Ordained FSM Ministers are everywhere and our numbers are growing every day.

Published October 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’m happy to report there are now Ordained FSM ministers in 26 countries,  and most of the US states .  Quite a few of our ministers have successfully jumped the bureaucratic hurdles to receive wedding officiant licenses in their various jurisdictions.  I’ll try and make a map showing all of our locations.

I know of perhaps 8 weddings coming up that will be presided over by a Pastafarian minister in full pirate regalia.  I could not be more pleased.  

Aside from a few document requests and "is this a joke?" phone calls I received from clerk’s offices, there has been little resistance to handing licenses to perform weddings to Pastafarians.  I interpret this as approval – maybe even endorsement – from our government. FSM bless America.

Where will we go from here, and what other privileges do ordained ministers enjoy that we can get in on?  Someone told me there are special license plates available for members of the cloth.  That’s something to look into.

If you want to be ordained, here’s the link.  Price is still dirt cheap, just $20/$30 including shipping.  I think the world is better off with a huge number of FSM Ministers around.


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  1. LucasAvis says:

    Any chance the UK is allowing Pastafarian Ministers to preform weddings?

    • B0fhy says:

      According to this page (http://www.barnet.gov.uk/marriage-arrangement-and-ceremony) unless we have a dedicated place of worship, we must seek approval from the local registrars office. I plan on having this discussion with my local office (‘Ull) next week

      • hexdump says:


        didi you get anywhere?


        • B0FHY says:

          hexdump – the letter of the law apparently states that all marriages must be “legalised” (ie: recorded) by either a Church of England minister, or the local civil registrar. If that is the case then there is nothing against us performing our religious ceremony as long as it doesn’t violate the rules enforced by the registrars (which includes no alcohol in the room, etc), and as long as a registrar is there to do the legal signing bit.

          On the basis that is the same rules that other religions have to play by (Muslim, Hindu, etc) I think it’s a fair deal for us!

  2. Dr. Thom says:

    I just bought a certificate and I’m going to try for a Marriage license may the noodled one forever entwine those I marry in his starchy embrace.


    • T'Pal says:

      Where are you? I’m just planing my own wedding, of course, with a pirate theme :-D

  3. DrHideH says:

    I’m starting to fear that someone will take Pastafarianism beyond it’s original purpose… oh well… RAmen!

    • Dr. Thom says:

      who me? Couldn’t be….

  4. Dr. Thom says:

    Honestly I would marry people for free, no strings attached. I don’t think it would be ethical to charge money to do a pointless ceremony to reflect love and a contract.

  5. Rob says:

    Anyone tried to get approved to marry folks in Mississippi? I just saw where I can get te ordination certificate today, and I’m looking forward to walking into the County Clerk’s office with it. I have a feeling I’m gonna catch hell trying to do it, since our state is currently voting on whether or not flushing a fertilized egg from the uteris is the same thing as killing a human.

    • Jerry Paquette says:

      looks like 55% of those Mississippi voters fooled you! It’s very heartening.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Rob, did you know that MOST fertilized eggs are flushed from the uterus before they can attach themselves? This means that virtually all adult heterosexual women in Mississippi would technically be murderers, or at least guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

      • Keith says:

        And using their bizarre way of thinking, every male at and over the age of puberty is guilty of the same thing. After all, it takes a male sperm and a female egg to produce a living human (oh wait, they believe in virgin births, don’t they?)

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Yes, as Monty Python sang, “every sperm is sacred”. Pump out as many uneducated, impoverished children as you can. The odds they’ll blindly follow their parents’ delusions are fantastic!

      • nun s equator says:

        it is called a BLIGHTED OVUM i believe.

        if people believe god has a hand in each fertilization, that makes god a big time abortionist. i wish people would go out & counter-hold up signs swying that the next time there is a rally protesting in support of stuff like what is mentioned here…it is not the attempts 2 pass these things as law which frightens me, so much as some1 actually came up with th thought 2 DO it in th 1st place …& is in a position of authority. ..

        • nun s equator says:

          next thing u know, all women/ hens will have 2 register all eggs, have them accounted 4 ..
          ok mrs, how many u have left? none, u say? get out the ‘past date’ stamp…

        • nun s equator says:

          from medicine net:

          A blighted ovum is a form of early spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). At least 50% of early spontaneous abortions are due to chromosome abnormalities. The most common chromosome abnormalities in early spontaneous abortions are 47, +16 (an extra chromosome #16) and 45, X (a missing X or Y chromosome). These two chromosome abnormalities are not familial and do not recur in future pregnancies.

          note the term, spontaneous…& what legislators attempting 2 pass that as law r really saying is, 4 a woman 2 attempt 2 retain something she has no control over neccesarily; & mayb people attempting 2 pass that ought b checkd 2 c if they have all chrom

        • Danny says:

          “it is not the attempts 2 pass these things as law which frightens me, so much as some1 actually came up with th thought 2 DO it in th 1st place …& is in a position of authority. ..”
          Now THAT’S a scary thought! It’s a good thing no politicians make decisions based on a 1400 year old book…

        • Mal says:

          “Now THAT’S a scary thought! It’s a good thing no politicians make decisions based on a 1400 year old book…”

          We need a sarcasm font so badly.

        • nun s equator says:

          so serious query…where does any biblical text refer 2 legislating ovaries or testes? i do not comprehend, how any of these propositions have 2 do with religion? is it all coming down 2 the concept of the sacredness of life?

  6. Steve Howerton says:

    I have a question……or maybe a plea.
    I work for a hospital in Washington State where they are trying to FORCE heathcare workers to take the flu shot or lose their jobs. I DONT BELIEVE IN FLU SHOTS….but I need my job!!
    One of the few reasons we can decline and KEEP our jobs is if the flu shot is against our religious beliefs.
    My church is the FSM. Im an ordained minister thereof. What can I do? Can I refuse legally?
    Will the Church of the FSM back me up?
    Any advice is WELCOME…..”please”.
    I do NOT want their chemicals coursing through my veins.
    Please help and advise me of my religious rights?
    Thanks sooooo much!
    Steve Howerton
    Hospital Engineer
    e-mail…[email protected]

    • Nick Waters says:

      You can’t wish away the flu, and bringing disease into the workplace… of all places a hospital… is entirely inconsiderate of your clientele which may have decreased resistance to disease already. Do you want to contribute to killing people, or help them? Not only that, by “not believing” in the flu shot (in spite of it being right in your face) you spread your germs to those around you. So what you are saying is that you place your own petty views in front of the health of others around you clearly not giving a damn about other people. Clear your conscious, quit your hospital job and go work in the morgue where you can sneeze at everyone and it won’t matter.

      • Steve Howerton says:

        Sorry that I feel differently about how the Goverenment wants to make sheep out of free law abiding people…..but I do.
        Thats my right…..and I will exercize it. Ive worked at a Hospital for 21 years now…..never taking a flu shot…and have killed no one. I am not a patient care provider. I am an engineer who works on the “plant”….ie…maintenance of the building.
        Attack me if you wish…but I still do not believe in flu shots…..especially forced shots given and or taken…under duress.

        • Steve Howerton says:

          I should have proofread my reply before posting. A few spelling errors. My bad.

        • Apprentice Frederic says:

          I can respect your position except for the “sheep” bit. It’s true that, sheeplike, I drive my car on the righthand side of the road, obey traffic signals, file my income tax every year before April 15-th, and assiduously avoid putting bananas in my refrigerator. I also get a flu shot every year because I’ve thought about it: flu deaths in the US are rooughly equivalent to a midsized war (and/or annual traffic fatalities), and decent scientific data show shots to be reasonably effective and extremely low risk. I don’t think that that lowers my moral status much, relative to your own.

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      I hope it isn’t presumptious of me even to comment to an ordained FSM minister. Of course, moral dilemmas of the sort you outline occurr all too often in the real world: conscientious objectors in the military, vegetarians working for Murgie’s Steak-O-Rama, etc. I, personally, hate nanny government, and it makes me mad to have to walk in government-painted crosswalks, so I certainly sympathize. On our “flimsy morals” stand, I’d suggest that you just sell out, and get the shot. An alternative – especially if your position requires you to take the rest of medical science seriously – would be review what you believe and what you can’t or won’t, and find another calling if you don’t believe in medicine generally. After all, science isn’t unerring, it’s just self-correcting. And there are usually risks, even for the best-engineered vaccines. Is the risk greater for the folks in your hospital’s wards, or for you???

      • Steve Howerton says:

        Apprentice Frederic
        Point well stated and well taken. It was a poor analogy on my part.

    • CapnGreg says:

      this is a tough dilemma… I don’t get flu shots either (they just lead to strengthened strains because of natural selection) but I can see why they would want hospital workers, especially those who interact with very sick people to have them(for the patients sake if not your own)

      as for whether you can use your new found religious position to avoid the shot…sure, should work, but is it really necessary? I think you may be in a position where taking a flu shot can save other peoples lives.

      • Apprentice Frederic says:

        CapnGreg: You’ve raised an interesting point. Being utterly NOT entitled to an opinion, I looked around the internet and found a dramatically wide range of inputs. Some sane and authoritative-sounding folks claimed that antivirals *do* and vaccines *don’t* lead to strengthened strains. It would be an interesting and illuminating project (which I’m not gonna do) to try to compare and evaluate all the inputs on some kind of junk-science/unclear-debatable/generally-agreed spectrum. Probably digressing from Rev. Steve’s dilemma, whether CoFSM can/does take an “official” position, and whether religion all by itself should buy you a pass, anyway. There’s an instructive and kinda relevant recent post about faith healers on the Church’s website, of course.
        But congratulations, BTW, to Steve, on his ordination!

    • PastaFreemason says:

      I do not think you will find that there would be a church stance on vaccination. Personally I believe that humanities ability to vaccinate themselves against various illnesses, including the flu, is part of humanity’s evolution. We have developed better crops to feed ourselves with, better ways to farm, the ability to create electricity from different sources, surgical techniques and technology to be able to perform life saving operations, and yes even the development design and construction of the plants that you work on in the hospital property. They are all part of humanity’s continued evolution. To reject one but embrace another is to limit your own evolution, in effect an evolutionary dead end. We must embrace and develop and continue with all our advancements. This is how Humanity will rise from the quagmire of superstition and ignorance into the future of rational thought, enlightenment, and the continuation of our species to the next step.

      • Steve Howerton says:

        Again….well stated. But as an individual….I have my druthers….and Id druther not be injected with anything…good or bad.
        Thanks for the reply!

        • Pesto says:

          Steve, I don’t mean any disrespect – this is a genuine question. If you are so against vaccines and injections of all sorts, does this mean you reject all modern medicine? What if you need surgery to save your life? Also, doesn’t it bother you to know that by not getting the flu shot, you could be causing innocent people (maybe even your loved ones) to suffer and possibly die?

        • Steve Howerton says:

          No disrespect taken.
          We…My wife and I….neither believe in the flu vaccine. We do not trust it. As I stated earlier….thats our right. We DO NOT trust it and DO NOT want it in our bodies. We both work for the same hospital. She is a buyer and Im an engineer. NEITHER of us work in a patient care setting. We see it as….its OUR bodies…..and WE should be able to controll them ourselves….as WE see fit. IF we worked with patients….our stance might be different….but we do not.
          As for the medicine question.
          I do not believe in modern medicine.
          I do not go to the Dr…….and unless at some point someone takes me there un-conscious…..I will not.
          I know your asking….”then why do you work in a hospital”?
          Easy. I have a mortgage.
          I believe in paying my bills….and I do.
          Its a JOB. Not a belief nor a lifestyle.
          I am 56 and healthy as a horse. If I get sick….I heal myself…..always have.
          My wife is the same way.
          I understand that there are exceptions to this rule….ie…car accidents and such….but those have not happened and I dont live in the realm of “maybe”.
          Healthcare is fine and great if you want it….as well as flu shots…..as well as fried liver….but we dont.
          We both work hard and do a good job….otherwise we would not be employed after 21 years….and recieveing performance awards….which we just recently did. If you like healthcare….Doctors…modern medicine and all the “miracles” attched to it…..PLEASE….by all means….engage.
          We dont.
          We are fine alone. Always have been.
          I do not take threats…..medical…..nor employment wise….lightly.
          Its our life….and our call….not theirs.
          As I said….we DO NOT WORK WITH PATIENTS.
          And….DO NOT believe in forced ANYTHING.
          Thanks for the reply….and letting me “vent alittle”.

        • Steve Howerton says:

          Also…….Many…..MOST….of our co-workers DO get the flu shot. This means we….my wife and I….cannot give them the flu bug. It also means since they took the vaccine…THEY…cannot give the flu to us….correct?
          And since we do not work with sick patients…..that closes the case…no?
          The only way therefore…..for us to get the Flu …is out in the general public living life….and “life”….does not scare us as it seems to others. If one believes that the vaccine is a cure all…..healthy option to stay flu free….please….take the vaccine!
          But……what about those that dont?
          Its much like the FSM. “EVERYBODY” believes in God…..and therefore…..so should you.
          Ask no questions……just believe. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” {Wizard of OZ excerpt}

        • Keith says:

          Steve: I have been injected with the flu vaccine 3 times. each time I was struck down with something which may not have been the flu but was a damn fine replica of it.


        • Steve Howerton says:

          Hi Keith
          I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone who got the shot at work said the same thing to me.
          Id take the next week off!
          Thanks for commenting.

        • Steve Howerton says:

          I should mention one more thing so those who are kindly responding to my question see the whole picture.
          Anyone at our hospital who declines the flu vaccine is required to wear a surgical face mask AT ALL TIMES when in a patient care area. I and they…[there are many] ….have absolutley no problem with this….even though we are healthy. Its just a good idea and we are happy to comply. We do this for about 4 months a year up here until it is deemed that the flu “season” has passed.

        • Pesto says:

          As long as you wear the face mask in patient areas, I don’t know how they can force you to get the shot. Good luck.


        • Really. says:

          I’m trying to respect your opinion, but this is crap:

          “Also…….Many…..MOST….of our co-workers DO get the flu shot. This means we….my wife and I….cannot give them the flu bug. It also means since they took the vaccine…THEY…cannot give the flu to us….correct?”

          It ISN’T about giving the flu bug to your co-worker, or your co worker giving it to you, period. It’s about giving the flu bug to succeptible populations (kids, old folks, and people who for whatever reason have compromised immune systems). Guess what? People who go to the hospital have a much higher rate of immune system succeptabity than anyone else. And great… So your co-workers can’t give you the flu… You must live in a bubble and interact with no one outside the hospital… Do you shop at the grocery store, do you breathe in public, do you talk to your neighbors, do you touch door handles? Because if you do… You’re being exposed to the flu, and in turn exposing others. But you don’t need a flu shot, because science is dumb. This is a pretty sad post from someone who claims they’re an engineer, you’re supposed to have a higher knowledge about science than others.

          Also, please provide credible evidence and sources about how and where these “bad” vaccines are coming from amd what health problems they are causing. Finally, do you think the american Indians would have liked to have had a small pox vaccine when European settlers showed up in America? I’m willing to bet they would have… But vaccines are just another form of government control and poison… That from an engineer… Sad.

        • Steve Howerton says:

          Correct you are. That from an engineer……who despite your thoughts….still does not believe in and or trust flu vaccines.
          And……will not submit to them. I also smoke….wanna tell me about 2nd hand smoke and cancer? Im SURE you can enlighten me! I also drink beer. Wanna tell me about alcohol poison and liver damage? I also fly hang gliders. Wanna fill me in on life safety issues and “good ol common sense”?
          The world is full of all sorts of folks and believe it or not…..not all think like you.

        • StAnE says:

          I have a question. Are your beliefs against vaccines strictly related to only the flu virus, or do they extend to DTP/DT, Polio, MMR etc? Are you aware of the shocking amount of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) outbreaks in children throughout the U.S. and beyond because of parents who refuse to immunize their children? Do you also reject this form of modern medicine?

    • nun s equator says:

      If u r feeling under th weather & may already HAVE th flu, u can become ill from receiving vaccination 4 it & if u r allergic 2 eggs it was not reccomended, @ 1 pt in time, anyway. I became ill after a shot, once. I do not think its that common tho. If u already had th flu, id suspect u have also got some immunity @ that pt against getting it again but, its my understanding there r different strains of it…flu can lead 2 respiratory infection & serious complications ( i got th shots regularly when workd in health field where required)…

      • nun s equator says:

        & steve howerton, i do not have any say in ur smoking, only if i breathe 2nd hand, which id prefer not 2…quite a few times this summer we opened windo 4 ‘fresh air’ we got smoke in our place from neighbors cigarettes …i m not knocking ur habits, but in the car, on the street, i have been ‘secondhand’ smokng for yrs. years ago, did not ever kno about secondhand smoke. I think if they legalize the ‘other’ cigarettes, it should b kept 2 lounges mayb. not that any1 is asking my opinion…& ironically, i may have had th flu earlier this year (it was not clear, but may have been- it was inconclusive, couldve been something else and, that) & i now have some sort of respiratory thing i cannot rid of…i kno it was months ago this post u wrote but, hope u r both non ill & did not get th flu! i declined th shot as i was already sick…

        • nun s equator says:

          Then again some of the cough was ever present.

          after having health complications – after taking nsaids & vioxx,
          things started 2 go south(er). everything gone to s-t so 2 speak, tho, not that alone…a combination of things, including y i was taking the meds 2 start with, & also y i pursue warning persons about gluten. gluten is not the ONLY thing which
          strippd my gut, that med i took (under protest & against my intuition the 2nd time), it does i have since learned, weird things 2 levels of certain
          nutrients in the body…they come out with these treatments very well intended & designed 2 address & manage something & it may (in that case no, it didnt & gave me some scary effects), but, it (i now kno ‘why’ i had the things i did, which complaint of got me discharged) evidently creates these nutrient DISRUPTIONS in the body, now u have xyz & abc, instead of just abc…nobody ever told me that can happen. U think u just have a bleeding ulcer & u ‘heal’ but, its not that simple. then, it turns out the crackers & milk i ‘ate’ with those nsaids were PART of the problematic tree…so convoluted but so simple. THAT being said, i hardly mean 2 prostheletize on y its best 2 avoid gluten. It IS. 4 any1, but especially some…i wanted 2 tie in somthing said above by person saying 2 stay away from science/medicine…id b dead instead of just a mess, if i had. I had a chronic , latent infection for years as a kid. the dr did not discover all of the issue but treated it a particular way, which that too caused more issues…but i lived, whereas id not have likely…& my barely eating for a time following this @ least gave my body a break from gluten. It is JUST CHANCE that i lived 2 make certain connections, 2 have them made 4 me…but also not chance, science. WITHOUT the researchers & advocates laying the groundwork, id never know. so, we inch forward. sometimes its a crawl…but it is forward & change happens slowly. Vioxx was taken off
          the market…& i got accused of fabricating my responses, of being ‘after’ something ‘for’ it…i AM’ after’ something; CHANGE…& i AM…the ‘AFTER’. I was also the before & was in better shape than i am now in some ways… I dont kno what 2 say otherwise 2 steve. we r part of a closed system.

          some meds are, or become neccessary. its being unaware of variables which can do harm. by aware i dont mean o yea, i know that but, becoming aware in a way u could wish u had not, where u serve as the warning 2 others…

          u mentiond car accidents. i hope u do not have any of those! because certain variables could hamper your recovery & thats 2 say, u may not. u cannot heal yourself from everything & until u r the person needing help, u will not get it. thats all i had 2 tell u.

        • nun s equator says:

          & YES, u may call me biased on the secondhand smoke thing…have a family member with collapsed lung condition…

  7. Rev Ren says:

    I would say that if is possible to refuse the jab on religious grounds would be an even more motivating reason to have the shot in the first place! Let they who don’t believe in the FSM perish in fluey fever!


  8. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Interesting discussion – thank you, Steve, for honesty and tolerance. I just re-read “ABOUT” on the topic of church dogma, and re-twigged out that there isn’t any, which is great. It looks as if there’s lots of space for you (Steve) in your work situation. May you always be safe in His Noodly Embrace! R’amen.

    • Steve Howerton says:

      “And sauce be with you too my friend”
      Thanks for the advice and feedback.

      • lorien says:

        Steve, are you a real university graduated type of engineer or a stationary or sanitary engineer? Your arguments do not follow science and hence go against the FSM philosophy. “I do not believe in modern medicine” is what you said which makes you as bad as a Jehovah Witness. You are not a true Pastafarian if you reject real science. Please don’t try to use the good name of the FSM in your Bullshit attempt at stupidity. You are quite ignorant in science if you reject modern medicine and vaccinations. Tell us all if you use homeopathy too? Have you read our gospel yet?

        • Aclor79 says:

          “You are not a true Pastafarian if you reject real science.”

          Does this include the “real science” of evolution?

        • Omnipotent Zombie says:

          “Does this include the “real science” of evolution?” You can’t post such a provacative statement like that so casually, Aclor79. Not without elaboration, anyways..

        • nun s equator says:

          go over 2 the ‘about trolls’ thread…i posted there in honor of an organic chemist whom changed his thinking about darwin later on in his career…if he were here still he would not have written hate mail…he was more into think mail, but would possibly have engaged discussions…on the topic & so, in his honor, i posted some of his writing, interviews quotes etc, there.

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