Gen-Con noodle hat

Published August 18th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


I created this image of His Noodliness to help spread the good word among the many GenCon-goers this year. May his Noodly Appendage touch us, every one. :)

– Liz Bodle

10 Responses to “Gen-Con noodle hat”

  1. Ari says:

    I lovez it!

  2. stylusmobilus says:

    That is so cool, I could picture the ice transferring heat into it. I really, really want one of those. Pity my dear old mother, who is an absolute class knitter and crocheter, now has macular degeneration because she would have been able to knock me up one of these fast. You’re awesome, Liz. May He Touch You Twice and Long Time.


  3. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    That’s using your noodle!

  4. Terry says:

    That’s gorgeous! I don’t suppose you’re on Ravelry…and might have posted the pattern?

  5. ChristopherTK says:

    What the heck?

    My wife and I were down in Indianapolis for another event and wandered through the Gen-Con halls checking out the interesting people. We would have enjoyed bumping into this Pastafarian.

  6. Cardinal Fang says:

    How about a pattern?

    • Liz Bodle says:

      It was actually really easy. Just a basic hat pattern with ear flaps (sorry…I sort of made it up but didn’t write it down…as long as it’s slightly oversized it should work) with two meatbally spheres covered in 5-stitch I-cord. The eyestalks were the only tricky bit. I’ll post the pattern shortly, after I get it writtendown/figured out. :)

  7. Alec Usticke says:

    It was a treat to see you at Gen Con!


    • Liz Bodle says:

      Thanks so much! I met some awesome people there. :) I’m definitely posting this picture, by the way, it’s much better than the one I’ve got. Thanks again!

      • Alec Usticke says:

        My pleasure.

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