We shouldn’t live with absolute frivolity

Published August 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

While life should not be taken too seriously, this doesn’t mean we should live with absolute frivolity. Yes, so-called religions attempt to mandate all sorts of opinions and behaviors about morality and social conformity. This does not mean that actual religion — the sincere attempt to understand the unknowable — is inherently stupid or necessarily bullshit.

Quantum mechanics tells us that all possibilities exist simultaneously until foreclosed by inconsistent observations. So, with regard to what we truly cannot know or observe, it’s possible that all beliefs are equally "true" and very much real. It’s an incredibly powerful thought: that we can design our own eternity simply by imagining it.

Personally, I’d want much more from my eternity than to party on a pirate ship with a bunch of beer and strippers. The ability to have that experience at any time and for any duration? Sure, that would be great. But plain old life has plenty to offer that’s much more sublime and extraordinary than simple hedonism. And it’s not even a very ambitious vision of hedonism.

World history is replete with terrible evils committed in the name of "religion." Certainly, it’s an important message that moral and social "values" should not be elevated to the level of religious beliefs. But our ability as humans to recognize the fundamental unknowable questions — where are we from, why are we here, and where are we going — creates a fundamental human need to discuss and confront these questions.

Pastafarianism does indeed celebrate the power of the individual to choose his or her own answers to these questions. Some might like the idea of choosing answers that are deliberately silly or absurd. But to do so simply to make a point about the beliefs of others is to degrade and dishonor one’s own spirit.


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  1. OdinGiantSlayer says:

    I keep getting left behind right after i catch up. but it’s all good.

  2. Jan says:

    Dear Bobby, please update the hate-mail section. It is the funniest part of the site, and really illustrates the point you made by founding the FSM church.

  3. Randy says:

    Come on…..how about some new hate mail? We’re pushing 2 years on this one.

  4. Rabenmutter says:

    This is 21rst century satire, grow a pair.

  5. The Stumbling Block says:

    I love religious idiots who try to use quantum science to speculate their religion is more possible than it actually is, and they honestly have no clue that quantum mechanics says nothing of the sort… that this is only a bad interpretation of it from charlatans on crack. Schroedinger’s Cat isn’t saying there’s actually a cat that’s equally alive and dead, but simply a strange way to explain something on a quantum level that wouldn’t work on a level involving a box and a cat. It’s a metaphor, people. It doesn’t mean your god is both fake and real at the same time until we open some weird box anywhere. If you think it does, you’re both a smurf and a moron until I meet you and find out you’re just a moron, because smurfs don’t exist.

  6. Lastan says:

    Disregarding the quantum mechanics bullshit (see here http://xkcd.com/1240/ for a detailed explanation), I would like to address the comment about the unambitious hedonism in the Pastafarian paradise.
    I agree it does seem like that if you read the descriptions of paradise literally and – pardon my turn of the phrase – with a completely unambitious imagination. Because the Beer Volcano and the Stripper Factory, the pirating and the partying, are really just the baseline. The guaranteed minimum to which we will all be able to build on; the parts we can all agree on. And if someone unambitious enters the paradise – for FSM picks with His Noodly Appendage equally those with ambition and those who lack it – he shall have the unambitious version and rejoice; and if someone ambitious enters the paradise, it doesn’t really matter what has already been provided, for he shall want something more and will endeavor to get it himself. Truly, it is a proper paradise.

  7. SpagBol says:

    “the sincere attempt to understand the unknowable”… Also known as Science!

  8. MADScientist says:

    I really do hope I get some spotlight as the fanatical christians seem to be so good at hogging when they try to justify their own belief.

    Normally I’m not a person that want spotlight (unless I really burn for the cause), I guess this is one of the episodes where I do… ;)

    I’m a taoist (try and say that fast and it WILL be misunderstood), and even though I have several problems with the official pastafarian belief, I wholly support its philosophical foundation.

    His supreme noodliness has several good points imo, especially for those who would otherwise blindly follow a book written more than a thousand years ago.

    I present my conviction to you that any religion has the potential to be the best IF it allows people to question the dogma of said religion and their spiritual leaders.

    I miss that in FSM, but since he/she’s perpetually hungover I would think that his gospel in that regard would be something along the lines of: “Meat, fish or vegetables… I really don’t care about the taste of my scrumptuos appendages, as long as they taste good”.

    I really enjoy reading about the knots fanatics will twist themselves into to disprove FSM and especially how they in my view fail every time. I tip my hat to all pastafarians. :)

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