Certificates of Ordination now available

Published August 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


The paper Certificates of ordination are ready.  If you’d like one,  you can order one here.  Updated — The cost is $20 shipped to the US and $30 shipped international.

Note — the certificates have been updated to use a nicer lithograph paper. The price is now $25, for both Domestic and International orders, shipping included. We also now have ID Cards.

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  1. James Delaney says:

    Hey guys, just a suggestion here… Get the original certificates instead of the paper. Sure they cost a little more than twice the paper, but its worth it! It comes under glass and looks great. You could likely hang it on your wall in the midst of your other certs and plaques and nobody would even notice unless they were looking for it. Its only missing a frame… but I have no doubt that anyone of an intelligence level that would have them in this illustrious church can figure that out on their own. Just my two cents.
    –James Delaney, Ordained Minister

    • bruceo says:

      James, I agree with you 100%–the glass certificates have a very mystical look to them. A sort of “glow” that is indeed magical.
      I suspect, however, that Bobby is no longer offering the glass ones (especially because I can’t find any place to order them on the website), which is fine by me–it makes ours all the more rare and special.
      (and–arrrgh–I was lucky enough to nab certificate #003)

      • Lehrling says:

        Indeed; I wanted to buy the glass ones myself. :(
        Does anyone know what happened? Are they not in production anymore?

        • bruceo says:

          Lehrling, the glass ones really are cool–they’re not just UNDER glass, they’re printed right ON the back of the glass.
          The drawback to them is that the entire image has to be photographic, so there is no way to add an actual foil seal or a personal autograph (and the new certificates have both). I’m guessing that Bobby has decided to not offer them anymore to keep things uniform and simple.
          Here’s how the old ones were made:


  2. Sergio Sider says:

    What about a directory (on the web) showing the actual ordinated ministers ?

    • Sergio Sider says:

      I meant “ordained”…

  3. Bill E Raybar says:

    I shall support the cause

  4. Bill E Raybar says:


  5. Mike Murray says:

    I have an ordination certificate from the Universal Life Church. Carried it down to my circuit court clerk’s office to apply for permission to perform wedding ceremonies and the clerk’s office told me that I didn’t belong to an officially recognized denomination and that I would have to petition the court. Filed my petition with the circuit court and was told by the judge that Virginia didn’t recognize the Universal Life Church as an official church and since I didn’t have a congregation or a place of worship that my petition was denied. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to how to get VA to recognize anything but state sanctioned religions? The locality is Virginia Beach.

  6. Mike Murray says:

    By the way, would much rather be ordained by the CFSM and take this back to court.

  7. Justin says:

    well mike murray i would have to say if your really serious about this you may have to find a allot of people in your state that are supporters of both or one of the said religions since it is not recognized by the state you may have to get the case looked at by federal court warning this may take years to do as you will need a good number of people in your state to support you in your actions and help with contacting as many government officials as possible in government.

    well my friend you will have to do every thing possible in your power if you feel your rights as an American is being denied to you…

    you may have to get the federal courts to over rule the state on the grounds that what your state is doing is against the Constitution of the united states.

    it’s been along time since i have read our beloved aged paper of freedom.

    brother i think his mighty noodly appendage will extend out to you but i believe that he will do this if you are ready for the all that comes with getting a state to recognize your religions officially your going to have to organize believers in both to take actions for there believes no one can do great things alone in life we all need each other :)

    your going to have to take this case to the higher courts for shure……

    it is the only way to trump the state in it’s decision…

    i just love the way state laws and gov laws conflict just look at calliforuna and various other states it’s a great tug of war some times lol, do the research my friend if only i was a lawyer i could really help you out with things on the legal end at least.

    if you need some help doing the research and organizing i will be more then glad to help you out just let me know.

    if you have a mic add me on skype: sid0035 if you dont have this voice chat program you can Google for it it’s quite popular :)

    and if you dont have a mic you can also add me on facebook send me a freinds invite so we can talk :)

    FB name: justin anderson

    i’ll do as much as i can to help you add me on both or on one of those.

    i’ll let you know i have very bad spelling it took me about 2 hours to wright this much in this little post so it’s why i gave you skype as an option :)

    i dont like posting much on any forum as ive have been ridiculed so much for my horrid spelling, it gets so old after 8 years of being online XD im 26 currently……

    but occasionally i see post that grab my attention some times, have not been on this site in a long time i also believe that his noodly goodness has guided me hear 2 day to post this.

    i believe some day that him and his Giant meat balls and noodles will grant the universe’s great light to enter the hole of humanity some day, if it dose i hope i live to see it :)

    may he guide us all Ramen!

  8. Hypatos of Alexandria says:

    I like the cheesy off-center look of it. It just shouts “This is an official document ordered over the Internet”.

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