Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1

Published November 9th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Our friend Matt Tillman has finished his major design project, an introduction to the Church of the FSM. You may remember a few weeks ago when we asked if there was a sound designer willing to help. Well, you guys came through with flying colors. Enormous thanks to one of our own ordained ministers, the Reverend Dajaun Martineau, for supplying the music and sound effects.

Here’s the video, it is truly amazing:

Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1—The FSM from Matt Tillman on Vimeo.

Amazing work. I predict a bright future Matt. I hope that both he and Dajaun are flooded with lucrative work opportunities for their good work.

79 Responses to “Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1”

  1. matonman says:

    Its good to have other options on religion. This is a great start, and will hopefully evolve into the greatness and humour of existence. Super video, music could have been more varying. But I guess the whole things will simmer on…. I hope so!!

  2. Grigs says:

    Great work guys, very stylized and quite pleasent. When someone ask me “what is this FSM” Ill be pointing them here. The open letter is good too ^^ but you know, ppl and their attentions spans.

  3. OMGimaDONKEY says:

    please make more

  4. Marie says:

    First off, love the video. Second, is anyone else reminded of the Hitchhikers Guide? Third (and last, I promise) I just ordered a FSM car magnet and am truely excited for it to get to me :D

    • SauceCowboy says:

      Yes, I too was reminded of the Hitchiker’s Guide – the British TV version. I think the voice is similar, if not exactly the same.

  5. Al Bern says:

    this finally convinced my friend to take a 30 day god back guarantee! =D

  6. Most Reverend Bruce says:

    Okay.. I just ordered my ordination certificate; now I need the Gospel, but AMAZON.com sucks!

    Is there anywhere else to get a copy of the holy Gospel????


    • nun sequitur says:

      I tried barnes & noble store but not in stock…maybe u can try their online store (4 the ‘gospel’)?

      aside..did we hear correctly that bobby lives in thailand?
      we just saw an amazing production called: Ong-Bak the Thai Warrior…featuring Tony Jaa
      doing all his own stunts…featuring ‘moves that would send Jackie Chan to th chiropractor’ (quote by MAXIM, on cover)…
      off topic, i know (again, sorry…)
      i believe it was filmed in thailand, 2…its been out 4ever, since @ least ’03…
      we r a bit behind times, here, probably whole planet has seen it already. Highly recommend.

      • nun sequitur says:

        This film did prompt a question here…

        Does the FSM have MONKS, or just ordained ministers?

        • nun sequitur says:

          about jaa, may have a hard time watching fight sequences if u have back probs,( as i do ) – but still extraordinary moves.

          as to this could not view this link here (spaghetti wenches), will try on another device, maybe..

  7. The Glorious Unicorn says:

    Woo! Go Cthulhu and Portal references!
    Love the video, great work!

  8. Nick says:

    As a previous atheist, I cannot simply, ‘go back to my old god’ as there was none.

    Luckily, this isn’t a problem, because the FSM has COMPLETELY satisfied me, in EVERY way! :D
    I am looking forward to going to the heaven created by Him, as such a benevolent and kind Monster. Of course, I’m not looking forward to it so much that I’ll kill myself, because I still have a lot to do in this life. But spending the rest of eternity with strippers and beer… Very tempting, I must say. ^-^

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