Is this motion blur or proof of His existence?

Published November 2nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I snapped this picture on the road a few years ago and I just noticed the manifestation of his noodliness as I was browsing through my picture archives.

The question I have is, will Adobe’s anti-blur technology cause people to doubt these miraculous sightings?

60 Responses to “Is this motion blur or proof of His existence?”

  1. HELLO says:

    they looked photo shopped

  2. Carson says:

    oof oof oof oof

  3. dmalam says:

    im the best pastafarian

  4. damien.devil says:

    notice me!!!!!!

  5. Duncan says:

    I believe it very much resembles His noodliness in all His noodly greatness. The Lord, our creator the FSM, clearly spoke to the people with this picture, wanting us to believe he is watching. Ramen.

  6. wamiewamewame says:

    what the pasta is this load of meatballs you absolute colander heads

    • your mum says:

      I hope you choke on some pasta!

      • wamiewamewame says:

        suck on my tagliatelle!!!

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