We shouldn’t live with absolute frivolity

Published August 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

While life should not be taken too seriously, this doesn’t mean we should live with absolute frivolity. Yes, so-called religions attempt to mandate all sorts of opinions and behaviors about morality and social conformity. This does not mean that actual religion — the sincere attempt to understand the unknowable — is inherently stupid or necessarily bullshit.

Quantum mechanics tells us that all possibilities exist simultaneously until foreclosed by inconsistent observations. So, with regard to what we truly cannot know or observe, it’s possible that all beliefs are equally "true" and very much real. It’s an incredibly powerful thought: that we can design our own eternity simply by imagining it.

Personally, I’d want much more from my eternity than to party on a pirate ship with a bunch of beer and strippers. The ability to have that experience at any time and for any duration? Sure, that would be great. But plain old life has plenty to offer that’s much more sublime and extraordinary than simple hedonism. And it’s not even a very ambitious vision of hedonism.

World history is replete with terrible evils committed in the name of "religion." Certainly, it’s an important message that moral and social "values" should not be elevated to the level of religious beliefs. But our ability as humans to recognize the fundamental unknowable questions — where are we from, why are we here, and where are we going — creates a fundamental human need to discuss and confront these questions.

Pastafarianism does indeed celebrate the power of the individual to choose his or her own answers to these questions. Some might like the idea of choosing answers that are deliberately silly or absurd. But to do so simply to make a point about the beliefs of others is to degrade and dishonor one’s own spirit.


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  1. peaceforgoodpeople says:

    How can you take this religion seriously without clearly defined policies as regards olive oil or ketchup?

    • Keith says:

      That is an ecumenical matter.

      • gouchout says:

        Made me laugh loudly at work – cheers

        • Cap'nLewis says:

          Disregard this comment.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      Ketchup??? You heathen!

  2. BRussellsSprout says:

    “All possibilities exist simultaneously,” huh? Notwithstanding the fact that the sum total of your quantum mechanics knowledge is from Wikipedia, all of the religions I know of attempt to claim what has happened in the past. So, if QM allowed the possibility of the virgin birth of a savior 2012-1/2 years ago, how do possibly use this past possibility to claim that it did, in fact happen. And of course, the probability of that event is roughly equal to the probability of there being a FSM.

    • peaceforgoodpeople says:

      The FSM created the universe in 2005 and there is no other possibility, simultaneous or not.
      It also made it look like there was something before 2005, but it is all illusion.
      If you think you remember something happening to you for real before 2005, think again.

      The FSM also created QM for two purposes: One is to let SF writers and highbrow scientists have extra income.
      Another is to make matter take more volume than it would otherwise (nobody really likes dry and shrunk noodles).

  3. Mahalo says:

    I love how he thinks that not believing in God and occasionally poking light fun at those who do is ‘absolute frivolity’.

    Sounds like a Crybaby Christian to me.

  4. Μαρκ Παπαγιάννη says:

    Burn him. Heretic.

  5. hotclaws says:

    You make some very interesting points but the major religions usually denegrate others so turn and turn about is fair play.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Quantum theory is just that theory…

    • Naitsabes says:

      Just like gravity is just a theory…

      • Keith says:

        There is a difference, though. The effects of gravity can be demonstrated to the man in the street even if the cause is not absolutely known. Quantum theory is not demonstrable on an everyday, kitchen table basis. Einstein was uncomfortable with quantum theory. He is quoted as saying “I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it.”

  7. Casey says:

    Why it’s not possible for quantum mechanics to be right: You state, “Quantum mechanics tells us that all possibilities exist simultaneously until foreclosed by inconsistent observations. So, with regard to what we truly cannot know or observe, it’s possible that all beliefs are equally “true” and very much real. It’s an incredibly powerful thought: that we can design our own eternity simply by imagining it.” Yes, Schrodinger did teach us the cat is both dead and alive, yet the inherent flaw in this (especially in regards to religion) is my reality of not believing in hell and the reality of a Christian who believes I am going to hell. So how can both realities be equally true? How can I not believe in hell and therefore it does not exist and they believe I am going to hell therefore I am?
    I would agree with you if it were not their beliefs that alter my reality. If they believed simply they were going to heaven and those who did not believe they had no explanation for I would say yes it is possible they are right and I am right. However, I cannot be both in hell and have hell not exist.

    • The Voice of Reason says:

      I think he’s talking about parallel universes and just used quantum mechanics to sound smart. While in a way, he is correct, he uses that logic incorrectly. Religion tries to explain THIS universe, not others.

  8. x says:

    Is the irony in this lost on everyone here? It seems to be true that fanatics, regardless of what they believe in, will always continuously disrespect and ridicule those with opposing beliefs. Atheists who can’t articulate their opposition without resorting to acting like either pre-schoolers or vengeful assholes are hypocrites that make me embarrassed to be an atheist myself. It just goes to show how silly all people are. Any time something emotionally charged comes up people lose their ability to reason with maturity.

    • JimmyB says:

      Atheism is not a belief, it is by definition a non belief. Without religion it cannot be. I believe religion is highly illogical and frankly stupid and I’m entitled to to that OPINION, I don’t need to be intellectually bullied by you to change that. You need to man up you bitch.

      • David says:

        Atheism is a non belief in God/s, religion can exist without belief in a supernatural being, like some forms of Budhism. Apart from that i am am in complete agreement with you. As to “x” I fail to see how someone who cannot spell their name came to write such a gramaticly correct sentence. That is the true irony.

        • JimmyB says:

          If your an atheist you’re basically saying all religions are highly illogical and stupid, the message doesn’t change if you say it politely or not.

          Is that mature enough for you ‘x’?

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