Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1

Published November 9th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Our friend Matt Tillman has finished his major design project, an introduction to the Church of the FSM. You may remember a few weeks ago when we asked if there was a sound designer willing to help. Well, you guys came through with flying colors. Enormous thanks to one of our own ordained ministers, the Reverend Dajaun Martineau, for supplying the music and sound effects.

Here’s the video, it is truly amazing:

Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1—The FSM from Matt Tillman on Vimeo.

Amazing work. I predict a bright future Matt. I hope that both he and Dajaun are flooded with lucrative work opportunities for their good work.

79 Responses to “Spaghetti, Wenches & Metaphysics: Episode 1”

  1. Brian Roper says:

    Great video. Loved it!

  2. Keith says:

    Marvellous! That temporarily lifted me out of my depression.

  3. Kelstan says:

    Inspirational! But when do get to hear about the pirates?

    • okea says:

      its episode 1, wait for next episode i guess :)

  4. TiltedHorizon says:

    WOW. That was great! It has a certain Monty Python/Douglas Adams feel to it which comes across as entertaining and witty. I tip my tricorn hat to the creators and raise a mug of frothy brew in honor.

  5. Dionaea says:

    Very nice, and I agree with previous posters, I t reminded me of Monty Python straight away and now that it has been mentioned, yes also of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Very nice video indeed, I’m looking forward to the next installment ^-^

  6. Rev Paul says:

    Great! Rejoice brothers! Another step in the lightnig fast expansion of the FSM church. May you all be touched by His Noodly Appendage!
    P.S. Please, forgive my bad english, for I’m a foreigner. The good news is Europe still exist (at least Spain).

  7. Michele says:

    Great video! I’m spreading the verb! And waiting for next episode!

    Ramen from Italy

  8. Rev Jennifer says:

    Great video! Everyone always thinks the Church of the FSM is a joke. I have personally changed the views of quite a few people. This video will help in changing these views. I can’t wait for the next episode.


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