Ordained FSM Ministers are everywhere and our numbers are growing every day.

Published October 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’m happy to report there are now Ordained FSM ministers in 26 countries,  and most of the US states .  Quite a few of our ministers have successfully jumped the bureaucratic hurdles to receive wedding officiant licenses in their various jurisdictions.  I’ll try and make a map showing all of our locations.

I know of perhaps 8 weddings coming up that will be presided over by a Pastafarian minister in full pirate regalia.  I could not be more pleased.  

Aside from a few document requests and "is this a joke?" phone calls I received from clerk’s offices, there has been little resistance to handing licenses to perform weddings to Pastafarians.  I interpret this as approval – maybe even endorsement – from our government. FSM bless America.

Where will we go from here, and what other privileges do ordained ministers enjoy that we can get in on?  Someone told me there are special license plates available for members of the cloth.  That’s something to look into.

If you want to be ordained, here’s the link.  Price is still dirt cheap, just $20/$30 including shipping.  I think the world is better off with a huge number of FSM Ministers around.


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  1. Lioss says:

    I just received mine.
    But as France is a laïc country,it doesn’t afford me to do anything,like wedding…

  2. Shamit says:

    wow.. i need one of those.

    • (God's Beilever) says:

      ……….Really may GOD be with you

      • Drained and Washed Clean says:

        He is. His Noodlieness is everywhere…

  3. Rev Ren says:

    So…Sikhs will be allowed to carry their daggers on them to the London Olympics as it is part of their faith dress code…in a country where you can get jailed for having nail clippers in your pocket…would that mean if I turn up in full pirate regalia, with a HUGE sharp saber in my belt, I’d be allowed to walk around freely?

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      You would think so. Personally, I prefer the musket.

      • Keith says:

        Swords are easier to clean after you have used them, plus you don’t get hangfires, fowling, or run out of powder or ammunition. Still, muskets make smoke and loud noises and it’s fun to return home after a hard day’s fighting smelling like the devil’s backside.

  4. nunya biz says:

    We r still learning about fsm…but have a question. As we r on a gluten free diet, would becoming adherents of FSM b wise; is there a glutenless version for those so afflicted…to date we have never heard of gluten free matzoh…& even tho a very low gluten communion wafer was reportedly produced, this is an entirely separate & unexplored area…i m kind of craving spaghetti now. Anyway await ur reply? Respectfully, nunya

    • nunya biz says:

      i was not really expecting a response but really do maintain a glutenless diet & thought it was important to highlight associated risks of gluten ingestion…which really is not counter to fsm, because metaphysically speaking, he could morph into a gf version…being godlike would permit such properties…
      ASIDE, would it be more appropriate to call this the Flying Spaghetti BEING? Since monster connotates ominous, or perhaps that is a point gone for that is lost on me…after years of people trying earnestly to CONVERT me to another belief system, I am genuinely curious about one which just IS & does not employ such tactics & am not attacking u @ all…which is y i posted here & not the other spot labeled as hate mail? This is just plain old mail, not full of spite. I really do not know if u have been ALREADY made aware of gluten associated risks but, , ,it does not have 2 b inconsistent with ur message…judaism for example has reformed/ unorthodox breakoffs…again not trying to disparage ur efforts, not in the least.
      For what its worth…my 2 cents. & as the spouse of an artist, do appreci8 ur encouragement of artwork creation & the sharing, of it. NICE job. I post anon due 2 history of being tracked & harassed from on to off, line. Nothing personal…& wish u only good fortune & success. Nunya

      • lorien says:

        Nunya, Just eat the meat balls and not the pasta. You don’t have to follow everything in the gospel as is said by Bobby on the Join Us page….

        “Can I be a member if I don’t literally Believe in the FSM?

        Yes you can. For the same reason that many in other religions don’t literally believe their scripture, you can be a Pastafarian without being a True Believer of our scripture. In other words, do you know Christians who don’t take the Bible literally – but who consider themselves True Christians, nonetheless? So do I. In fact, True Belief is not often a requirement of religion. Most religions are comprised of a group of people with similar – but not exact – world views. Pastafarianism is no different in that regard.”

        • nunya biz says:

          Meatballs, check. ..now strongly consider joining…& will share ur appreciated response with other members of household (including our dog…in dog we trust. I consult with her over any important decision…). A recommend; that 2 support ur efforts, which r honorable, u consider marketing /producing ur own brand of PASTA…IF u do, that artwork featured on the ceiling tile would be amazing as a label…& u can distribute ur message on the package. I dont c y this couldnt work, because we have gotten foods packaged with scripture info on the label. EZEKIEL bread comes 2 mind. Not sure if that undertaking interests u, but it crossed my feeble mind & just wanted 2 share that with u.
          good day, nun

        • lorien says:

          Ramen noodles?

      • Jason says:

        Think of it in the context of comparing it to the lesser religions which are so widely practiced in this day and age without regard for the one true religion. Take christianity for example. Christians eat bread or wafers to symbolize Christ’s flesh, literal cannibalism would be highly frowned upon. Hindus on the other hand would never eat beef or even something symbolizing the flesh of their god (it’s weird, I know, but bear with me). While it is possible to eat actual spaghetti without social or legal repercussion, and while many pastafarians do partake, it is just as acceptable to refrain from consuming our lord’s body either literally (such as the Hindus) or symbolically (like christians). If you personally feel you should partake in the symbolic gesture of consuming our lord, and since you are medically unable to do so litterally, than as others have suggested with carrots or whatnot, virtually any edible item can symbolically take the place of pasta/spaghetti.

        I work in a produce department of a grocery store, and we sell Lord Squash for just that very purpose. The Lord Squash is cooked much like any other squash, however the flesh is stringy and starchy and delicious with marinara and meatballs – but most importantly, GLUTEN FREE! Of course we don’t call it “Lord Squash”, legally we are required to label it “spaghetti squash” because of the pervasiveness of the lesser religions and their influence on what should be secular law, christians being the dominant religion in these ungodly times and all. Many take offense at calling Lord Squash by its true name because it conflicts with their belief that a cracker is the only true way to symbolically cannibalize the creator. Thank FSM there is still free speech and I’m able to at least discuss our communion ingredients by their proper names without fear of retaliation – for now. Sorry about the tangent, but the War on Pastafarianism is taking an emotional toll on me.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          Jason, dig-in deep in front of the produce area and conduct trench-warfare from a defensive position; we will send in RedCross parcels and moral support. I strongly suggest you watch Monty Python’s ‘Permanent Life Assurance’ (or whatever it’s name is), during the FSMmass armistice, for inspiration and tactics.

        • Captain Birdseye says:

          … or, whatever its name is

    • Matt says:

      The scripture says “Noodliness” and not “Wheatiness”. Get some shredded carrot, or any other gluten-free substance that can be shaped into the correct form. Wave your hand over it and say “I declare you to be noodly”. That’s more than good enough to get approval from His Noodliness.

      • Keith says:

        The FSM is a very relaxed god (unlike some uptight and paranoid deities I could name), so by the power of (describes rainbow arc with hands) IMAGINATION you can turn ginger ale into beer and, as Matt says, carrots into noodles.

  5. Aclor79 says:

    To clarify: I do agree with the sentiment that Pastafarianism should not be exploited to get out of things that it takes no stance on.

    • Aclor79 says:

      Sorry, this was supposed to go somewhere else. Please disregard it.

  6. nunya biz says:

    this sposed b somewher else 2, maybe.

    so, r there confessionals, we can access? it seems in a way, the confessionals r gossip centers in a way…if some1 goes in & talks smack about u, i.e. one side of things, now there is a clergy person sitting in judgement, absolves u in th name of a being whom supposedly as all knowing, , ,knows, already- now, if there is a chance meet up out of the church, simple deduction can ascertain whom the person was talking about, if the confession involved someone else…lets say like a living arrangement not church approved…we were denied ousing once on basis of relationship status. a really nice altar boy lied about me pointedly, & aftr his friend sexually harrassed me…the 2 of them stuck 2gether & behaved really badly, patting eachother on back. …& tried 2 make me out 2 b the liar. naturally…since i m unsaved & unworthy of his ‘love’ which to me, there is by then a DEMONSTRATED lack, of, on his part?

    Then, in front of me, to b intentionally hurtful, talked all about a ‘nice’ girl he met @ church,,,going 2 marry her, etc. okay then. it made me wonder what confessions r 4, , ,does he go in & say, bless me father for i have been injurous 2 an unsaved person whom is beneath me so it doesnt matter…agreed…okay, so for being intentionally cruel, say such and such a prayer & scrub your soul squeaky clean. wash it all away?
    HE had ‘impure’ thoughts …& ‘confided’ them, to me. i did not judge him. He judged ME,,,does not seem equitable. Right before he ‘dumped’ me, i had a miscarriage, , ,alone @ the time. He never asked how i was …never said anything, & probably lied about THAT too (further about me). He had been fine with the concept of abortion, i gather since he was going to willingly contribute 2 one…did not know how 2 use a condom properly-& i didnt realize that could happen.

    If I were 2 learn, lets say, hes got 10 kids now, supports his church & community, , ,etc this does not impress me.

    He followed my husband & i around a store 1 day, yrs later…he worked @ stores, as part of his business. When we moved, a stranger came up 2 us @ a store in same category & started talking 2 us, as if he knew us…asked if we r living here, etc etc then, said he recognized us on camera, he is security. Dont know if the other guy had contracts w this store,,, or y this prsn is talking 2 us. Aftr i mntnd this, th other guy carrying around the devil article that id split up with – ( that blamed the devil for him being what he considered perverse, & i had just respectfully declined)…before he disrespected me with that b.s. article…he showed up @ th same store, hovering around where i am. ..doing things such as this & then it becomes about me- oh, whats wrong, u paranoid?

    I was asked if i believe in conspiracies.
    if persons r conspiring against me, i propose, yeah…i would have 2 believe that is a conspiracy, but no, i dont need to invest in it. A snowman being asked if he likes snow- same question.

    i already know persons with access 2 my records have not just access but ability to manipulate them & accordingly, since i m discredited from the outset, this becomes no difficult task.

    & any1 can make an error with birth control, but when policies r in place DISCOURAGING it, things like sex education fall by wayside & this is EXPERIENTIAL…i have been traumatized by these policies & do not belong to the church, there r people made to suffer because, it is policy that many deserve it, in so many words…

    I didnt think certain differences were important. I have admired the devotion, seen it as something positive.

    Some guy in my building came by to visit, when my husbnd not home, talking about his christianity, saying stuff about it- unsolicited. His pal starts sleeping over, saying HE is jewish. .. i never said anything about our beliefs…& when he invited me along on an errand, propositioned me…@ least he had done things with others present, because for the most part, i am separated out for such games- no witnesses. We never asked EITHER one about their religion.

    In the news 2day, have no idea if it is accurate, but a woman is said 2 have performed a secret, SELF abortion past 6 mos, gestation. IT IS FRIGHTENING that with there being a SAFE LEGAL option there ARE THINGS AS THIS GOING ON- & IF IT IS MADE ILLEGAL, WHICH PERSONS ARE TRYING TO Do,,this would be worse, we would b GOING BACKWARDS & moving twds more INHUMANE. & there is terrorism domestically here…in our country. The persons whom have been shot, while ensuring this remains a safe option…are tip of iceberg & generally on religious & moral objections.

    He was ATTENDING church…WITH persons against, him..& the head games would have been massive… if the person fails 2 end their OWN life, it is practically a mercy killing by th time all is said & done, altho it is not- it is still murder, with many otherwise ‘nice’ persons acknowledging, WELL, he kind of ‘had it coming’ …it is a death sentence handed down for some1 seen as a murderer…

    & if u dont want an abortion, dont have 1.

    I spoke 2 some1 @ a clinic that included these & other services. A protestor whom went un named & un identified, was said to have brought some1 there, for such a procedure & was right back out protesting, if not there, @ a clinic…I did not care 2 know the identity & had no right, to…but yet, protesters clearly have been allowed to collect information on persons bringing patients, or attending the clinic. ..like recording license plates.THIS IS stalking. Persons going to clinic may ALREADY have been subject 2 this. It can traumatize & SCARE people whom are vulnerable…to have people waving signs with aborted fetuses & yelling things @ them…including MEN, protesting; WHILE, some of the women attending the clinics have BEEN RAPED. ..by men & do not need this, to feel unsafe & threatened.
    Protesters are identifying persons by recognizing them & instructing them, seeing them arrive, recognizing persons…begging them to not do something with their bodies..(which since there is counseling, there, women arriving may choose NOT to proceed, anyway)- but the decision is NOT a protesters business & amounts to harrassment.
    By otherwise well meaning persons.

    & hell it seems like, is a place created by being invested, in it…& people certain they r qualified 2 name persons going there, like santa making a list,, ,
    but who is santa?

    Hell when i say i do not believe in it, am NOT saying some1 whom does is wrong.

    Hell seems like
    a club to me…an exclusive and inclusive one @ same time…if some1 is that convinced they could go there, based on certain ideas, it does not neccessarily PREVENT ‘sin’ but can cause needless suffering…I was told of some1 SURE he was going there, ,,because he had joined the military & engaged in killing, to survive…that man was tortured by this, I am told all his days…& no matter how much good he did, he didnt think it mattered…& was tormented by the idea of where he was going ‘inevitably’ not just by the trauma of the war, & it makes me wonder how many people do the same needlessly. So concepts can hurt people…THAT is the point.

    & as I had pointed out how the amish family we met were dancing & going 2 beach, watched a movie with us… its because this same family was reportedly confiding about abuses of children to their friend, the person hosting, us, whom she, in turn, told me. . .the ENTIRE PREMISE of the conversation from outset was related to her telling us her religion, which we had NO issue with….then tried to chat up SIN…& kept pressing it…
    & was insulted I WOULDNT, talk to her about, it…so I have no idea if she was pulling my leg when she cited THAT as an ‘example’ & was THAT a ‘sin’, how about…THIS…FINALLY about this awful chain of events, OKAY, how about THIS (child sex abuse) …she had just said THERE R THINGS U WILL C HERE U WILL NOT AGREE WITH, BUT U CANT SAY ANYTHING, ABOUT IT…
    I had responded if it is, a sin, it still needs to b reported & she got very defensive & said guy was getting church based ‘counseling’ – ONLY…
    then, after having been invited to stay, we were told no & UN invited…because a belief they had, we will,have violated. I asked if it was being UN married @ time, because we were denied housing for same, prior. No, , ,it was another thing. Prob, my having insisted on the importance of reporting what i was told. I gathered she was more annoyed that I still did not discuss Sin, , ,as she HAD, next, ACCUSED ME of thinking SHE is ‘TOO stupid’ to understand MY concept…because I was not interested in having the discussion. ASSIGNING things, to me.
    My point was, they were all then upset over what was perceived as my ‘judging’ them, which i was not… but it was perfectly okay for (proposed) child & animal abuses to occur without intervention there, and THAT not either, judging…one animal, a dog we met had had we were told a number of bones, broken, on repeated occasions after being trampled by horses…& was still permitted to run with them…& got hurt again.
    My point was if they could find it acceptable to dance, even if only secretly, perhaps the person telling me all this could help them understand the importance of reporting things like the child abuse. Finding a way to encourage better treatment of th pets, etc.
    So we were not being RACIST. Just genuinely concerned. We didnt protest, picket, or say a thing to them. We neither were dissaproving NOR, did we have any response to anything outside of wondering about the 2 things mentioned. Which seemed important.

  7. (God's Beilever) says:

    Evil is begginig to start a foot first there was licensed ministers coming from everywhere just for two ours of ministries but now they make a mock of his people he told to be prophets and ministers to his word and now his people today worship a meal? i pray that god will take care of you as to not mock him if there was a spaghetti monster wouldn’t there be a place of his orgin? wouldn’t he have been told in more stories? and where are the ones who found? i hope and pray that some of you come to real and learn there is no such thing……as a spaghetti monster and take those pasta bowls off your head and stop PRACTICING OUT BEILIFES! if you don’t beileve in god STOP PRACTICING HOW WE WORSHIP HIM!

    • Keith says:

      Kindly review what you have written and rewrite it in a coherent form.

    • Matt says:

      This is wonderful – it’s like one of those mysterious languages that twins make up to talk to each other.

      • Keith says:

        the biggest mystery is why this character wrote it in the first place.

        • lolhoofd says:

          woud “my faith is beter then urs” be one?

    • TiltedHorizon says:


      Please show me your copyright on “worship”.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      I before E except after C…

      I don’t see any difference between worshiping a meal and worshiping a zombie. Except I don’t actually worship a meal, and you actually worship a zombie, so…

    • Atsap Revol says:

      God’s Beilever, if this is not a POE, I feel sorry for you. Life and reality somehow have passed you by. The origin of our Spaghetti Monster is as valid as the origin of your fictional God or any of the other 3,000 or so fictional gods that people have worshipped. Of course, most of us neither believe in nor worship the FSM. Pastafarianism is a spoof, just like your religion. The major differences are that we do not tithe 10 percent of our income to support our church and we have no magnificent costly cathedrals. Oh, one other difference…we expect our members to be at least moderately literate.

      May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless and keep you in the folds of his noodly appendages.
      Atsap Revol, Humble Keeper of the Faith

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Are you happy now, Conservatives? See what tax cuts to public education have spawned? English teachers everywhere are weeping after seeing the posts on this topic.

  8. Matt says:

    Word to the Australians hereabouts – I’m researching what all this means from an Australian point of view.

    Two avenues of research… any ordained FSM minister can get a civil marriage celebrant licence and conduct marriages. Getting such a licence is not easy, there’s a TAFE course and an interview involved. However if you get that far, you can conduct ‘official’ FSM weddings (as long as they conform to the Marriage Act 1961). For more info see: http://www.ag.gov.au/celebrants

    The more interesting aspect would be getting FSM classified as a “Recognised Denomination” under section 26 of the Marriage Act. If that were to come to pass, FSM would also be a legitimate entry on census forms and would be permitted to appoint ministers to conduct wedding ceremonies. Getting that done would take a fair amount of organising… which we might all be too lazy to do. But it’s certainly possible.

    • Keith says:

      I see the Church of Scientology is recognised under the marriage act. If something based on science fiction can be registered I cannot see any reason for Pastafarianism to be refused.

      • lolhoofd says:

        to be fiar they have alot of money and power due their deeds, and the lawyer suport

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