Ordained FSM Ministers are everywhere and our numbers are growing every day.

Published October 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’m happy to report there are now Ordained FSM ministers in 26 countries,  and most of the US states .  Quite a few of our ministers have successfully jumped the bureaucratic hurdles to receive wedding officiant licenses in their various jurisdictions.  I’ll try and make a map showing all of our locations.

I know of perhaps 8 weddings coming up that will be presided over by a Pastafarian minister in full pirate regalia.  I could not be more pleased.  

Aside from a few document requests and "is this a joke?" phone calls I received from clerk’s offices, there has been little resistance to handing licenses to perform weddings to Pastafarians.  I interpret this as approval – maybe even endorsement – from our government. FSM bless America.

Where will we go from here, and what other privileges do ordained ministers enjoy that we can get in on?  Someone told me there are special license plates available for members of the cloth.  That’s something to look into.

If you want to be ordained, here’s the link.  Price is still dirt cheap, just $20/$30 including shipping.  I think the world is better off with a huge number of FSM Ministers around.


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  1. RickRay says:

    Just got my FSM tie the other day! I was thinking of wearing it during my son’s Sikh wedding, but I decided I’ll just wear my FSM necklace instead. Don’t want to cause a holy war! My son isn’t Sikh but he met this wonderful girl who believes in Science, and isn’t religious. Gotta love these cultural weddings. I’ll need to put on my sunglasses ’cause these weddings are really colorful. I wonder if FSM makes special sunglasses too? I need to continue seeing the world through the eyes of reality.

    • Rev. Ren says:

      Well since Sikhs wear daggers as part of their traditional dress, I personally think you should have in your belt your best cutlass to help maintain the balance ;)
      May the FSM bless your son’s union.

      [email protected]

  2. krissy says:

    Looking for a minister in Baltimore, MD! krissyg8912 AT gmail DOT com

  3. misanthropope says:

    OK, can somebody please verify for me in a serious way that these pastafarian marriages have legal standing? it isn’t like the price is so high i would mind getting it for just novelty value, but if i were hypothetically to get some people hitched, and those people suffered legal headaches, that would be less cool.

    i’d appreciate it if someone directly involved in the ordination process would contact me at my email. thanks much

    • Mal says:

      In the US, the legality comes into play in the specific state in which the ceremony is performed. In order for the marriage to be legally recognized, the presiding official (in our case a Pastafarian Minister) has to be on record as a state authorized official. This varies from state to state, so the best source for information is your county or parish clerk. Once applied and approved, any wedding you preside over is just as official as one officiated by a justice of the peace.

    • Captain Jerry, Ordained Pastafarian Minister says:

      I have been married for a couple years now and it is every bit as valid as any other marriage.

      My spouse and I are of the same gender, and were wed by an Ordained Minister named “Fat Jimmy.”
      Both his certificate of Pastafarian Ordination, as well as our official marriage certificate, show his name as such.
      Perfectly legal and binding.

      Less civilized states may have different policies, but here in Washington, we’re good to go.

      Power to the people.


      • Keith says:

        Good for you, Jerry. I live in a less civilised state in a not-so-civilised country called Australia, where a fundamentalist flint hearted old troll named John Howard enshrined the “Man-Woman” definition of marriage into law. This is still being supported by other fundies in parliament but hopefully it is on the way out.

        • Rasputin says:

          Dear Captain Jerry and Keith, I have never discussed this with the FSM in person, but I think his view is as follows: The FSM doesn’t care where you put your own noodly appendage, providing:
          a) It makes you happy and-
          b) The receiving orifice belongs to a consenting adult.
          Don’t forget to go “Aaaarrrggghhh” as you spray your sauce.

        • Keith says:

          That’s part of the issue. Christian and other Fundamentalists seem obsessed by what people do in bed (or what they think people do in bed), rather than letting people express their love for each other.

  4. Aaron says:

    I got mine now. I’m sure to show it off to all the Christian Evangelists who come to my door. I mean c’mon, I spent 20 bucks on an online ordination, I think I know what the fuck I’m talking about.. I’m in the military too, so I was kind of wondering what we could do about getting us some Pastafarian chaplains. I looked up the requirements for that rating, but they all have to hold accredited degrees in their specific religious field. That then lead me to wonder how one would go about starting a Pastafarian University. I mean if there are accredited Young-Earthy colleges, then why not?

    By the way, I live in Jacksonville, Florida, if anyone happened to be in the area wished to be joined together by his noodly appendages, till boiling do ye part.

  5. Brian Forsburg says:

    I just performed my first wedding last night! Sadly it was not in full pirate regalia, but it does say Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on their certificate! Gotta love it! I am in central NY, and it was 100% legal.

    • Brian says:

      Ive done two now, what fun! I have a third scheduled for this summer.

      • Rasputin says:

        Brian, don’t forget: You are not the messiah, you are a very naughty boy.

    • Autumn says:

      Hi Brian,

      This is way later, but I am trying to become an official/legal celebrant in NY using my FSM ordination. The requires say you have to be on a clergy registry OR you need a letter from your congregation. I don’t have either. What did you do?

  6. Muttley "oolong" Lewis says:

    Hi guys,

    just to say I received with great honour my ordination certificate, and am hoping to use my new found authority to perhaps officiate at an official ‘Rum, Bum and Baccy’ event at the Giant’s Causeway, where unfortunately our wonderful friend Ken Ham and his cronies have managed to persuade the National Trust (a previously august body of people who protect heritage sites in the UK) to include a brief but disturbing reference to young earth creationism in its new £15M centre (part paid for by me – a tax payer). Why not call at our Facebook site, which is there for the duration of the protest (until they see sense) – I’m sure some buccaneering words of comfort from some rum soaked vagabonds would be of great comfort. http://www.facebook.com/groups/CausewayCampaign/

  7. Sven says:

    I’ll perform a wedding (my first one :) tomorrow in Redmond, WA – interestingly enough the state of Washington does not license persons to perform weddings so my certificate of ordination already does the trick. How awesome is that. I feel very touched… by his noodly appendage!

    • Keith says:

      Congratulations, Sven May you perform many more in the name of the blessed FSM.

  8. Tiffini says:

    Has anyone that is ordained by FSM performed a wedding in New Orleans? Just wondering if that is one of the states that is approved. I am getting married in New Orleans and want my best friend to get ordained by FSM. May we all be blessed by the carbohydrate savior!

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