Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

Published September 19th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Greetings from Rev. Benito (Spain) on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

FSM bless you!

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  1. Jolly Roger Jeff says:

    Great outfit Rev. Benito. I think I’d like to be known as Reverend Cap’m as it also includes the piratical nature of FSM. It also reminds me of Witchfinder General, which has always been my favourite title. I wore my pirate fish t-shirt to work and challenged my graphics students to come up with a modern pirate logo. Not many good ideas other than using Munch’s ‘The Scream’ (even though it’s considered more ghostly than skully to young people, thanks to Hollywood), but it did lead to an interesting discussion about FSM and noodly appendages. Glad to see how international we’ve become; Europe, Australia, the USA…where else, I wonder? We need a database for members. Surely there’s some nerdy type out ther with the necessary skills who’d be willing to set one up. I like the fact that there’s a Spanish FSM pirate out there named Benito.

    • Rev. Benito says:

      In fact, I’m not the first pirate named Benito. There was a “Benito de Soto”, “one of the most bloodthirsty pirates of any age” (Wikipedia dixit):


      Fortunately, nowadays FSM pirates use to be much more peaceful ;)

  2. Tanguerra says:

    What ho chaps! Happy talk like a pirate day! Yaaargh!

    • Keith says:

      Arr! Just hop on the desk and flop like a fish!

  3. EinBesucher says:

    Pirate Party boards Berlin’s City Parliament!

    …and the outcome of the election was officially published on September 19th!


  4. Rev Carlos Madrigal says:

    Felicidades hermano. Que Monesvol te bendiga. Ramén.

    • Rev. Benito says:

      Jajajaja! Gracias, reverendo Madrigal! Que Monesvol te colme de dones! :)

      • Rev. Monarrez says:

        Desde Mexico nos alegramos al ver que su tallarinesco ser, que colmado de salsa se encuentre, los ha tocado hermanos.

  5. matt says:

    Pirate day is my favorite day, I am a big fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs because of the fact!

  6. Lucy Trim says:

    If you like pirates check out piratesforhire.com! It’s amazing!

  7. Matthias Urlichs says:

    You forgot the parrot. ;-)

  8. Andrew says:

    where can i get a certificate

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