Ordained FSM Ministers are everywhere and our numbers are growing every day.

Published October 30th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I’m happy to report there are now Ordained FSM ministers in 26 countries,  and most of the US states .  Quite a few of our ministers have successfully jumped the bureaucratic hurdles to receive wedding officiant licenses in their various jurisdictions.  I’ll try and make a map showing all of our locations.

I know of perhaps 8 weddings coming up that will be presided over by a Pastafarian minister in full pirate regalia.  I could not be more pleased.  

Aside from a few document requests and "is this a joke?" phone calls I received from clerk’s offices, there has been little resistance to handing licenses to perform weddings to Pastafarians.  I interpret this as approval – maybe even endorsement – from our government. FSM bless America.

Where will we go from here, and what other privileges do ordained ministers enjoy that we can get in on?  Someone told me there are special license plates available for members of the cloth.  That’s something to look into.

If you want to be ordained, here’s the link.  Price is still dirt cheap, just $20/$30 including shipping.  I think the world is better off with a huge number of FSM Ministers around.


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  1. Reverend Jersey Paulie says:

    Haven’t performed any weddings yet, but would be delighted to. Taking a 2 week cruise next week and will bring my ordination certificate in the event some lovely couple wish to marry at sea. Don’t know if the Captain will mind if a properly dressed pirate is on board.

  2. Reverend Will H. says:

    There are quite a few ceremonies that Ordained Ministers can perform. I think there should be a page that shows how we, as Pastafarian ministers would go about doing them. A general guideline to each ceremony, so to speak. If anyone has any ideas feel free to reach me at [email protected].


  3. FlamingFrosty says:

    Hey all, just shouting out from Australia and i’m proud to be a minister of the FSM

  4. Doctor P says:

    FlamingFrosty! I am pleased to say you’re not alone Down here. Here’s another minister upside down, waiting for the good people of Sydney to see the light!

    • FlamingFrosty says:

      Sydney hey? Brisbane here. I wonder if the other States have Ministers here is Oz

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Which part of Sydney are you in Doc? I’m always looking for fellow Pastafarians to go to the pub with in full uniform, alas we be hard to come by. If you’re ever in Newtown, I’m always keen for some “worship” at one of the many watering holes.

      • Mimsi says:

        oooh,… great! I am in Leichhardt. I am still a beginner, so a holy noodlion would be greatly appreciated to start with. I also would like to invite my entire family – who unfotunately does not share my belief…. but this would be such an important day in my life, that we should celebrate it with as many pasta dishes and relatives as possible.

        • Doctor P says:

          Holy Canneloni! I am not alone! My boat is anchored – of course, as any self-respecting pirate’s boat would (assuming he/she has a choice) – in Crows Nest, overlooking the non-believers and scanning the horizons for fellow reverends of His Noodliness. Let’s celebrate that we have found each other by imbibing large quantities of beer and met, so as to wash down the noodles of worship! (Don’t think I can convince any of my rellies to come along, I’m ‘fraid).

  5. Stophe says:

    I have a very, very important question.
    I’d like to get married with His noodly benediction, but cannot find another pastafarian to speak His blessings and spread the tomato sauce of happiness.

    Can a minister get married, and, can he perform his own wedding?

    • Rev. wulff says:

      Where are you located? I am ordained in Aurora, IL, and if you are local I would be proud to do it.

      • Stophe says:

        Alas, I’m in Brest, France.
        A bit far!

  6. Rev. Michal Dz. says:

    As a resident Reverend of Florida I am looking forward to performing my first ceremony. Lucky for me Florida has quite relaxed laws and being considered “regularly ordained” is about all that is needed of me. I do keep my ordination cert where I can find it though just in case I’m questioned!

  7. Rev. Sam says:

    I’m proud to be a Reverend of good ol’ Georgia! Home of Savannah, home of the Pirate Room, home of badass tunnels where His chosen people stored their candy for Halloween.

  8. Joe says:

    Has anyone heard of Texas accepting a Pastafarian minister for a wedding officiant license?

    • Rev. Sam says:

      I haven’t heard anything Joe, however as a backup due to some states not having moral standards as flimsy as His Noodliness, I would recommend also becoming ordained with the Universal Life Church, as they are recognized everywhere, and then simply performing the wedding as a pastafarian minister.

      • Joe says:

        Thanks Rev. Sam. I did exactly what you suggested. Thanks for the advice!

        • Rev. Sam says:

          Anything for a fellow reverend of His noodliness.

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