Is this motion blur or proof of His existence?

Published November 2nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I snapped this picture on the road a few years ago and I just noticed the manifestation of his noodliness as I was browsing through my picture archives.

The question I have is, will Adobe’s anti-blur technology cause people to doubt these miraculous sightings?

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  1. xxi_centuryboy says:

    Do not bother with the Philistine Adobe, rather don the Sacred Beer Goggles of Antioch, and all will become clear. His Noodliness is revealed for all to see, for those that want to see Him, in 3D no less. Ramen.

  2. Thomas L. Nielsen says:

    “Adobe’s anti-blur technology”? Get thee away from me with that heresy!

    Regards & all,

    Thomas L. Nielsen
    Anti-Heretical Image Manipulation Monitor
    Luxembourg Office

  3. Randy says:

    “He” only gave us that Adobe technology to “test” us humans. If you have faith, you’ll know its him!

  4. Justin (FSM fearing pastafarian) says:

    parmesan be upon you, bobby henderson, for sharing this evidence with the world.

    It is quite hard for me to ever doubt my faith, when the proof is so overwhelming that FSM exists and is omnipresent in each of our lives. You just have to open your heart to him, and you will see.

    Boiling pots of hell or pasta paradise? Should be an easy choice.

    • Justin (FSM fearing pastafarian) says:

      I meant to say open your stomach to him, not heart. Sorry for the wrong organ usage.

      • Amy Pirate says:

        Love to you, Justin! You just SAID IT! (or well… wrote it… )

  5. Arcadius Pirate says:

    It’s a proof! FSM is omnipresent.

  6. Tristan says:

    What do you mean by blurry?

    It is an in focus picture of His Noodliness!



    you guys are kidding me right? you dont actually belive this shit?

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      What? Believe in a gravity defining mass of complex carbohydrates?!? No. Of course not, that would be silly. We believe that an all knowing sentient being which always existed loves only us, created everything, and hates the same people we do will grant us access to a really nice condo in the sky because we worship and praise it out of fear of being tortured for an eternity. We also believe that this being’s son who cannot die, died for our sins, and by “our” I mean someone I never met ate an apple which resulted in a eternal grudge against humanity and turned coconut loving T Rexes into violent meat eaters.

      • Randy says:


      • Amy Pirate says:

        <3 well said

    • Keith says:

      So, what shit do you believe in, NIGGUHPLEASE?

      • Pirate Eric says:

        Ahhhhhh poor NIGGUHPLEASE, All pastafarians need to recipray for him, for he has not been touched. We should recipray for all who have not been pastafied, for they do not know of the 1 true god FSM.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        Probably religious in his own right. Only the thoroughly indoctrinated would conceive of people believing in such outlandish ideas.

    • Taylor says:

      this is not shit this is His Noodliness.

  8. nunya biz says:

    We maintain a gluten free diet for health reasons…does this sphagetti being morph into glutenless form or, a fixed manifestation? Just curious…

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