all about. There’s no pirate ship involved.

      • lolhoofd says:

        While i diddent actuly readed how Kiva worked until ur coment my gess was was right (u made me go to their site to be sure),

        I dont wish to stop suporting Kiva as soon we got the money needed but i hope someday we actuly get to buy a pirateship complet with sails and pirateflag and crew.

        • bruceo says:

          Me too! I live in a port town.

  2. rdiac says:

    Who’s willing to bet against me that the Mormon or some other religions’ equivalent to the above graph will show a lot more fluctuations instead of Pastafarians consistent escalation?

  3. Pirate Johnson says:

    I WOULD like 2 sea that ship sometime soon. Can the 2,608 not donate half that amount to OUR ship. Propaganda = followers. Followers = more philanthropist. I know that that COULD be interpreted as a selfish act, but it would be very benifitial if ANYONE could acknowledge that there is a grander scale. BTW, WTF does Kiva give loans for or to?!?… Cause it sure isn’t anything to gloyify our omnipoint, complex carbohydrate based, Grog & Swill guzzeling creator. That’s NOT a proclaim to our (or ANY religion’s for that matter) superior reichiousness.
    [Lastly: Grammatic accuracy is fer arses]

    • lolhoofd says:

      in “guide for dummy’s terms”
      1 u give money to poor farmer
      2he rgians his moeny a

      • lolhoofd says:

        woepes acedent cliked submit to soon
        -in “guide for dummy’s terms”
        1 u give money to poor farmer
        2 he regians his money and pays back lite more

        forgive my bad english ^^ (and typing incase ur wondering)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I personally believe FSM should consider donating money to Wikileaks. Wikileaks recently launched a video asking for support due to big banks shutting down the vast majority of their funding. Here is the video:

    I realize this could both be beneficial and disastrous as FSM could then begin to receive attacks. Although, from the perspective of the public, donating a large amount of money to something that benefits the good of the people would give this institution (including atheism) a better name.

  5. Guzman says:

    Hey im sorry but i still dont get where this came from, i mean, i got the idea of Kiva, but is the idea to show the greatnes of the FSM by helping? Or maybe also showing one more time that the FSM is as valid a religion as any other in the world by performing good acts, hope i got it right, if someone can enlighten me id thank it

    • pastatsap says:

      Just for fun as all FSM is. I found Kiva before I knew there were groups to join, so………………….when I saw my pasta god had a group; what’s the next step?

      • Guzman says:

        Heathen! FSM isnt all about fun, its also about embracing the true god and being touched by his noodly appendage

  6. atheist says:

    However i am an atheist, so i cannot support you by becoming a member , I feel everyboby has the right to have their own stupidness ( I am so stupid not to believe anything, especially a religion. ) However I agree very much FSM actions.

    • Danny says:

      Lots of our members are atheists, literal belief in our scripture is not required.

      • Dan says:

        My wife and I are on both the Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious team and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster team for years. CFSM isn’t a religion, it’s a church. If you don’t know the difference . . .

  7. Sure Not says:

    Hmm – they are an awful close second, with only 1/2 the number of members – but whose counting?

  8. Sure Not says:

    Oops – wait a minute…forgot to mention:
    Kiva Baha’is
    277 members have lent $1,067,200 in 4,254 loans

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