Another pasta Bible, what is this blasphemy?

Published October 23rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


When shopping in an organic food store in Leuven, Belgium, I spotted these Pasta Bibles next to Noodle based foods.

I was a bit fearful to read it, as I do not wish to be exposed possible fake literature contradicting the our Gospel.

After a quick review, I realized it was a picture book of His Noodlyness in many different manifestations.

Comes with descriptions in Dutch language on how exactly He was boiled for our sins.



30 Responses to “Another pasta Bible, what is this blasphemy?”

  1. Syphoneira says:


    May we ALL be touched by His Noodly Appendage.



    (It TICKLES!)

  2. www says:

    his noodly appendage is real god

  3. www says:

    i’m glad i belong to the religion of his noodliness. he is so wonderfull that he was boiled for our sins

  4. Pastadista says:

    If I ever win the lottery (I must make a note of that – “Pray to FSM for lucky numbers!”), I shall buy up massive quantities of this Dutch Pasta Bible to place in motel rooms across the country.

    Meantime, at least I can proselytize Rastafarianism by putting a box of angel hair pasta at (heathen!) neighbors’ doors. (Save a soul, one plate at a time!)

    • Pastadista says:

      Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster – I am so bereft of protein (I haven’t taken communion in days!) that I made a glaring, blasphemous typo in my post above – that should be PASTAFARIANISM – not the *other*, R-word, kind!

      I must get to my local temple of worship (Mario’s Italian Restaurant) pronto and partake of FSM’s noodly goodness!

      Pax in pasta,


      • Cap'n Tortellini says:

        Don’t worry, my brother. The great Noodly One forgives all.

  5. Bill Coberly says:

    I have been, for most of my life, a naturalist who accepted the tenants of evolution and was a warrior at the wall of separation between church and state. No longer, I am proposing a new flag with 13 strands of spegetti and 50 51 meatballs. One for each state, including our soon to be newest state, the moon. I am a liberal but based on the promise of American statehood form the moon, I will vote for Newt. I think this base must be established in order to usher in the age of the FSM.
    We need equal time in the science class room. We need to proclaim loudly in the streets that Newt should become president because he is the only one who can get this base going on the moon. I doubt if he accepts our evidence of recombinant pasta premavera….but our gangly God’s multidirectional tendrils extend forth to work in strang ways.

    • Keith says:

      I thought a Newt was a slimy little amphibian.

      • Cap'n Tortellini says:

        He is.

  6. something about pasta says:

    is it noodlIness or noodlYness,?,



    • Jameswaldo says:

      Yes! And also nudeleeness, and noodlyniss, also nüdliness! & etc.

  7. Knickershop says:

    > Comes with descriptions in Dutch language on how exactly He was boiled for our sins.

    Indeed, I will remember this the next time I eat gehaktballetjes met noedels. Lekker!

  8. Xtra ChEase says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ve been looking at your “sightings” and I must say, you guys are HILARIOUS. a noodle monster. ROFL.

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