Team FSM on Kiva hit $800k this week

Published November 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Nice work everyone. Current stats:

Number of Team Members:  2,608

Number of Loans:  27,208

Total Amount Loaned: $801,475 (as of 11/29/2011).


Pretty awesome.  I’ll just mention that Team FSM is above the Mormons by a hefty $80k, or about 4000 sets of magic underwear.  Not that it’s a competition. 

Please join Team FSM on Kiva if you haven’t already.  It’s a good cause and our team messages are highly entertaining.

22 Responses to “Team FSM on Kiva hit $800k this week”

  1. Dan says:

    My wife and I have been member of the Kiva FSM team since March of 2010 and have made 18 loan. WAY TO GO TEAM! Keep it up.

  2. mucat says:

    We have a graph!

  3. Jonathan Francis says:

    Could I just say: the line on this graph looks a lot like a noodly appendige.

  4. Neil says:

    Nice! I’m always amazed at the amount of money people will put out there for good causes. It’s especially pleasing when that money could have been spent worshipping beer, or pirate strippers, or pasta. Yet kind hearted people have handed their hard earned cash over so that other people might enjoy these bountiful delights of the all seeing, all marvelous FSM. Rejoice!

  5. nun s equator says:

    being suicidal, i do not think its fitting i remotely consider borrowing anything but, would don8 a small amt as i can…i do not c a spot 2 do so?

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